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Thai Airways is known to be the parent company of Thai Smile. It focuses on Chiang Mai International Airport and the fleet size of the airline is 20 and offers 27 destinations. The flyer program of Thai Smile is Royal Orchid Plus and its key member that run this airline is WiwatPiyawiroj.


Thai Smile is also known to be the official sponsor of RatchaburiMitrPhol as well as Thai Honda Ladkrabang.

Thai Smile
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THAI SMILE Special Features:

The services offered by them are completely different from low-cost carriers. However, they offer service that includes seat selection, check-in counter service along with no additional charges, snacks, and drinks, 20kg baggage allowance with the included fare. The passengers can also enjoy the ROP which is Royal Orchid Plus mileage. The meals are hygienic along with snacks and drinks. The passengers can also opt for special requirements when it comes to meals. The passengers who are traveling in Smile Plus Class get the allowance of 10k extra baggage.

Thai Smile

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Apart from baggage allowance, every passenger can carry one handbag which should be below 7kg. Other items that can be allowed to carry are infant food, a camera, crutches, a personal computer, etc.


Thai Smile

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Complimentary snacks, drinks, and meals are for every passenger whereas something else can be ordered as well.


Booking can be done via its official site and the check-in time is between 24 hours to 2 hours before the departure of the flight.



Thai Smile

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  • Economy class – The passengers can get the ‘We Smile’ magazine for entertainment which can be downloaded on the phone as well. The specialties have snacks and drinks during special routes and can get complimentary meals. There is also a board purchasing option.
  • Business class – The passengers can enjoy recliner seats and can enjoy a special menu. They also get LED screens for entertainment.

 Routes Map

You can search Thai Smile to get the best route map, destinations, as well as time schedules. The maps of international and domestic routes can be downloaded as well.



Thai Smile tests out point-to-point short-haul routes

Thai Smile

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Thai Smile is also interested to open point-to-point short-haul international routes which will be from Phuket and Krabi. The initial plan was to launch Phuket-Singapore but later shifted to other reasons. Thai Smile is known to be the logical tool for Thai Airways group that wants to increase its presence in the International market of Phuket. However, niche medium-haul routes like Phuket to Delhi, as well as Mumbai, are going to attract LCCs, and short-haul routes face strong LCC competition.

Why Thai Smile may not be the best brand for short-haul point-to-point routes?

Thai Smile

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Since Thai Smile is known to be moving upmarket, Thai Airways will be better off using NOK at creating a new international LCC for markets. This is also known to be a better fit compared to Thai Smile for point-to-point domestic routes. NOK in the year 2013 launched a Hat Yai-Chiang Mai Service which is also known to be served by Thai AirAsia. Thai Airways is known to be competing in such types of domestic markets along with the point-to-point international market.


It should emerge as the best tool to open various new destinations as well as supplement Thai Airways in destinations from Bangkok as it offers a lower cost base. However, various point-to-point routes bypassing Bangkok don’t offer many connecting passengers and are not best suitable for the regional full-service model.


However, the biggest risk for them is if the carrier ant to do a lot. They are sticking to the full-service regional model and this is creating a void for the carriers. It should hold the model which is not low-cost and offers a seamless product to the passengers.


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