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About Stayz

Holiday rental brand Stayz, one of Australia’s online travel pioneers, is being phased out and will ultimately be superseded by parent company HomeAway.

Product migration to HomeAway has been under way for the past six months and should be finished by June.

StayzGet Best Deals At Stayz

Meanwhile the American company has embarked on a digital campaign headlined ‘HomeAway – The New Home of Stayz’. It’s part of a global brand and technology revamp for HomeAway, which bought Stayz from Fairfax Media for $220 million in late 2013.

Stayz was just one of many companies acquired by HomeAway before it was gobbled up by Expedia in 2015.

Leading French holiday rental site, which HomeAway bought in 2007, has just gone through the process. Travel Mob in Singapore is also moving to the HomeAway platform. The strategy mimics what Expedia has done with its large family of brands including Wotif.

Stayz website has been already been tweaked from a design and tech perspective over the past few months. For example, the booking button on Stayz now directs customer to the HomeAway site, where the transaction is completed.

When the migration of all 40,000 Stayz properties is complete, HomeAway will be rolling out a campaign to explain what is happening.

Trust & Safety


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Stayz is a global community built on trust and inclusion. We’re dedicated to providing a safe and secure marketplace for guests, hosts and property managers. We are here to support you 24/7, whenever you have questions or require assistance.

Book with Confidence

Our Book with Confidence Guarantee™ offers powerful benefits when you book your stay directly through Stayz, including security deposit and comprehensive payment protection as well as emergency rebooking assistance.



Get Best Deals At Stayz

Stayz has more than 7 million reviews from guests like you that help match you with the perfect home for your needs. After your stay, both you and the host will receive emails reminding you to review your experiences. Neither of you will be able to see each other’s ratings until you’ve both submitted your reviews.

Reporting Owner Misconduct

If a host has acted inappropriately or made you feel unsafe, Stayz will help with rebooking support and will investigate your case to determine if our policies have been violated. Contact us if you need assistance or wish to submit a complaint. In case of emergency, immediately contact the appropriate authorities.

The Pros and Cons of Stays


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Regular voyagers probably understand that there’s an option that could be preferable over a fantasy trip: a fantasy trip that you set up for a deal.

The exciting cash saving tips for movement are copious. You can recover inns and carrier focuses, or exploit last-minute travel bargains, to give some examples. Also, reserving through outsider travel web search tools like Stays can now and again yield particularly huge investment funds.

Past arrangements, Stays has vigorous hunt channels that make finding your ideal get-away simple. It smoothes out buying trip protection, which can be particularly significant for movement nowadays. Additionally, the Stays Rewards program acquires you focuses to pay for future appointments.


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Yet, reserving through internet based travel services like Stays isn’t without its disadvantages. We’ll go through a portion of those to assist you with gauging the upsides and downsides of booking travel through Stays.

Stays bargains are galore, whether it’s a packaging rebate or a deal.

Packaging: A significant part of booking travel on Stays is the act of packaging, where you can anticipate extra reserve funds for booking more than one item (e.g., flight and lodging, or inn and fascination ticket) in one exchange. Stays guarantees that U.S. voyagers on normal set aside to 10% by packaging their flight and inn.

Stays installment plans: If you would rather not pay for your entire excursion at the hour of booking, Stays permits you to make more modest installments through Affirm, which is a help that offers momentary credits for online buys. Whenever endorsed by Affirm, you’ll have the option to pay for your outing in regularly scheduled payments.


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Arrangements (and last-minute arrangements): Two of the best time pages to bookmark and occasionally check are Stays’ Deals page and Stays’ Last-Minute Deals page. Both will generally offer a diverse blend of movement bargains, going from modest inns in little towns to sumptuous hotels in significant traveler objections. We’ve spotted bargains as high as 70% off.

Other markdown days: In June 2021, Stays facilitated its very first Stays Travel Week, which offered reserve funds of up to 60%. Furthermore, assuming you shopped during Thanksgiving seven day stretch of 2021, you would have tracked down arrangements of 30% off all through Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. Anticipate comparative arrangements for occasions from now on.

Booking direct is once in a while still less expensive than Stays


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Certainly, Stays deals and last-minute arrangements are great, yet this shouldn’t imply that that you can’t view as other (in some cases more ideal arrangements) for booking straightforwardly with the movement supplier. Many proposition their own select arrangements — and they could save you much more than booking with online travel services. Look at costs across the two Stays and the particular organization to guarantee you’re getting the best cost.

Also, at times the reserve funds go past the retail cost. For instance, store inn network Ovolo Hotels offers liberal conveniences including free clothing, party time rewards and a day to day breakfast buffet — however provided that you book straightforwardly with them.

Genius: Stays smoothes out your movement protection buy
Stays accomplices with AIG Travel Guard to offer excursion security.

For flights: Stays offers two travel protection insurance choices — the Flight Cancellation Plan and the Flight Total Protection Plan.

For lodgings: Choose from Hotel Booking Protection and Hotel Booking Protection Plus.

For vehicle rentals: You can add AIG’s Travel Guard for Collision Damage Protection.

