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Parkdean Resorts is the UK’s leading provider of holiday parks, offering families a wide range of accommodation options, activities, and stunning locations to choose from. With 66 holiday parks across England, Scotland, and Wales, there’s a perfect Parkdean park for every family.

Overview parkdean resorts

parkdean resorts

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Parkdean Resorts boasts a wide array of accommodations, ensuring that there’s something to suit every traveler’s preferences. From cozy caravans for a budget-friendly escape to luxurious lodges that provide a touch of indulgence, the brand ensures that guests have a comfortable “home away from home” experience.

The strength of Parkdean Resorts lies in its strategic choice of locations. The resorts are strategically situated in breathtaking spots, ranging from coastal escapes with sweeping ocean views to tranquil countryside retreats surrounded by nature. This emphasis on scenic beauty enhances the overall vacation experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings.

At Parkdean Resorts, boredom is a foreign concept. The resorts offer a diverse range of activities catering to all age groups. Families can enjoy swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, and organized entertainment, while adults can indulge in spa treatments, golf, and other leisure pursuits. The resorts are designed to ensure that there’s always something exciting happening for everyone.


Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or someone looking for a relaxing getaway, Parkdean Resorts offers a plethora of features that cater to various preferences. Here are some key features that make Parkdean Resorts a standout choice for your next holiday:

parkdean resorts

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  1. Diverse Accommodations:
  • From cozy caravans to luxurious lodges, Parkdean Resorts provides a diverse range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences.
  • Well-equipped and comfortable living spaces ensure a relaxing “home away from home” experience.
  1. Stunning Locations:
  • Strategically located in picturesque spots, Parkdean Resorts offer breathtaking views, whether it’s a coastal escape with ocean panoramas or a countryside retreat surrounded by greenery.
  • The emphasis on scenic beauty enhances the overall vacation experience.
  1. Extensive Activity Options:
  • Catering to all age groups, the resorts offer a wide range of activities, including swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, sports facilities, and organized entertainment.
  • Varied options ensure that there’s never a dull moment, allowing guests to tailor their holiday experience to their interests.
  1. Nature-Focused Experiences:
  • Many resorts are situated near national parks, hiking trails, and scenic spots, encouraging guests to embrace the natural surroundings.
  • Opportunities for nature walks, birdwatching, and outdoor activities provide a perfect balance for those seeking a connection with nature.
  1. Culinary Delights:
  • On-site restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, offering guests a diverse culinary experience.
  • Whether it’s casual dining or gourmet meals, the resorts provide options that cater to different tastes and preferences.
  1. Exceptional Hospitality:
  • Parkdean Resorts prides itself on providing top-notch hospitality, with friendly and attentive staff dedicated to ensuring a memorable stay.
  • Staff members go above and beyond to assist guests with any queries, providing a personalized and welcoming atmosphere.
  1. Family-Friendly Amenities:
  • With family in mind, the resorts offer amenities such as children’s clubs, family entertainment, and kid-friendly activities.
  • Family-focused features make Parkdean Resorts an ideal choice for those traveling with children.
  1. Proximity to Attractions:
  • Many resorts are conveniently located near popular attractions, allowing guests to explore the local area and cultural landmarks.
  • Easy access to nearby points of interest enhances the overall vacation experience.
  1. Wellness and Leisure Facilities:
  • For those seeking relaxation, some resorts offer spa facilities, wellness centers, and leisure activities, providing a perfect balance of adventure and tranquility.
  1. Seamless Booking Process:
  • The official website,, offers a user-friendly interface for easy exploration of destinations, accommodation options, and special offers.
  • The seamless booking process ensures a hassle-free experience for planning and securing your dream vacation.

