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Over the past few years, people have been leasing their homes known as vacation rentals. This is becoming a huge success option among the small as well as middle-income class. If you are looking for any platform that allows you to rent your place or home or if you want new tourists and clients then Abritel FR is the right place for you. This is a property leasing platform that allows property managers to lease as well as manage the client.

Find Best Deals At Abritel

Here is a complete review of this Abritel which will help you to know it better.

What Is Abritel FR?


Find Best Deals At Abritel

This came into existence in the year 1979 in Marseille France. AbritelHomeAway is known to be a part of the HomeAway family group which was taken over by Expedia in the year2015. Abritel is known to be a French HomeAway booking portal. It operates more than 50 international sites like VRBO, Owners Direct, AbritelPer Month, etc.

Abritel FR is the best vacation rental site which is located in France and allows the owners to connect with real estate agencies with vacationers that are searching for vacation accommodation. This is a subsidiary of HomeAway Inc.

Enhanced Income Security


Find Best Deals At Abritel

This can be considered better than Airbnb which has refined listings that target families, professionals, etc. Hosts listed on HomeAway can get guests in advance as well as long period along with income security.

Worldwide Visibility


Find Best Deals At Abritel

This has more than 50 international booking platforms in around 23 languages along with more than 75 million visitors every month. It translates the listings to every local language and the advertisement will be put forward to the global audience which will be beneficial in getting occupancy as well as rental rate.

Better Flexibility for HomeAway Hosts


Find Best Deals At Abritel

HomeAway allows us to get the planning done with the listing calendar. As a host, you can keep a track of the daily rental rate of the listings as well as the number of nights that a guest can book or screen guest. Also, it offers commission as well as subscription-based plans to every host.

However, for professional hosts, it is better to go with a subscription-based structure that allows you to pay a one-off fee of €249 along with tools as well as services like:

  • 12 months subscription
  • Unlimited bookings every year at no extra cost
  • Global Exposure
  • Reservation calendar
  • Access to Abritel reservation manager as well as listing management tools
  • Inclusive of service fees as well as taxes in a one-off payment

Products & Services Offered

This is a platform for homeowners who want their property to be visible. The platform allows homeowners to set rates, dates, and other things. They claim that their tools are helpful to homeowners as well as property managers. The platform works like this: it allows the homeowners to create ads by describing the accommodation, and uniqueness, adding photos, and setting the rate. However, the company collecting the payment deducts some commission which is later done to the homeowner’s account. It also offers many other features and advantages like management tools, integrated management software, an international network, etc.

Is It a Legit Platform?


Find Best Deals At Abritel

This is a high authority website that has a great reputation. However, you can always read the potential signs whenever you are about to use any online business.

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