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If you are a seasoned entity of the market and want to set their foot right amidst a market full of competitors, then you have landed on the right place. Here, we have presented one of the best ways to keep yourself ahead of others with full control on your web hosting server. Understanding the requirement of choosing a flexible and high-performance based VPS web hosting services for your site, our specialised team have come up with a list of VPS hosting server. The matter is essential yet tricky, though we have tried our best to ease up with this awesome web hosting providers comparison constructed specially for bloggers, marketers and business owners.

Unlike other vps hosting articles, we will not touch the basic information already found in the VPS hosting site. In this article, you will get all the relevant details and data regarding VPS hosting offered from 7 top-notch vps service providers in India.

Liquid Web

Liquid web

Button of Visit Now (Liquid Web VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- N/A

Domain Name- New or Transfer

Disk Space- 30 GB SSD – 150 GB SSD



Button of Visit Now (HostGator VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- 45 days

Domain Name- New or Transfer

Disk Space- 120 GB – 240 GB

Bluehost VPS


Button of Visit Now (BlueHost VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- 30 days

Domain Name- Free (1 year)

Disk Space- 30 GB SSD– 120 GB SSD

InMotion VPS


Button of Visit Now (InMotion VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- 90 days

Domain Name- Free (1 year)

Disk Space- 75 GB of SSD

A2 Hosting VPS

a2 hosting

Button of Visit Now (A2 VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- 30 days

Domain Name- New or Transfer

Disk Space- 75 GB SSD – 150 GB SSD

Hostinger VPS


Button of Visit Now (Hostinger VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- 30 days

Domain Name- Single Free Site Transfer

Disk Space- 20 GB of SSD

DreamHost VPS


Button of Visit Now (DreamHost VPS Hosting Site link)

Money Back Guarantee- No Refunds

Domain Name- Free Domain registration for first year

Disk Space- 30 GB – 240 GB SSD

7 VPS Hosting Service Providers Comparison Chart:

Below we have created a comparison chart of top 7 VPS Hosting service providers to give you a glimpse of all the features offered by them. Take a look at them to find the details, including price and money back guarantee other than Bandwidth, RAM, Storage, Uptime and Load Time.

WEB HOST Price Bandwidth RAM Storage Money Back Up time & Load
Liquid Web $15.00/mo 10 TB 2GB 40GB No Refunds 99.99%

360 ms

HostGator $19.95/mo 1.5 TB 2GB 120 GB 45 Days 99.77%

1090 ms

Bluehost $18.99/mo 1 TB 2GB 30 GB  30 Days 99.99%

730 ms

InMotion $22.99/mo 4 TB  4 GB 75 GB 90 Days 99.97%

455 ms

A2 Hosting $25.00/mo 2 TB 4 GB 75 GB Anytime 99.99%

1227 ms

Hostinger $3.95/mo 1 TB 1 GB 20 GB 30 Days 99.99%

298 ms

DreamHost $10.00/mo Unlimited 1 GB 30 GB No Refunds 99.75%

1150 ms

Detailed Info about 7 Best VPS Web hosting providers in India:

During this review, our analysis team has gone through extensive research before concluding. We have covered every aspect of virtual private servers providers claim to offer the best web hosting services in India. From vps hosting price, web hosting services, different requirement-based vps hosting plans to vps hosting advantages, everything has been checked thoroughly.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Service Provider:

vps hostingFeatures:

Vps FeaturesPros of Liquid Web

It is used extensively for its high-speed hosting facility and fast average loading time.

Dedicated IP Address with Load Balancer helps clients to deliver content in a faster mode, thus known to be a good option for bloggers and site owners.

Free backups are available with Liquid Web vps hosting service. Root access, CDN, and DDoS protection keep it ahead of others.

Up to 16 processors with all-SSD storage sort out the problem protecting the data for site owners. Off Site Backups also helps in keeping cloud storage and log storage data safe.

The choice between Plesk Onyx control panel or cPanel made your decision easier than you think.

Real-time monitoring and 100% uptime guarantee does not let the server crash.

Efficient 24/7 support via email, phone, and chat helps customers to get the right solution with just one click.

Awesome web hosting infrastructure and five data centres made Liquid Web popular in the industry.

Cons of Liquid Web

Big price increase might be a concerning factor for those who want to pay monthly.

Plans & Price

When we are talking about VPS hosting of Liquid Web, we all are aware of the fact that this option is not for those who are looking for cheap services. The premiere servicing and the excellent support system makes the whole package undeniably lucrative for the top guns of the industry.

