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The Troy Bilt TB160 is one of the most affordable lawn mowers on the market. The TB160 is a push mower, which is great for small yards or people who just love to exercise while mowing. This mower boasts a 160cc Honda engine – which can be confusing for those that may think this is a Honda TB160.

The Troy Bilt TB160 was the first mower that I ever owned. I used this mower for a relatively small yard and still own it to this day. I have had to do very little maintenance on the mower and store it in my garage during the winter.

Today, we will review the Troy Bilt TB160 and give some thoughts on whether this mower is the best for you.

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A message for first time mower owners

Though it may seem like a silly question, it’s important to recognize that this is a mower for people who may have just purchased their first home and have a small yard. We all start somewhere, so let’s start this mower.

When first removing this mower from the box, you will think to yourself: “How is the box this small?”. Well, the folks at Troy-Bilt have efficiently packaged everything into a box that will fit into the back of a small trunk. This is because many folks buy these mowers on Amazon or at Home Depot.

Troy-Bilt TB160 assembly

Assembling the TB160 is straightforward – you simply pull apart the metal railing that accompanies the box and tighten the screws on the side of the mower. Be careful to avoid cutting the black zip tie that holds the cord to the side of the handle. It definitely looks like something that should be removed, however its purpose is to keep the cord attached to the handle rail (and not flying all over the place).

Make sure that your mower has the appropriate level of fuel and oil to get started. Please refer to the owners manual for how much fuel and oil to put into this machine.

You will also want to make sure the mower is at an appropriate height for your lawn. I have my mower sitting as tall as it can go. You can adjust the height of the mower by moving the levers that are on the sides of each wheel. There is a red looking tab that sticks up. Simply pull it out of place and shift it whichever direction will either raise or lower the mower.

A taller mower will trim the grass and be easier to push. A shorter mower distance will cut the grass very short and be more difficult to push.

How to start the TB160

The Troy Bilt TB160 has a red, foldable metal bar over where the handle is located. Simply fold the red bar down onto the handle and hold with one hand. While holding that part down, grab the plastic handle with the string attached near the engine. This is a pull-start mower, meaning you will have to yank the plastic handle pretty hard a few times to get it going.

For first time mower users, it can take a couple of tries to get this down. Once more oil and gas have run through the engine, it will become easier. This engine from Honda has an auto-choke system, so no choke is required to get this engine started.

Review of the Troy-Bilt TB160: a guide to each element

Let’s review all of the different things that make a good mower below.

Difficulty to push

The Troy-Bilt TB160 is a push mower – and that means you will really have to push. If you have this mower on a tall-grass setting (which I recommend), you won’t have much difficulty pushing. This mower does not propel itself and will require some effort to get going.

One thing I like about the TB160 is that it is relatively light. This makes it easier to maneuver and spin as compared to some other mowers.

Something I dislike about this mower is that it isn’t exactly a comfortable mower. The handle is pure metal and has quite a bit of vibration from the engine. The wheels are plastic as well, which seems to amplify the vibration instead of absorbing it. The plastic wheels also make it more difficult to maneuver than rubber-wheeled mowers as it tends to get stuck more easily in small divots.

Using the bag on the TB160

The TB160 is a mower I always used without the bag. Honestly, I did not think this mower did a great job of providing enough kickback of grass into the bag. For this reason, it would consistently get “clogged” and shut off the blade whenever a decent amount of grass began to load.

Another thing I noticed about the bag is that it simply isn’t intuitive to place on the mower. My wife and I always had difficulty replacing the bag and found that removing it often spilled the grass everywhere.

Durability and reliability

Something I love about the Troy Bilt TB160 is the Honda engine. As we are all familiar, Honda engines are reliable in cars and motorcycles. The same holds true here – this is an easy to maintain, durable lawn mower.

I’ve done hundreds of mows with this mower and it simply won’t quit. It’s easy to start, requires very little maintenance, and stores well indoors or outdoors. Simply put, the TB160 can handle some abuse and the Honda motor will run as long as you do.

Changing the oil on a Troy-Bilt TB160

While probably unnecessary, I change the oil on my TB160 at the beginning of each spring. To change the oil, you simply remove the cap on the side of the engine. Once removed, tilt the mower on its side and let the oil flow into a pan. Once all of the oil has spilled, refill with the manufacturer’s recommended oil. That’s it.

As far as spark plugs or any other maintenance goes, I have not had to do anything. In fact, I’ve never even sharpened the blades on this mower. To maintain the longevity of the mower, you can spray the bottom of the blades with a rust preventer each winter when you aren’t using it as much.

The cost and value of this mower

The TB160 is one of the more affordable push lawn mowers on the market. We got ours at Home Depot a few years ago, but I am still seeing them for sale at places like Walmart, Lowes, and Amazon.

The price range for a TB160 is anywhere from $250 to $400 depending on when you are buying and where you are buying your mower. You can grab it on Amazon right now.

I believe the TB160 is a great value for a mower. This mower will last many years, requires little upkeep, stores easily, and is relatively inexpensive.

Are Troy-Bilt push mowers good?

It depends on how you define good. If you have a small yard, are looking for an affordable mower, and don’t mind getting some exercise during your mow, then this is a great mower.

For the price, you really cannot beat this mower. It will most likely outlive your car and is way easier to maintain. I have had mine for over four years and have only done a couple of oil changes and used less than a can of gas the entire time.