What to Expect at a Parkdean Resort

When you choose to stay at a Parkdean Resort, you can expect a holistic holiday experience that goes beyond just accommodation.

parkdean resorts

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  1. Comfortable Accommodations:
  • Parkdean Resorts offer a variety of accommodations, from caravans to lodges, designed to suit different preferences and budgets.
  • Well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for individuals, couples, and families.
  1. Scenic and Convenient Locations:
  • Resorts are strategically located in picturesque spots, providing stunning views and easy access to nearby attractions.
  • Whether it’s a coastal retreat or a countryside escape, the locations are chosen to enhance your overall holiday experience.
  1. Diverse Recreational Activities:
  • A wide range of activities for all age groups, including swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, sports facilities, and entertainment programs.
  • Opportunities to engage in various leisure pursuits, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  1. Natural Surroundings and Outdoor Exploration:
  • Many resorts are close to natural parks, hiking trails, and scenic areas, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Nature-focused experiences, such as wildlife spotting and outdoor adventures, provide opportunities to connect with the environment.
  1. Culinary Delights:
  • On-site restaurants serving diverse cuisines, allowing guests to indulge in delicious meals without leaving the resort.
  • Options for various dining experiences, from casual to more upscale, providing a range of culinary delights.
  1. Family-Friendly Atmosphere:
  • Family-friendly amenities, including children’s clubs, family entertainment, and kid-friendly activities, catering to the needs of guests traveling with children.
  • A welcoming environment that fosters a sense of community, making it suitable for family vacations.
  1. Exceptional Hospitality:
  • Friendly and attentive staff committed to ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay.
  • Personalized service, with staff members going above and beyond to assist guests and make their experience enjoyable.
  1. Access to Local Attractions:
  • Proximity to nearby attractions and cultural landmarks, allowing guests to explore the local area and immerse themselves in the culture.
  • Convenient access to points of interest enhances the overall holiday experience.
  1. Wellness and Relaxation:
  • Some resorts offer wellness and leisure facilities, such as spas and fitness centers, providing opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Balancing adventure with moments of tranquility, allowing guests to unwind during their stay.
  1. User-Friendly Booking Process:
  • A seamless online booking system on the official website,, allowing guests to explore options, check availability, and secure their bookings effortlessly.

Promotions & Discounts

Parkdean Resorts frequently offers a variety of promotions and discounts to make your family holiday even more budget-friendly.

parkdean resorts

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Seasonal Offers:

  • Summer 2024: Parkdean’s “Get Holiday Happy” summer promotion offers up to £120 off 7-night holidays and £80 off short breaks booked before February 25th, 2024. This is a great opportunity to snag a deal on your summer getaway!
  • Autumn 2024: Enjoy a relaxing break in the fall with 10% off holidays arriving from September 9th to November 18th, 2024. Use code AUTUMN10 when booking online before February 4th, 2024.

Other Deals:

  • Tots’ Breaks: Save 10% on 4-night mid-week Tots Breaks arriving in 2024. Use code TOTS10 when booking online. This offer excludes hotel, touring, and camping holidays and ends on February 4th, 2024.
  • Membership Discount: Become a Parkdean Resorts member and enjoy 20% off food, drinks, and takeaways, as well as 20% off leisure activities across all parks. This is a great way to save money on your entire holiday experience.
  • Last-Minute Breaks: Looking for a spontaneous getaway? Parkdean often offers last-minute deals with up to 50% off selected breaks. Keep an eye on their website or social media pages for the latest offers.

Tips for finding the best deals:

  • Be flexible with your dates: You’re more likely to find deals during off-peak seasons and weekdays.
  • Book in advance: Early booking offers often provide the best discounts.
  • Check the Parkdean website and social media pages regularly: They frequently announce new deals and promotions.
  • Sign up for their email list: Be the first to know about exclusive offers and discounts by subscribing to their email list.

Is Parkdean resorts Legit?

  1. Established and Large: Parkdean was founded in 2015 through the merger of two reputable companies, Parkdean Holidays and Park Resorts. They are the UK’s largest operator of holiday parks, boasting 66 locations across the country.
  2. Positive Customer Reviews: They generally receive positive reviews from customers on platforms like Feefo and Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Reviews highlight clean accommodations, diverse activities, and family-friendly atmospheres.
  3. Industry Recognition: Parkdean has won several awards in the holiday park industry, including the “Best for Families” award at the British Travel Awards and the “Best Family Holiday Park Operator” award at the British Travel Industry Awards.
  4. Financial Stability: The company is owned by Blackstone, a large and reputable investment firm, indicating financial stability and long-term commitment.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: They operate under UK regulations and abide by consumer protection laws, ensuring fair practices and customer safety.
  6. Transparency: Parkdean provides detailed information about their policies, terms, and conditions on their website, fostering transparency and trust.

