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Do you want a WordPress landing page builder to make your site stand out from the crowd? See what it has to offer and whether it is worth the money it costs you by reading this Cheetah Builder review.

This in-depth Cheetah Builder Pro review may interest you if you are seeking a means to create a custom WordPress site from scratch or if you want to improve the style of your current website or page.

Cheetah Builder is a brand-new and one of the best drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress users. The pro version comes with a stunning user interface, extensive customization options, and a manageable learning curve.

Cheetah Builder has a free and pro plan but the free plan has very limited features, I focus on the Cheetah Builder Pro here. However, Cheetah Builder may not be the best option for everyone, so read my review for some more insights.

Cheetah Builder Review: Software Overview

Cheetah Builder
Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

What Is Cheetah Builder?

Cheetah Builder is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that allows users to create landing pages in minutes without having to write any code. Are you curious about who created the Cheetah Builder plugin?

Then you can be confident that the plugin does not come from some shady questionable source looking to make a quick buck, but rather from a reputable company called Builderall, which has strong brand recognition in the email marketing and funnel building sectors.

Cheetah Builder is worth a try if WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) you are using for your website.

If you are a novice or an amateur, it may boost your landing pages to the next level by making them appear to have been made by a professional designer. If you’re a professional, it may make your work much simpler and faster.

Who Is Cheetah Builder For?

Before I get farther into my Cheetah Builder review, I’d want to discuss the types of people that can benefit the most from Cheetah Builder. One of the reasons I believe Cheetah Builder has been so effective is that it belongs to everyone:

Regular Users

You have complete control over the design of your website without any technical skills. Everything is done with a visual, drag-and-drop interface, and there are several templates to choose from.

Online Marketers

Cheetah Builder has a specialized tool for creating distinct landing pages. A form widget and a versatile popup builder are also included. It’s a great method for designing and updating landing pages without depending on a professional developer.

Website Builders for Clients: Freelancers and Agencies

Cheetah Builder allows you to improve your workflows and provide better websites to your clients. You may also construct customized content sites and WooCommerce stores as needed thanks to the premade professional-looking templates and layouts, with drag and drop freedom.

That is not to argue that Cheetah Builder is exclusively useful for such people. I’m Just trying to show how Cheetah Builder may be beneficial for a wide range of users.

Cheetah Builder Features

Now that you understand what Cheetah Builder is, let’s have a look at the features that make it a good drag-and-drop landing page builder for growing your website and business.

I use the free plugin but I explain everything about the pro plan. So If you like what you see in my screenshot you can use the free plan with some limitations, and if you want to access full features and get three free bonuses you need to purchase Cheetah Builder. Let’s see the features…

Page, Header, Footer, and Popups Designing

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

Cheetah Builder’s main feature is creating and designing web pages, headers, footers, and popups.

Adding Several Blocks

Cheetah Builder, like most page builders, uses rows and columns as the primary building elements for your sites. You directly set the number of columns for each row you build. The same is true for modules, which are placed in columns as with all decent page builders.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

You have all the typical elements you are familiar with for designing your website, including call-to-action buttons, timers, countdowns, images, videos, and more like that. Everything is handled on the front end, and it’s a pleasure to work with Cheetah Builder.

No Coding and Expertise Needed

One of the coolest features of Cheetah Builder is how simple it is to use. You won’t need to hire a developer or have any coding experience because all of your pages will be created within the drag-and-drop builder.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

Instead, it’s as easy as dragging the sections you want into your live page preview and editing them as needed. You’ll also be able to preview all of the changes in real time.

