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Web hosting is not all about managing your site and bringing great traffic to it, but also to make it attractive enough for that traffic to stay and get attached to it. When it comes to choosing your WordPress themes, then it becomes a tough job for you which can still be made simpler just by adopting a perfect hosting platform. A perfect platform will get something that fits your vision and will help your site attract traffic also that would work.

The ultimate solution to all of these requirements is ThemeForest. This is the perfect platform to find the right theme at the right cost, it also provides the best support and the themes are never gonna make your site go slow. ThemeForest always brings up the right theme for you.

ThemeForest is one of the best WordPress theme marketplace in the business and in this article we will dive deep into ThemeForest to find out all of its major benefits and features.

What’s so special about ThemeForest?

Theme Forest provides a massive theme variety that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. ThemeForest boasts over 11,000 premium WordPress themes that are the largest library you might have known till now. You’ll likely find one or more themes you’ll love in ThemeForest. You will never find such a massive collection anywhere else.

ThemeForest brings to you various themes for many other CMSs like Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, and ModX and it even has themes for site builders like Webflow and Weebly.

ThemeForest has impressive community features. ThemeForest shows you clear ratings, user reviews, and handy stats about all the themes.

Impressive community features

You can also check out the theme creators’ profiles, portfolios, overall reputation, and more. Social proof plays a big factor in ThemeForest.

ThemeForest has a lot of affordable themes. You will get more detailed information about the pricing of ThemeForest in the article further.

Most themes, anyway. You can also consider that most ThemeForest templates are priced for individuals and small-business owners who want to get a pretty website up and running, fast.

How can you find your perfect theme in ThemeForest?

You can grab a variety of filter options in ThemeForest. The maximum options available are similar to that of the other marketplaces. But still, one standout feature on ThemeForest is the ability to sort the themes with the major help of their compatibility with certain popular plugins and frameworks.

The ThemeForest has a wide filters range but still, if you feel they aren’t enough for you then the best option is to use the good old search bar. You need to pay attention there. Your keywords matter a lot in this case. Even then, keywords can turn up some results that have nothing to do with the search.

But still, the options can seem to be limited in the case you are looking out for something hyper-specific like a theme for stamp collectors or something similar. No matter whether it is present or not, since that isn’t so widely used or has to do anything with attracting the viewers over the platform. The collection present here will never let you disappoint in any other case.

ThemeForest consists of all the themes that you require and that you are exactly searching for but still it can take a bit of work to find. You can also browse the theme as per the category that has been classified in the platform. You will ultimately get a certain thing if you are certain in finding it. Due to your huge collection, it might become somewhat difficult but the category helps a lot to resolve it.

How can you buy the theme from ThemeForest?

The installation or purchase of any theme depends on the type of the theme to determine whether it would be easy or tough to grab. The basic installation is generally the same for any kind of theme, all you need to do is to download it to your computer and then simply upload it to your WordPress site, and finally, you can activate it.

There are some of the more complex themes available in the ThemeForest that might require you to follow some additional setup steps. ThemeForest never asks its creators to provide installation or customization services with their support. But still, if you know to complete the basic installation process of WordPress then you are golden.

The process will be different for the other CMS options and even for some of those you might need to upload the theme files via an FTP client or also in your hosting site’s control panel. The major thing over here is which CMS is being used by you.

The customization of any theme also depended on the theme. The maximum of the themes allow you to change certain basic elements such as colors and typefaces, and most of those will probably offer a couple of the layout options as well. Some of the themes also are practically website builders or content management systems in themselves.

Pricing of ThemeForest

So, finally, after going through all the features, the final thing that makes you take your final decision is the price of the products. Let us go through the price of the several themes provided by ThemeForest.

Since ThemeForest has thousands of themes so the price can only be discussed in the categories.

About 8,000 of the WordPress themes are in the range of USD 40 to USD 60. The most expensive one that you would ever find is USD 10,000 and the most expensive WordPress theme is USD 1,022, and the cheapest theme is o $USD whereas the cheapest WordPress themes are USD 13.

ThemeForest is a lot safe to say that there are many things for almost all kinds of budgets. Themes here are mostly pretty affordable. This is the reason why it has been considered the most reliable hosting site to get the best themes.

Free themes on ThemeForest


To get to the free themes provided by ThemeForest, all you need to do is to search for the ThemeForest free themes and this will lead you to the themes that are for free. The free themes are mostly for a certain and limited period and once the offer is packed, you need to pay for them.

Also, you should not get confused with the fact that you won’t find any such free themes in the web themes and templates section, instead these are present in a separate section known as the free WordPress themes.

The free themes are something that seems to change every so often so you need to check back once a month or so. Also to avail the best themes at the best prices, you need to be updated with all the ongoing sales and offers.\

After discussing all about ThemeForest, the last thing that comes in this section is the refund policy and the ThemeForest has a promising refund policy that we will be discussing in detail further. The refund policy is pretty decent, covering things like false advertising, security flaws in the product, not getting the support you were promised, and more. Keep in mind that changing your mind after you’ve downloaded a theme is not covered in this refund policy.

Themeforest’s refund policy

Firstly to request a refund you need to login to your account then request a refund. As we know ThemeForest is a part of Envato that is why ThemeForest follows the same policy as its parent company. The refund is only provided in the below-mentioned cases:

The cases for which the refund policy is accepted if the theme isn’t working the way that it should or it’s not working as described. This is when the theme has bugs that the creator can’t fix or if it is “materially different” from what’s depicted in the item description or preview.

The next case feasible for the refund policy is the security issues. If any of the themes have a security vulnerability that can’t be fixed will be refunded to you.

In the case when you don’t get the support that you need, the creator or the author doesn’t follow the item support policy as described.

You can also get a refund in case you haven’t downloaded the theme. To get the refund you should not have downloaded your theme files within 3 months or purchased them. To get the refu6you need to send the author your purchase code to verify that you haven’t downloaded the theme yet.

In the case you belong to any of the following categories you won’t be eligible for the refund policy in any way:

-You changed your mind.

-You purchased a theme by mistake.

-You don’t have the technical expertise to use the item.

-You can’t provide enough information as to why you’re entitled to a refund.

Support policy

The items on ThemeForest are ensured to work as described and also are properly protected against all the major security issues. All the themes are the major subject to discretionary version updates which means you can access the latest version of the themes that you purchased, if in the case the developer chooses to make changes.

Many of the creators and the authors do offer various item support services in which the author of a theme will be available for almost 6 months to answer your questions, assist you with bugs, and help you with other general concerns.

You can also check whether any theme author offers you the item support by looking at the buy section of a theme’s page. You can also check whether the theme has been given the checkmark indicating that you will get 6 months of support from the developer.

Bottom line on ThemeForest

Thus, if you are on the way to make your website more attractive and informative for the users to increase the traffic then the theme will be your prior concern. The theme that you need to best your site can be best found in theThemeForest.

This is the ultimate place to find the best suitable themes at an affordable rate with the maximum discount possible.

Apart from this the refund as well as the support policy is all in the customer’s favor.

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