Is Parkdean resorts Safe?

Safety is a crucial concern for any holiday, and Parkdean Resorts emphasizes providing a safe and secure environment for their guests. Here’s a breakdown of their safety measures and things to consider:

parkdean resorts

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Overall Approach:

  • Security teams: Each park has dedicated security teams patrolling the grounds and ensuring order.
  • Safety procedures: They implement stringent safety measures across their parks, including fire regulations, electrical safety, and water hygiene protocols.
  • Regular inspections: Independent external companies regularly inspect facilities to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Emergency protocols: Defined procedures are in place for handling emergencies like fires, medical issues, and security threats.

Accommodation Safety:

  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Parkdean maintains strict cleaning protocols to ensure hygiene and minimize potential health risks.
  • Electrical checks: Regular electrical safety checks are conducted in all accommodations.
  • Gas safety: Gas appliances are regularly serviced and maintained to prevent accidents.
  • Fire safety measures: All accommodations have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, with fire safety information readily available.

Park-Wide Safety:

  • Lifeguards: Qualified lifeguards are present at pools and designated swimming areas.
  • Playground inspections: Playgrounds are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety.
  • Activity supervision: Trained staff supervises many activities, particularly those with inherent risks.
  • Security measures: Parks are fenced and have CCTV systems in operation, although specific details may vary by location.

Things to Remember

  • Personal responsibility: As with any holiday, guests also have a responsibility to follow safety measures and supervise children closely.
  • Risk assessment: Some activities, like watersports or adventure zones, inherently carry risks. It’s important to assess suitability and follow safety guidelines.
  • Open communication: Don’t hesitate to report any safety concerns to park staff immediately.

Booking Your Parkdean Holiday

parkdean resorts

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  1. Choose Your Dream Destination:
  • Explore Parkdean’s website ( to browse their 66 unique park locations throughout the UK. Filter by region, facilities, activities, or theme (e.g., beachside breaks, countryside retreats, etc.) to find your ideal escape.
  1. Select Your Accommodation:
  • Once you’ve chosen your park, explore their diverse accommodation options. Parkdean offers caravans, lodges, glamping pods, camping pitches, and even luxury hot tub accommodations. Consider your budget, needs (kitchen facilities, number of bedrooms), and desired level of comfort.
  1. Decide on Your Dates:
  • Select your preferred arrival and departure dates, being mindful of peak season pricing and potential school holidays if traveling with children. Explore deals and discounts offered during off-peak times!
  1. Choose Your Extras:
  • Enhance your experience by adding optional extras like entertainment passes, linen rentals, pet fees, or activity bookings.
  1. Book Your Holiday:
  • You can either book online through the Parkdean website or by calling their friendly customer service team. Create an account for a faster process and to manage your booking easily.
  1. Confirmation and Payment:
  • Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details. Secure your booking by paying the deposit or full amount if applicable.

Pros & Cons

Parkdean Resorts, the UK’s largest operator of holiday parks, promises diverse locations, fun activities, and comfortable accommodations for families. But before booking, it’s helpful to consider both the positive and negative aspects to ensure it aligns with your expectations and needs.

parkdean resorts

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  • Variety of options: With 66 parks across the UK, ranging from seaside escapes to countryside havens, you’re sure to find a location that matches your preferences.
  • Diverse accommodation: Choose from modern caravans and lodges to unique glamping pods and camping pitches, catering to different budgets and travel styles.
  • Endless activities: Parks offer swimming pools, playgrounds, adventure zones, live entertainment, and more, keeping everyone entertained throughout your stay.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere: Parks are designed with families in mind, with friendly staff, designated play areas, and activities suitable for all ages.
  • Great value for money: Parkdean regularly offers deals and discounts, especially during off-peak seasons, making it an affordable holiday option.
  • Additional benefits: Ownership opportunities, themed breaks, and loyalty programs add unique value to your experience.


