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COVID-19 has forced the companies to shut down for employees once again in 2021. People are getting to understand the new norm ‘work from home’ during such tough times. By 2025, it is estimated that 70% of the people will work remotely for a minimum of five days a month. No wonder, 2020 was considered the year to work remotely but that was just the beginning of a trend. However, Working from home is becoming permanent way out some how due to the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, many big companies all across the world have allowed employees to work from their homes to maintain social distancing and reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Here are some essential work from home accessories to help you out.

Therefore, to match with the levels of productivity, focus, etc. employees need to have access to necessary work from home accessories. This way, you can not only work with great productivity level and improved performance but can enjoy the benefit of less commute stress, location independence, better inclusivity, a positive home environment, and much more.

TO work from home a professional must invest in some essential office accessories or gadgets to work seamlessly without facing any inconvenience.

Here are top 5 essential work from home official accessories during lockdown 2021:

 1.Ergonomic chairErgonomic chair

A comfortable chair offers great support to your back and entire posture. Sitting on a normal chair for long hours      can hamper your health and work. Whereas, an ergonomic chair offers many key benefits. Always buy an                    ergonomic chair with features like back support, adjustable height, head and neck support, adjustable height side arms. Don’t go for a leatherette chair if you live in a humid area.

2.Power extension board with various sockets Power extension board

working from home means stuff plugged into power boards 24/7. Normal power sockets can’t handle gadgets all at once. Having an extension board with great voltage capacity is essential for a work from home scenario. They offer the benefit of one-stop for various devices, with no power-tripping or fluctuations. You can choose brands like Norton, ESET, Kaspersky, etc. for the power extension board.

3.A robust Wi-Fi routerWi-Fi router

relying on your mobile hotspot for long hours is a foolish decision when you are working from home. It is essential to have a dedicated Wi-Fi router that ensures fast and unlimited bandwidth. Also, it should have good coverage and connectivity across different areas of your home. Choosing a router that offers connectivity within 100meters of circumference can be a hindrance in your work.

4.High-definition webcam High-definition webcam 

an HD webcam is highly important to present yourself well on a work video call from home. Ensure while choosing a webcam, it should have all the necessary and latest features such as record options, amazing clarity, background noise reduction, easy cable connection options. Plus, your webcam should be compatible with mac OS as well as Windows.

5.Wireless keyboard and mouse Wireless keyboard and mouse 

this accessory/gadget is super beneficial for work from home people. Investing in a wireless keyboard/mouse ease your movement and offer less clutter caused by multiple wires. Plus, there is no confinement to one place. It offers easy workstation setup options at the favorite nook of the house. Some of the best models of wireless keyboard and mouse are Dell KM717, Logitech MK 270R, Dell KM117, etc.

Apart from that, you must have a technology driven laptop, a smartphone, printer, and power bank to enhance your productivity without facing any kind of lag or interruption. Work from home during the COVID-19 crisis is a blessing. It not only protects you from the virus but also gives you oodles of comfort. Therefore, to move forward with your work routine at home, adopting the above-mentioned home official accessories is a must.

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