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We know how imperative it is to figure out the trustworthiness of any company before you even contemplate its product or service. And to deduce the authenticity of any brand going through reviews and feedback is time-consuming as well as necessary.

Because flicking through the reviews and feedback encourages you to make the absolute purchase and also indicates brand credibility. And this remains for all whether you consider a clothing brand or a car rental company for booking a car.

Guess what! On popular consumers demand, we finally decided to do a detailed review of Avis Car Rental site. So before you undertake Avis service, its utmost significance to undertake an Avis review.

  • Does Avis is always on time?
  • Do they provide service near my location?
  • What are the fare criteria?

To answer all your queries, we`ve managed to come up with the most authentic Avis reviews. Reading it, will leave you with no questions for sure.

Eager to learn about Avis and its services; then look into Avis car reviews.

About Avis`Australia

Book Rental Car At Avis

Avis Car hire and rental service are all about providing excellent service to its customers. The objective of building this business was to make a hassle-free ride towards destiny by creating peerless customer loyalty. Being the car rental industry leader, they have their footprints all across Australia from Sydney to Perth, Melbourne to Adelaide etc. They make sure that you never miss the ride with them.

Avis being an enthusiastic customer business, always puts its customer interest first. They would never allow you to have any negative word of mouth for them. They operate as teamwork from the smallest employee to the CEO; all work as a single unit. There is no restriction for the employee. They let the people come forward and put their part to accomplish goals.

How easy is it to make a reservation with Avis Car Rental?

Making a reservation was never that easy ever before. But with Avis, the booking process is super easy. While doing Avis rent car reviews, we figured out you just need to fill in the correct information to complete the process successfully. Want to know the process? Then here`s what we did.

Book Rental Car At Avis

  • Frist step

To book a car, first, we entered the pick-up location. We also included the exact time and date we wanted the car. To complete the form, we entered the destination, the time and the date. Also, age and residency are important parts of booking.

  • Second step

The next step was to select the desired car—the extensive collection of cars ranging from economical to standard. The moment we were done making the choice, we proceeded to the next step.

  • Third step

The last step was to examine the final bill, and we also avail Avis Discount Code & Promo Code. It`s was the perfect time to do it. So just like us, you can also proceed to check out and fill in the given information and enjoy your ride.

While making the reservation, we found no glitch or error. So if you ask about Avis reservation process and Avis reviews and rating, we would say the overall process was smooth and perfect and the process deserves 5 stars from us.

What other benefits can customers enjoy with Avis?

  • View / Modify / Cancel

If you have changed your mind and looking to cancel or upgrade your reservations; you can simply do it by filling out the form displayed on their website or logging in and accessing your rentals page.

  • Download Your Invoice / E-Receipt Online

Avis has made the process easier; now, you don`t have to wait for the physical invoice. Instead, simply download the invoice from the website, and to do that, enter your last name and the reservation or rental agreement number. Or you can directly log in to download receipts.

  • Avis Discount Code & Promo code

We were flabbergasted when we did Avis rental reviews. We found that we could have a 3rd day of our journey free. But this is only possible when customers booked the ride for three or more days with Avis, including a Saturday night. Plus the store also allows you to use discount codes as we`ve mentioned above in the process.

What cars and services does it provide? & what are our reviews and ratings?

Talking about the car models, it was surprising that they have a wide collection of reliable late-model, low-kilometre vehicles. They have everything to offer, considering your budget. If you think going with a luxurious car is a squander of money, then consider hiring Toyota Camry or Hyundai Kona is a good idea. Here are some of the cars and other big vehicles that we reviewed at Avis under different categories.

Book Rental Car At Avis

What car rental products are provided by Avis?

An exceptional range of products and services that help your car tackle any accident is provided by the company. We also discovered that these products are incredibly affordable and will keep you safe throughout your journey. The car rental products include;

In which states of Australia you can avail of Avis services?

Avis put forwards an extensive range of vehicles from cars to trucks that you can hire in a split of a second if you are curious about the location and want to learn about Avis, then continue reading this Avis car hire reviews. We have briefly explained in which locations you can find via Avis rental services.

  • Sydney Car Rental & Nearby Location

We were astounded to see that renting a car from Sydney was too easy. There are up to 20 locations to book the car. To make a reservation, simply log in to the website or application; among the nearest spot and book your car.

