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If you are planning to make new website, then you must first choose best web hosting services. Greengeek is one of best web hosting service provider platform.

Greengeek- a web hosting service provider

If we use to work with the website of our company in different content managers, without a doubt one of the best options is Greengeek.

Greengeek offers one of the cheapest simple web hosting services. But not only does this company stand out for such an advantage, it also helps create a quality page with cloud storage from scratch.

In order for anyone interested to test their services, Greengeek makes a free web hosting platform available on a trial basis. In this way the user has the possibility to verify the benefits of such services and decide on the purchase.

More than 29 million smart customers are already opting for the work of Green geek , making it a prestigious brand within this online world.

This hosting company has a wide variety of web hosting services. Your installation plans are done automatically both in WordPress and in other CMS.

This is its greatest advantage, and together with its low price,  (it makes many users opt for its services.

The prestige is given by its great service to companies on the Internet.

If we use to work with the website of our company in different content managers, without a doubt one of the best options is Greengeek stands out for the agility provided in its services, which also have full confidence in a safe and quality infrastructure. The performance of their servers is one of the fastest on the market, and they rely heavily on customer service. Thus, they have immediate telephone support every day of the year.

Why Greengeek is the most excellent alternative for you?

Loading speed

Better to SEO and usability

Our hosting is configured and optimized to offer the best loading speed to your website.

Maximum security

Your website always safe from bad guys

We block more than 1 million attacks a day on Greengeek Clients. So we all sleep peacefully.

Support 24 hours, 365 days

Always available, every day

We want to be part of your team and we will always be ready to help you in everything you need.

Optimization tools

Our technicians work for you

You can analyze and improve the performance of your website easily and quickly in a few clicks.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

Stable service, without cuts or falls

High-end servers renewed every 2 years and managed responsibly.

Free backups

Your content is always safe.

Daily, monthly and annual backups, which you can restore and download for free

Technologies we use:


SSD drives

We use SSDs that reach 75,000 operations per second, compared to 150 for an HDD. They also have much less failure than other types of discs.

SSDs have no mechanical parts, only incorporate semiconductors and this allows faster access to data. The result is a much faster server response speed.

Free image optimization

Having your images optimized allows you to scratch a few seconds of loading, make the visit more pleasant for your users and that Google loves you more.

Many clients have already used ImgOptimizer, our free service that with a single click optimizes all the images of your Hosting.

Php 7.4 and PhpHardened 5.6 to 5.2

PHP 7 is 100% faster than the previous version. The response time of the server does not decrease with the increase in visits, the processing speed of the PHP code of a page can be increased up to 600%. In addition to doubling the speed, memory usage is reduced by up to 40%.

With PhpHardened our hosting offers you secure versions of PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.6, with the necessary security patches so that the obsolete versions of php are not vulnerable and you can continue to run your CMS that require PHP code prior to PHP 7.

High-end technology servers

For us nowadays, it does not make sense to save on Hardware, on average our servers have double the capacity of use in CPU and RAM.

A good hosting provider should offer SSD disks, which have a much lower failure rate than other cheaper disks and this allows offering a high availability service.

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