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This is a highly renowned eCommerce solution for the owners of the store. This eCommerce builder has everything, Shopify App store, Shopify POS app, etc. However, the question is whether it is the right eCommerce platform for you in the year 2022 or not.

This review will help you understand it completely.

History of Shopify

This was founded in the year 2006 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. The platform has more than 1, 750, 000 merchants and makes it easy for people who have no knowledge about coding, programming, etc. This allows the entrepreneurs to focus on aspects that can help build their businesses without stressing about technical stuff.

Who Is It For?

  • Small businesses – It is meant for small businesses as well. Its basic plan starts from $29 USD/month. This plan allows you to browse the Shopify App store and similarly you can find the products and design them yourself.
  • Large companies – This platform is highly efficient in handling things like technical stuff and this is the reason that corporations can migrate easily to Shopify. There are companies like Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, etc. that work via Shopify Plus.

Shopify’s Easy-to-Use Interface

Its interface is simple to use. There is no requirement for coding and you can customize any aspect. However, there is some learning required but everything is accessible and you can make adjustments easily.


Here is a complete overview of setting up the Shopify administration dashboard:


  • This allows you to see what is happening with the business. You can check the sales, visitors, and recent activities, and check announcements.

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You can manage, track, as well as check the orders.

ShopifyTry Shopify Free


You can products from this section, import them from the inventory, manage the transfers, track the inventory, organize the products, and much more.

ShopifyTry Shopify Free


The order placed by the customers and its details and other histories will be shown here.

ShopifyTry Shopify Free


This offers an overview of sales, taxes, payments, dashboard view, and a lot more.

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You can make to the editing pages, and navigation, as well as customize the theme.

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  • This helps to manage the aspects like marketing sales, social media, shipping, and a lot more.

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It shows the details of the store, payment getaway, checkout settings, tax settings, etc.

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Shopify Hosting Review

There are two options you always get set up a self-hosted site or set up a host site. Both options have their own features. With self-hosted sites, it is the responsibility of the creator to keep them updated, secure, etc. However, the hosted site needs to be managed by experienced as well as 3rd party experts. The people who are not technically skilled can build a site on a hosted platform.

When the business grows you can automatically update the plan

Here are the advantages of using the Shopify platform:

  • No need to set up
  • Not to worry about customer security
  • No need to monitor the site or its downtime
  • You can host a new and existing domain
  • Quick site time loading
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic back up
  • No need to have coding knowledge
  • No pressure of upgrading the plan

Shopify App Store

ShopifyTry Shopify Free

This app is great to run an online store. It has updates as well as innovative tools. The Shopify app store offers amazing services and can help you find features like product sourcing, marketing, reporting, customer service, etc.

Shopify Plans & Pricing

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Here are the pricing plans offered by Shopify:

  • Basic – It is priced at $29 USD/month
  • Shopify – It is priced at $79 USD/month
  • Advanced – It is priced at $299 USD/month
  • Shopify Lite – It is priced at $9 USD/month
  • Shopify Plus – It is priced at $2000 USD/month

 Types of Business Models Supported By Shopify

No matter what kind of store you’re running, or want to run, Shopify can handle it. Whether your business model is based on dropshipping, subscriptions, affiliates, occasional in-person sales, “Buy Buttons” embedded into blog posts, selling on Facebook, or any combination of these options, Shopify supports it all.

  • Dropshipping – This is where you can sell the manufacturer’s products on the site. The manufacturer creates the inventory, stores it, as well as ships it.
  • Subscription Models – This allows you to turn the Shopify store into a subscription service.
  • Blog post buy buttons – You can monetize the blog without creating any separate platform. Plus, you can use all the Shopify features.
  • Sell on Amazon – It is easy to find Amazon as a sales channel on Shopify. This can be done by creating an Amazon seller account so that you can sell on Amazon using Shopify.
  • Sell on eBay – Its integration with eBay smoothens the process of selling products to the customers of eBay.
  • Sell on Facebook – With switching platforms you can even sell on Facebook using Shopify.
  • Affiliates – This is similar to drop shipping which can be done by affiliate links. This is a great option to sell your products.
  • Shopify Channel integrations – In case you are selling on various platforms then Shopify makes it easy to get information as well as data on one unified platform.

Shopify Pay

ShopifyTry Shopify Free

This is a great payment processing system that helps customers to check out easily. This is a secure system where the customers need to enter the email as well as add an expirable six-digit verification code. This will help in increasing conversion rates and better customer experience


This system allows the integration of eCommerce sales with the in-person sale with its POS software. This system accepts credit card payments and the inventory gets updated. However, for a seamless on-the-go payment experience, it is better to use Shopify’s wireless chip as well as a swipe card reader.

Shopify Burst

This offers free stock photos which can be used for personal as well as commercial use. It has various collections of images like coffee, flowers, flat lays, etc.

Shopify Exchange

ShopifyTry Shopify Free

This is an eCommerce store marketplace that allows you to buy as well as sell Shopify stores.

Final Thoughts

Shopify is known to be the best eCommerce platform which is meant for entrepreneurs without majorly focusing on the business model, size, and experience level. The platform is affordable, simple to manage, and support startups as well as big companies. Shopify can be the right platform for you in the year 2022.

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