Liquid web vps hosting plan consists of three types of vps hosting services.

The 1st one starts with 2 GB RAM ($19.99/month)

2nd plan provides you 4 GB RAM worth ($29.99/month)

3rd plan is about 8 GB RAM worth of ($49.99/month)

Overview on Liquid Web

Managed WordPress and WooCommerce products of Liquid Web are enough for expressing the reputation of its VPS service in the industry. Backed by the fantabulous support team and SLA promising high uptime, Liquid Web comes with this high powered VPS hosting service for the industry leaders.

RAID-protected SSD storage keeps your loading speed faster yet secure by decreasing latency. The infrastructural support covers the managerial support efficiently. It is engineered by keeping customer requirements in mind. It’s ideal for clients who like to have flexibility. Custom functionalities and scaling make it undeniably one of the highly demanded VPS hosting services.

HostGator VPS Hosting Service Provider:


Pros of HostGator

HostGator offers VPS hosting, along with a website builder, domain registrations, and reselling choices to its clients.

In HostGator VPS plan, they also shower their clients with free website building tools, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, numerous website templates, unlimited MySQL databases other than free domain transfers facility.

Enjoy access to various one-click installations for all your important open-source projects like Magento WordPress, and Joomla.

With a 45-day money-back guarantee, you should surely try the HostGator and check whether it matches your requirement or not.

HostGator team came up with additional features for new site owners: Worth $100 Google AdWords Credit to serve the marketing purpose.

Excellent backend account management panel for assisting in easy stats gathering and logs by using Raw Log Manager, Webalizer and AWStats other than Error Logs.

A 99.9% uptime guarantee will cover you with standard hosting needs.

The latest cPanel software of HostGator empowers administration consoles. It helps you in launching eCommerce carts and organizing related tasks quickly.

Whole year support for 24/7 is available via chat, ticket system, phone, and email.

Cons of HostGator

If you are looking for a price, then don’t settle with a base price as No cPanel is available for the base plan.

High renewal fees can be problematic for clients who are looking for a cheap hosting plan.

Plans & Price

When we discuss HostGator plans and pricing strategy, we refer to it as a middle road policy. The plans are decided upon the features this virtual private service provider is offering.

VPS Hosting Price

HostGate vps plan starts with $29.95 / month

If you make three years upfront payment, you need to pay $19.95

HostGator Vps renewal plan price worth $79.95 / month

Overview on HostGator

It’s not easy to gain popularity in the industry, but with HostGator extensive VPS solution, the provider makes it possible. Optional cPanel support is appropriate for site owners who are interested in VPS hosting. The journey started with the thought of providing clients with some advanced features. Unlike shared hosting, this VPS offers something more.

With a relatively lower price and efficient support, HostGator has proven that offering VPS service can be reasonable. Modern data centers, multiple bandwidth providers, and high-level uptime will make the deal lucrative for clients. Expanded CPU, RAM offers other than an abundance of the network put it on the top liked list of VPS service providers.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Service Provider:


FeaturesPros of BlueHost

Understanding the significance of customer support, BlueHost offers 24/7 extensive knowledge assistance for its clients.

BlueHost endorses this open-source project WordPress.org. An outstanding option for one-click installs such as Magento, Drupal and other applications.

Comes with a custom domain manager that handles purchases, domain transfers, tracking and all the administration works.

Daily, Monthly and Weekly Backup for promoting site development, design and promoting content without the fear of hassles.

Unlimited email accounts with full support and spam protection for clients.

Perpetuate growth with proper up-gradation makes the web hosting process a painless experience for site owners.

Fast-paced average load time makes your site performance well so that marketing platforms can execute functionalities properly.

With cPanel, BlueHost has a custom interface that makes simplify complicated website and server management works for site owners. All the administration, domain management, and email setups become easier.

Simple to understand and use dashboard makes the operational activities effortless for bluehost clients.

Awesome Bandwidth support that accommodates operational changes without taking a great effort.

Cons of BlueHost

The only con of opting for BlueHost is that all its data centres are in the US

Plans & Price

BlueHost, as one of the officially recommended VPS hosting service provider, likes to keep things simple for all the site owners. The structure is decided for its plan. It starts at a moderate price, and one-time payment makes the whole matter a little more convenient for clients. All the VPS Bluehost plans depend on the features.

Basic Plan starts with $29.99 if you opt for monthly payment

For three year contract and upfront payment, the price reduced to $18.99 / month

The renewal price is $29.99 / month

Overview on BlueHost

Whether it’s VPS plan or the performance of the provider, this service provider is no doubt adding value to its brand name. When it comes to giving an overview, competitive price, premium support, great uptime along with flexibility and security of VPS makes it clear that it has every right to get the attention it gets from the top guns of the industry.