Stays’ organization with AIG’s Travel Guard likewise incorporates the choice to buy a Package Protection Plan. That plan incorporates a pre-travel Vacation Waiver, which postpones retraction and change expenses under any circumstance.


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Inclusion shifts by plan, yet you can normally anticipate repayment for some (or all) trip costs in the event that your excursion is affected by covered reasons. Covered reasons commonly incorporate postponements, misfortune, robbery or harm to one’s things and individual assets. You’re additionally normally repaid for covered clinical costs, including crisis departure in the event that you become ill or harmed during your excursion.

However, there are numerous limits and avoidances, so read your arrangement’s fine print to comprehend what’s covered.

Con: Outside movement protection may be more exhaustive or less expensive (and in some cases free)
You can quit Stays’ movement protection and either be totally uninsured — or essentially get your protection somewhere else. What’s more, there are better travel insurance contracts out there.

After an extensive survey of many plans that evaluated factors including cost and COVID-19 inclusion, here are the best travel insurance contracts.

Also, you probably won’t actually have to pay for movement protection by any means. Many Visas offer travel protection benefits assuming you paid for your excursion with that card.

Since carriers, lodgings and other travel administrations set their own singular approaches on Stays, change and dropping arrangements can differ essentially. While it very well may be interesting to parse the approaches for every individual property, utilize Stays’ “completely refundable” search channel to restrict expected appointments to those with adaptable arrangements.

For direct demands, utilize the Stays administration page to make changes and return any amount of money that is possible. In the event that you can’t find support through Stays’ self-administration devices, alternate ways of reaching out to Stays incorporate live talk, a devoted Twitter account named @Stayshelp on Twitter and a telephone line.

Most scratch-off approaches are terrible, befuddling or both


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Since aircrafts are expected to give full discounts assuming that you drop in no less than 24 hours of booking, Stays allows you to change or drop your flight reservation without charges inside a similar time span.

For all the other things, best of luck. Since each movement supplier sets its own strategies, exploring them can be a migraine. At times, dropping through Stays implies you’ll need to pursue the inn or action supplier yourself to recover the expenses.

Furthermore, plan for wiping out expenses (the two Stays’ own charges as well as charges from the specialist organization). That is assuming you’re ready to drop by any means. A few appointments through Stays are nonrefundable out and out.

It’s perfect for responsibility phobes

The Stays Rewards program allows you to acquire focuses which can then be changed over into dollars toward future excursions. Continuous Stays bookers can gather status, which involves more advantages like select limits and additional advantages at VIP Access properties (like free breakfast or late checkout).

For voyagers who could do without to focus on one carrier or lodging organization — or maybe the people who book travel that in any case doesn’t have its own dedication program (like a visit or excursion rental) — Stays makes it conceivable to in any case get compensated.

Most lodging and carrier dedication programs are undeniably really fulfilling


Get Best Deals At Stayz

While the Stays Rewards program is fine, most travel unwaveringness programs attached to explicit lodgings or aircrafts are quite often undeniably seriously fulfilling. For individual point values, most different monetary standards of aircraft and inn focuses are worth undeniably more.

Furthermore, holding aircraft or lodging tip top status is regularly more worthwhile than the worth of Stays world class status, as Stays’ tip top status advantages just reach out to Stays VIP Access properties.

Contingent upon how high in the status positions you are, expect boffo advantages with tip top status attached to a particular brand. So assuming you’re fine focusing on one brand, you’re quite often good endeavoring to procure its status versus Stays’.

Stays considers a movement buy

You could possibly exploit your movement Mastercard’s higher acquiring rates on movement buys by booking through Chase. For instance, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card procures 2 focuses per dollar on other travel spending (counting on the web travel sites like Stays).

Travel charge cards are normally better for procuring and reclaiming rewards

In the event that you’re available to swearing loyalty to a particular lodging or carrier brand, those charge cards commonly have a higher profit rate on movement. On the off chance that you’re not able to focus on a particular brand (and you probably won’t be), there are likewise a lot of different choices.

Returning to the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, this card can acquire much more focuses on movement assuming you book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® gateway rather than through Stays. The card acquires 5 focuses per dollar on movement booked through Chase, however just 2 focuses per dollar on other travel spending (counting on the web travel services like Stays). The card’s yearly expense is $95, and there’s likewise a basic proposition: Earn 60,000 extra focuses after you burn through $4,000 on buys in the initial 3 months from account opening. That is $750 toward movement when you reclaim through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.


Get Best Deals At Stayz

Assuming you’re thinking about booking with other internet based travel services like Priceline or Hotels, here are the best Mastercards for online travel booking sites.


With the right arrangement, booking travel — including flights, lodgings, travels or vehicle rentals — on Stays could be worth the effort. It makes looking for movement moderately simple given the gigantic exhibit of accessible postings, combined with insightful inquiry usefulness to really assist you with making your optimal agenda.

However, don’t consequently expect it’s a modest method for booking travel. Particularly given the muddled scratch-off approaches, it could really become among the most costly, should a uninsured outing should be dropped.

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