  • Potentially crowded: Especially during peak season, parks can be busy, potentially impacting the feeling of space and tranquility.
  • Limited privacy: Depending on your chosen accommodation, you might experience less privacy compared to a traditional holiday cottage or hotel room.
  • Additional costs: Activities, entertainment passes, and food can add up, so careful budgeting is important.
  • Variable quality: While generally positive, reviews highlight occasional inconsistencies in accommodation cleanliness and park maintenance across different locations.
  • Distance from attractions: Depending on your chosen park, some may require car journeys to reach nearby towns or sightseeing destinations.
  • Limited flexibility: Certain activities and entertainment might have fixed schedules or require booking in advance, hindering spontaneity.

Customer Support

Parkdean Resorts’ customer service has received mixed reviews, with some highlighting positive experiences and others expressing concerns.

parkdean resorts

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Positive aspects:

  • Multiple contact options: You can reach Parkdean customer service by phone, email, live chat, or through their website contact form.
  • Availability: Representatives are available during extended hours, weekdays and weekends.
  • Helpful staff: Many reviews commend the friendly and helpful nature of customer service representatives.
  • Resolving issues: Some reviews mention prompt and satisfactory resolution of problems encountered during their stay.

Negative aspects:

  • Waiting times: Several reviews mention experiencing long wait times on the phone and through live chat.
  • Inconsistent responses: Some users report receiving conflicting information from different representatives.
  • Difficulty with refunds: A few reviews mention problems obtaining refunds on cancelled bookings.
  • Website usability: Some users describe challenges navigating the website and finding relevant information.


Choosing Parkdean Resorts for your holiday promises a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. With a diverse range of accommodations, stunning locations, and a myriad of activities, Parkdean Resorts caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring a memorable stay for individuals, couples, and families alike.

The comfort of well-equipped accommodations meets the beauty of strategically chosen locations, whether it’s a coastal escape with ocean panoramas or a serene countryside retreat. The resorts offer not just a place to stay but an immersive experience in the natural surroundings, providing opportunities for outdoor exploration and a deeper connection with nature.


What types of accommodations does Parkdean Resorts offer?

Parkdean Resorts offers a variety of accommodations, including caravans, lodges, and other holiday homes. The range of options allows guests to choose accommodations that suit their preferences and budget.

2: How can I book a holiday at Parkdean Resorts?

Booking a holiday at Parkdean Resorts can be done through their official website, The website provides a user-friendly interface where you can explore destinations, check availability, and make reservations.

3: Are there family-friendly activities at Parkdean Resorts?

Yes, Parkdean Resorts is known for offering family-friendly amenities and activities. Many resorts have children’s clubs, adventure playgrounds, and entertainment programs tailored for families.

4: Are pets allowed at Parkdean Resorts?

Some Parkdean Resorts are pet-friendly, but policies may vary. Check with the specific resort you plan to visit for their pet policy and availability of pet-friendly accommodations.

5: What recreational activities are available at Parkdean Resorts?

Parkdean Resorts offer a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming pools, sports facilities, organized entertainment, and outdoor adventures. The activities cater to different age groups and interests.

6: Can I find last-minute deals or discounts at Parkdean Resorts?

Parkdean Resorts often features special offers and last-minute deals on their official website. Check the “Special Offers” section for current promotions and discounts.

7: How can I contact Parkdean Resorts’ customer service?

Contact information for Parkdean Resorts’ customer service can be found on their official website. Look for a “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section, which typically includes phone numbers and email addresses.

8: What safety measures are in place at Parkdean Resorts?

For the latest information on safety measures, visit the Parkdean Resorts website or contact their customer service directly. Resorts typically implement safety protocols to ensure the well-being of guests.

9: Can I explore nearby attractions from Parkdean Resorts?

Many Parkdean Resorts are located near popular attractions and points of interest. Guests can explore the local area and cultural landmarks, and the resorts often provide information on nearby attractions.

10: Is Parkdean Resorts suitable for solo travelers?

Parkdean Resorts caters to various types of travelers, including solo travelers. The diverse range of accommodations and activities allows individuals to customize their experience based on their preferences.

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