4GB to 16GB of RAM ensures that the site operates in a speedy way, whereas the storage and site protection features highlight the security. cPanel interface helps users in adjusting computing resources. On the other hand, the pricing strategy is worth every money due to 24/7 support. Those who want to change their features or opt for a better plan, BlueHost have some amazing offers for them as well.

InMotion VPS Hosting Service Provider:


featuresPros of InMotion

Top-notch server selection options are available in the market, especially for site owners.

A 90-day money-back guarantee and a 99.99% uptime guarantee assure clients maximum efficiency during the operation along with a chance to check whether the hosting provider can meet their needs or not.

VPS InMotion hosting service is known for its best speed and performance on all accounts.

Automatic Data Backups facility helps clients in indulging operations peacefully without fearing loss of information.

Customers are provided with access to multiple applications, including eCommerce solutions.

One-Click installation of blogging tools, apps and scripts suit all the requirements of your business.

InMotion supports the usage of the latest technology and language to serve the purpose of growth for business owners.

Quality routers for systems make all the operational needs easier for clients.

Year-round support via live chat, phone, and email deals with end to end support. It caters support ranging from beginners query to advanced managerial needs.

Extensive SSD with numerous data centres have become a big help for site owners.

Top-ranked domain transfer vps hosting service provider.

Customer Community for guides, tutorials and online supports.

Cons of InMotion

The only negative point of InMotion VPS hosting is that the renewal price is on the higher side.

Plans & Price

When it comes to InMotion vps hosting plans, it contains VPS hosting price as per the features added in each plan. They have started the basic plan with a specific price that consists of RAM, a certain amount of SSD storage and bandwidth.

Paying a monthly subscription will cost you $54.99 per month.

On a three year contract with at a time payment, the plan cost $22.99 per month.

Renewal cost worth $64.99 / month comes with a money-back guarantee.

Overview on InMotion

InMotion has become one of the leading vps hosting service offerers of the industry owing to its slick management software, cutting-edge technical support, free SSD drives and backups. Incredible speedy RAID-6 is used for its secure yet quick operation. The RAM amount offered by InMotion is no doubt a matter of achievement for its clients.

VPS packages of InMotion run on the operating system of CentOS Linux. All feature licenses for WHM and cPanel that gives it an advantage of reselling. InMotion VPS uptime record is undeniably strong. As a large scale vps host, it offers one of the best support to clients. Money-back guarantee, data centers and some other customer-oriented features are worth your money invested in InMotion.

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Service Provider:

A2 hostingFeatures:

FeaturePros of A2 Hosting

Extremely faster speed than the standard hosting makes it a preferred choice in the industry.

Turbo option manages connections efficiently for enhanced stability of servers.

vps hosting a2 hosting provides clients with optimized cPanel plugin. Superior site acceleration, support and maximized page loads make the deal lucrative for site owners.

Perpetual security package of A2 vps hosting plan protects sites from hackers.

With 24/7 support, clients will get proper assistance for their needs.

99.9% uptime guarantee is one of the best features of A2 hosting service.

One-click installs for content management systems (WordPress, PrestaShop and Magento) are available.

Email Marketing Software with PayPal Merchant accounts is available for email marketing and other operational purposes.

SSL certificates assure A2 Hosting clients about the safety of their sites.

Powerful infrastructure helps in launching and growing your online site without trouble. Automatic configuration of installation eases up the whole process.

Data Centers are based in four locations of Europe, Asia and the United States.

Site transfer and extended storage offered by A2 is an indication of why business owners prefer it.

Multi-language supported vps hosting keeps this service provider ahead of others.

Cons of A2 Hosting

For A2, the only point that is not good is its slow average load time feature.

Plans & Price

A2 hosting plans discussion to highlight the topic of VPS hosting charges. The plans and the pricing strategy is above the medium roadways if you see. The hosting service provider claims that as per the features dedicated to the service decided the price. 4 GB RAM with 75 GB of RAID-10 storage and 2 TB of bandwidth plan starts with the base price.

Monthly payment of $61 is decided for the basic plan

For a long term plan or two year contract, the payment becomes $25 per month.

Depending on the length of new contract, the payment starts from $49.99 per month

Overview on A2 Hosting

With A2 Hosting, site owners get every opportunity to grow. A wide array of VPS options glorify the technical superiority of this service provider. Fully managed space with different VPS suitable features make A2 a reliable option for expanding the limit of your business.

