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It is now essential to get a slim keyboard case that supports your standard iPad. However, Zagg’s approach is slightly different for the Pro Keys. This is a keyboard as well as a trackpad with a thin case that can easily hold an Apple pencil, etc. Also, it is built in such a way that it can keep the iPad safe from any falls, clumsiness, etc. 



The Zagg Pro Keys keyboard case is a completely thick plastic case that also protects the corners or the sides from any drop. Plus, its magnetic port and the tablet clip easily wrap around well. This is a unique and effective way of protecting your iPad which cannot be easily found. 

How Does It Helpful?


This is built as a cover of the Pro keys case and the magnetic folio folder which can be used as a stand. It can also be unclipped and can be folded into its original position. The Pro Keys Keyboard offers various positions to allow the keyboard to stand up. 

Does It Solve The Purpose?


This can be set at an angle and even straight but is not sturdy like proper plastic. It is a great option for table surfaces. This can be a good option for 10.2-inch sizes of 7th, 8th, as well as 9th generation iPads that have a big screen. However, if you buy a Zagg Pro stylus then you can get a thin light pencil that can make everything amazing. 


This can connect using magnets and have a capacitive tip at its back which can run for 8 hours. However, the pencil option is $119. 


What does it Require?

The keyboard layout can be cramped which is its downside. There are some issues that can be deal-breakers like its case is very heavy and makes the iPad hefty. Also, the keyboard needs charging often with a type C USB Port. But the results are very firm and you have the choice of angles which is difficult to get with Apple’s keyboard. 


Also, the Zagg Stylus’s niggles have a lack of pressure control with some lag but you can charge it. The Zagg Stylus includes a flat edge. 



Is it worth the Price?

There are minor niggles but it is worth your money. It is priced at $179.95 which is a solid deal. Also, the Zagg Stylus is very inexpensive which is for $119. 

Should You Buy It?


If you want to save some money and want to keep your iPad protected then this is a great deal for you. However, if you are looking for an amazing keyboard experience then there are many other options available. Zagg’s keyboard offers protection but it is hefty and thick. Otherwise, this is a great option.


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