The Lawn Review

Feature Rating
Difficulty to use Average difficulty for navigation
Durability Most durable
Maintenance Easiest to maintain
Value Highest value
For lots <10,000 sq. ft Highly recommended
For lots <1 acre Recommended if willing to use a push mower
For lots >1 acre Not recommended

To summarize this review, the Troy-Bilt TB160 is the best and most affordable mower you can buy if you are looking for:

A durable, easy to maintain mower

A high-value, long-lasting mower

1. Super Bronco 46 XP Riding Lawn Mower

Extra comes standard with the Troy-Bilt® XP Series™, and the Super Bronco™ 46 XP riding lawn mower has the extra performance you’ll need. A high-performing 725cc Kohler engine delivers a quieter, more balanced performance with less vibration. Smoothly change directions thanks to a hydrostatic transmission with cruise control and a 16″ turing radius. Rugged and reliable 46″ deck provides clean, consistent cut with anti-scalp wheels to prevent turf damage. A cast iron front axle provides added durability. All backed by a strong, 3-year limited warranty for extende dpeace of mind. When your yard asks a little more of you, the Troy-Bilt XP Series offers the extra performance you need.

2. TB30 B Riding Lawn Mower

Save time and storage space with the compact design of the Troy-Bilt TB30B riding lawn mower. The TB30B is ideal for smaller or gated yards as its 30-in. steel cutting deck will fit through most gates. A 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine delivers reliable power, and with a durable and compact AGM battery you’ll get improved starting performance for reliable starting season after season. You can count on Troy-Bilt to help make yard work easier.

3. TB225 Garden Cultivator

TB225 garden cultivator is ideal for cultivating and weeding small beds and vegetable gardens. Lightweight and easy to operate, the TB225 garden cultivator comes equipped with 4 premium steel tines that can be easily adjusted up to 9″ wide.

4. Bronco CRT Garden Tiller

The Troy-Bilt Bronco CRT rear-tine garden tiller is designed for maneuverability and power. 10-inch Bolo™ tines provide up to 6-inches of tilling depth for flexibility. Max tilling width of 14-inches makes it ideal for small-to-medium sized gardens.

5. CS 4325 Troy-Bilt Chipper Shredder

Ten bags of lawn waste become one with the CS4325 Troy-Bilt chipper shredder. Large, upright steel hopper is easy to load after trimming hedges, shrubs and trees. Semi-pneumatic wheels make it easier to move throughout your yard for efficient clean up.

6. TB27BH Leaf Blower

The TB27BH gas leaf blower from Troy-Bilt® offers the power and convenience you desire with a 27cc 2-cycle full-crank engine. It features high volume air flow/velocity (450 CFM/205 MPH) for efficient clean up. Its SpringAssist™ technology allows for easier pull starts, while the Prime, Flip & Go™ starting system offers simple, reliable starting. The variable speed throttle with cruise control settings provide greater control and ease of use. The TB27BH gas leaf blower comes with a bonus curved tube to meet more of your lawn and garden needs. Includes 2-cycle engine oil and a 2-year limited warranty.

7. TB51BP Backpack Leaf Blower

The TB51BP backpack leaf blower from Troy-Bilt® offers superior power with a 51cc 2-cycle full-crank engine. Its backpack design allows for reduced operator fatigue and fits the shape of your hips and reduces pressure points. It features high volume air flow/velocity (600 CFM/220 MPH) for efficient clean up. Its SpringAssist™ technology allows for easier pull starts and the variable speed throttle with cruise control settings provide greater control and ease of use. The TB51BP backpack leaf blower comes with an ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfort and easy operation. Includes 2-cycle engine oil and a 3-year limited warranty.

8. Storm 2620 Snow Blower

TThe Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 offers improved visibility in low-light conditions with an in-dash LED headlight. The 243cc Troy-Bilt engine, electric start capability, and self-propelled drive system provide reliable power and control for clearing snow. Just One Hand™ operation allows adjustment of the chute controls without disengaging the drive, including a quick change to the snow discharge height from the dashboard with the remote pitch control lever. Featuring rugged, 12″ serrated steel augers designed to handle up to 12″ of snow, the center-mount chute crank puts the controls comfortably within your reach. The extended chute is designed to minimize snow blowback on the operator..

9. Storm 2600 Snow Blower

Step up to a 26″ clearing width with the Storm 2600 and clear large areas fast with the 208cc Troy-Bilt engine, electric start capability, and a self-propelled drive system. Just One Hand™ operation allows adjustment of the chute controls without disengaging the drive, including a quick change to the snow discharge height from the dashboard with the remote pitch control lever. Featuring rugged, 12″ serrated steel augers designed to handle up to 12″ of snow, the center-mount chute crank puts the controls comfortably within your reach. The extended chute is designed to minimize blowback on the operator.

10. Bagger for 30-inch Decks

Fits Rear-Engine Riding Mowers with a 30-in Cutting Deck (2013 –  )

This double bag grass collection system mounts quickly and easily to your riding mower. The vented Nylon bags provide superior strength and airflow to reduce grass from clogging.

  • Fits Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt and Murray Riding Mowers
  • 3.25 Bushel Capacity
  • Bagging system easily removed for storage.
  • Kit includes Two Vented Nylon Bags, Chutes, Mounting Hardware and installation instructions

11. Universal Snow Blower Cab

Universal design fits most medium and large Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Yard Machines, Ariens, Toro, Husqvarna, Brute, John Deere snow blowers

  • Solid protection from the wind, snow and cold.
  • Strong powder-coated steel tubular frame.
  • Reflective fabric for safety
  • Durable clear vinyl and heavy duty tear-resistant fabric
  • Spacious interior with 360° visibility.
  • Includes convenient storage pouch
  • Cab extends approximately 42 inches above handle grips
  • Easy to install and to disassemble for storage.

12. PS720 TrimmerPlus® Add-On Pole Saw

The PS720 pole saw connects to all attachment-capable string trimmers with no tools. The extended boom reaches up to 11 feet (depending on operator’s height). This pole saw with 8-inch bar and chain is perfect for pruning and cleaning up your trees and hedges that are hard to reach.

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