  • Melbourne Car Rental & Nearby Locations

We know Melbourne is the largest city in Australia in size of population and third largest in size. To explore the city with comfort and style is only possible with Avis. Doing our Avis car rental reviews, we got to know, that Avis covers more than 20 spots around the city and suburbs, which means it`s effortless to get your hands on Avis cars anytime and anywhere.


Avis provides its car rental services to other cities in Australia too. The list includes:

  • Car Hire Gold Coast
  • Car Hire Brisbane
  • Car Hire Cairns
  • Car Hire Perth
  • Car Hire Adelaide
  • Car Hire Darwin
  • Car Hire Hobart, etc.

Does Avis provide airport car rental?

Yes, it does provide airport car rental. Given below is the list of the airport it covers.

  • Car Hire Sydney Airport
  • Car Hire Melbourne Airport
  • Car Hire Brisbane Airport
  • Car Hire Gold Coast Airport
  • Car Hire Cairns Airport, etc.

Perks You Can Enjoy At Avis

While we were analyzing the website, we went through a unique amazing deal, and we are looking forward to discussing it with you.

  • Sign Up e-Newsletter

Signing up for the newsletter, we received lots of exclusive and latest deals that help us to save huge on our car rentals. So if you are interested in deals and discounts, sign up for e-newsletter with the form provided and get the best car rental offers.

  • Reward Points & Partners

We were stupefied that earning miles or points would get us a discount price on many airlines, hotels and other select companies. In addition, once you have your miles or points, you can enjoy discounts on lots of things that Avis has partnered with. You can also read other customers` Avis reviews about reward points.

  • Avis Mobile App

We also tested Avis Australia app. The best part about the app is that it`s available for both IOS and Android users. You can easily install it from google and the apple play store. Its interface was quite a user friendly and all the features were easy to use. So if we had to rate this app, then we would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Avis Flex Review

We also got to know that car Rental Service Avis has launched Avis Flex, a subscription service that offers lower long-term rates than its standard rental rates.

Avis Customer Services Reviews

Though availing it services were quite easy, but still we got in touch with its team to learn more. We were quite delighted after interacting with its team. The team was super supportive and guided just about everything and cleared all our doubts. Given below are the details, you can check out in case If you have any questions related to its services.

Customer Service

In case of any query contact:

  • Free Call: 1800 141 000
  • Hours: Mon – Fri 7.30am – 6pm.

Pros & Cons of Avis

Book Rental Car At Avis


There are many Avis reviews that you can find. As for us, after using their service, we can say they are leading car rental service without a doubt. If you are visiting Australia for the first time, this is the perfect place to rent a car. If you believe that hiring a car can go out of your budget, don`t panic at all! Our Avis budget reviews discovered that they are the most affordable car rental service you will ever find. So don`t dilly-dally for too long; make your reservation now and travel around Australia with a calm mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What terms and conditions will apply to the rental?

There is an extensive list of terms and conditions that are applied to your rental. In addition, each country and pickup location has separate Rental Terms and Conditions.

  • What is an AWD (Avis Worldwide Discount) Number?

If you have an account at Avis website or application, you must have been assigned a code that helps to identify eligibility for contracted features or rates.

  • In case you still have a car but want to extend the rental. Whom do you contact?

In case you love the ride and want to extend the time. Simply you can contact the number of the pickup location. You`ll discover the phone number on your Rental Agreement, or you can search for your pickup location. Remember, if the time limit exceeds, you have to pay additional charges.

  • You forgot to return the car keys or have lost something. What should you do?

If you have lost or forgotten to return the key, contact the number on your Rental Agreement. The customer service member will assist you in a better way.

  • Why were you charged more than you were initially quoted?

There can be many reasons that can increase your rental bills. Look into the following scenarios that may affect your final charge:

  • Pick up Location, Date & Time
  • Drop off Location, Date & Time
  • Loyalty Profiles such as Avis Fast break
  • Discounts (such as an AWD)
  • Special offers including coupons

How can you reserve a specific make or model of car?

You may not hire or rent a car model of your choice due to the dynamic nature of the rental fleet. But one thing is guaranteed that you will receive a specific type of vehicle within that car group you have booked.

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