Templates for Customized Landing Pages

Cheetah Builder is also nice in terms of its landing page template library. Every template is fully customizable in the drag-and-drop editor and is 100% mobile responsive.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

  • Every purpose has a template, including:
  • Thank You Pages
  • About Us Pages
  • Contact Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Confirm Email Pages
  • Lead Magnet Pages
  • Product Launch Pages
  • and Much More…

Unlimited Customization Options with Premade Templates

If you’re not a designer or don’t know how to code, it might be difficult to get your landing pages to appear precisely as you want. With Cheetah Builder, though, you needn’t be concerned about it.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

All of the customization choices are point-and-click, allowing you to effortlessly modify styles. Changing font sizes and changing images, for example, is as simple as moving a slider while selecting a heading level, and selecting pictures from a gallery requires only a single click.

Responsive for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Devices

Cheetah Builder

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

Cheetah Builder is, of course, completely responsive, but that’s not all. You may change the precise parameters for the display on all of these different devices live in the editor.

Three Free App Bonuses for Cheetah Builder Users

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

When you purchase Cheetah Builder you will get three software that can be integrated with your website, those are called MailingBoss (Email Marketing Integration), Webinar Builder, and Booking App.

Cheetah Builder Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive user interface (beginner-friendly).
  • It’s an easy and slick drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Library of quality page templates.
  • Ability to save templates and content sections to reuse later.
  • It has different features from the crowd.
  • Header, Footer, and Popups builder.
  • Drag and drop WordPress widgets.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Webinar builder integration.
  • Lifetime access for a one-time price. (Good offer than other alternatives!)


  • It launched recently, so it has not many customer reviews.
  • Only for WordPress sites.
  • The free version is very limited.
  • The lifetime offer is for a limited time.

Cheetah Builder Pricing

When we come to pricing, let me tell you the opportunity you will get if you like the Cheetah Builder WordPress plugin! The price is $299 for lifetime access for a short period of time, which means you can get all present features and future updates. The price is going to be $29 per month after a few weeks or months.

Why We Need Cheetah Builder Plugin?

Design Websites Without Being Expertise

The Cheetah Builder plugin allows you to build and customize designs that would otherwise be beyond your skills or that you would have to pay others to design.

Without writing a word of code, you can build landing pages, add headers, change layouts, integrate widgets practically everywhere, and do a lot more.

You won’t have to compromise your vision or limit yourself to what your WordPress theme has to offer. Simply add elements of your choice to your layouts and modify their appearance and behavior on the page.

Furthermore, the Cheetah Builder page builder plugin provides front-end editing or an equivalent so you can preview how your work will appear in the context of your site.

It Has Several Feature

You not only have the opportunity to design a WordPress site without coding with the Cheetah Builder plugin. It includes a slew of features that require the installation of various plugins to make them available on your site.

Everything from picture carousels to testimonials to social sharing buttons and price tables are included.

Cheetah Builder Alternatives


Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin with a plethora of functionality like Cheetah Builder. It does not require any HTML or PHP knowledge or expertise. A friendly user interface makes everything easy to do.

It operates on the front end, which means it gives you the results of your work straight away in a ‘what you see is what you get fashion.

Elementor, which is available in both free and premium versions, allows users to create their own template for use on their web pages or use one of the numerous pre-made templates.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime


SeedProd is a WordPress landing page builder with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to create professional landing pages for your website without having to write code, as Cheetah Builder does.

You may design any form of landing page using its landing page templates. Then, using the drag-and-drop builder, you can easily change them.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime

Beaver Builder

A WordPress page builder plugin called Beaver Builder allows users to create web pages graphically by dragging and dropping rows and elements like text, photos, symbols, and videos. And like Cheetah Builder, you may quickly incorporate forms, widgets, and shortcodes.

Cheetah Builder

Get Cheetah Builder Pro for a Lifetime


So that was all about the Cheetah Builder WordPress plugin. I think you understood the features, advantages, and drawbacks of the plugin.

In my opinion, the plugin has some unique and critical features additionally from the basic features, especially for online marketers, like several page templates, email marketing, webinar builder integration, and some like that.

Finally, my Cheetah Builder review ends here, I hope this post gave you some useful information in your decision on whether to use the plugin or not. If you have any thoughts leave them in the box below. Thank you for your time and reading.

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