VPS customers who opt for this A2 servicing get ample storage, memory and bandwidth as a packaged solution for their business. For both site owners and app developers, this hosting package is an awesome customizable deal with cPanel, root access and high-performance disk.

Faster page loads, flexible monitoring and scaling other than outstanding support makes the whole scenario profitable for clients.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Service Provider:


Pros of Hostinger

Hostinger is good for those who are looking for low monthly pricing service. Clients with extremely tight budgets can opt for this service provider.

Hostinger has got a          high preference in the industry owing to its awesome drag-and-drop website builder that          suits your requirement of creating         a website with no time.

The fast-paced operational efficiency with above-average uptimes & load time makes this provider a reliable source.

Extremely knowledgeable support system for sorting out issues via email, 24/7 ticketing and live chat.

Unlimited bandwidth and SSD space that allows site owners to run their site smoothly without any disruption.

1-click installations facility for business owners who wants to set up their e-commerce shopping carts in an effective yet easy way.

Organized plans with suited features don’t complicate the decision-making task for clients.

DDoS protection protects your data from DDoS attacks on your server or network.

Hostinger has its efficient data centers in three places such as Asia, US, and Europe (UK)

Cons of Hostinger

Unlimited email accounts or Free SSL certificates does not come under free features

Does not have WordPress Hosting Package

Plans & Price

The plans and pricing strategy of Hostinger is said to be for the small business owners of the industry. Those who have budget constraints can go with this option as it presents the cheapest rate of VPS hosting service to clients. For beginners and bloggers, this VPS service provider will be appropriate.

Site owners can opt for it with a monthly payment of $9.95

Additional cost of daily backups is $1.89 / month

Hostinger VPS starts from just $3.95 / month if you make four years of contract with them.

The renewal fee starts from $9.95 / month

Other than this, for priority support, you have to subscribe to a $1.99 / month package that moves up your request on the top of the queue.

Overview on Hostinger

Hostinger, as one of the cheapest VPS hosting providers, covers all the necessities of basic virtual hosting. While doing the review, we have noticed some of the significance of Hostinger VPS plans that compels us to keep it in the top 7 list of VPS hosting servicing. Unlike other expensive hosts, this service provider offers some extra features for its clients like the choice of picking a server operating system from their offered range.

Getting root access, implementing an easy web script installer offered by Hostinger and efficient support is enough to make one understand why this provider is so well-known in the market.

The support system is available throughout the year. 24/7 assistance via live chat facility is there for clients if they face issues regarding system or operation.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Service Provider:


featuresPros of DreamHost

DreamHost has gained its reputation in the market for its 100% uptime guarantee that serves both developers and customers in a better way.

With Users’ privacy, DreamHost implements a strong anti-spam policy that passionately protects domain privacy with SSL. Enhanced protection and security for domain privacy make it trusted.

SSD servers create scalable environments that make the billing at discounted rates

DreamHost meets the requirement of developer communities by offering them open-source tools

When it comes to storage needs, a fully scalable solution is on offer from DreamHost

Hosting is compatible with OpenStack Swift APIs and Amazon S3. WordPress integrated to automate various functionalities.

A specialised team for building, managing and supporting WordPress hosting and OpenStack products.

DNS management tools and numerous domain extensions according to your business needs

Monitoring configuration and optimizing server operation to boost the performance of your site.

Cons of DreamHost

Live chat support only available from 5:30AM to 9:30 PM

One of the negative features of DreamHost is its Slow Average Load time.

Plans & Price

DreamHost VPS plan consists of features with proper VPS hosting price. The base price is quite an affordable one. For those who are low featured good price combination deals, DreamHost is a great solution for them. The basic plan consists of unlimited sites and email accounts with 1 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD disk space.

Monthly payment starts from $15 if you have not made the contract.

For a three year contract with DreamHost, the monthly price will become $15 per month.

One of the important aspects is that DreamHost does not offer a refund facility to its clients.

Overview on DreamHost

Scalable RAM and SSD storage makes your site operate with full speed without the fear of data loss. Stable and the powerful environment of VPS hosting service has made it beneficial for marketers to see growth in their business. This very reason has won the trust of business owners as one of the best VPS hosting service offerers in the industry.

SSL certificate for the sake of protecting the domain privacy, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and domain hosting are some of the awesome features of DreamHost. Other than this, a custom control panel and proficient support team made the VPS hosting service of DreamHost a pleasant experience for the business owners.


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