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Residence Nemea is a residential complex or group of properties owned and operated by Nemea, a real estate company specializing in holiday rentals and vacation residences. These residences are designed to provide comfortable and convenient accommodation for individuals or families seeking temporary housing for leisure or business purposes.


The residences offered by Nemea are typically located in popular tourist destinations throughout France and other parts of Europe. They aim to provide a range of amenities and services that cater to the needs and preferences of travelers. Each Residence Nemea is unique in terms of its location, architectural style, and available facilities, but they generally share common features that prioritize comfort and convenience.

Accommodations at Residence Nemea can vary from cozy studio apartments to spacious multi-bedroom units, allowing guests to choose the option that suits their requirements. The apartments or houses are fully furnished and equipped with essential amenities, such as a kitchen or kitchenette, living area, private bathroom, and often include additional conveniences like Wi-Fi access, television, and laundry facilities.

The facilities provided within the Residence Nemea complexes are designed to enhance the overall experience for residents. These may include swimming pools, fitness centers, spa facilities, children’s play areas, on-site restaurants, and parking spaces. The aim is to offer a range of services and amenities that cater to both relaxation and entertainment, allowing guests to make the most of their stay.

Guests at Residence Nemea have the freedom to enjoy their vacation at their own pace and often benefit from the flexibility of self-catering accommodations. This means they can prepare their own meals in the privacy of their apartment or explore local dining options, depending on their preferences.

Nemea also places emphasis on customer service and typically provides on-site staff or a reception desk to assist guests with any queries or requests they may have during their stay. The staff can offer recommendations for local attractions, provide information about nearby amenities and services, and ensure that guests have a pleasant and comfortable experience.


Residence Nemea offers a range of features and amenities designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of guests. While specific features may vary from one Residence Nemea location to another, here are some common features you can expect:

  • Fully furnished accommodations: Each Residence Nemea unit comes fully furnished, providing all the necessary furniture and appliances for a comfortable stay. This typically includes a well-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, a living area with seating and entertainment options, bedrooms with bedding, and a private bathroom.
  • Variety of accommodation options: Residence Nemea offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different needs and group sizes. These may include studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, or larger houses with multiple bedrooms. This allows guests to choose the option that best fits their requirements.
  • Essential amenities: The residences are equipped with essential amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. These may include Wi-Fi access, television, heating or air conditioning, and laundry facilities. The aim is to provide a comfortable and convenient living space for guests.
  • Leisure facilities: Many Residence Nemea complexes feature leisure facilities to enhance guests’ experience. These can include swimming pools, fitness centers or gyms, spa facilities, saunas, and hot tubs. These amenities provide opportunities for relaxation and recreation during your stay.
  • Family-friendly amenities: Residence Nemea often caters to families, and as such, they may offer family-friendly amenities. These can include children’s play areas, kids’ clubs, and activities specifically designed for younger guests. Such amenities ensure that families have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
  • On-site dining options: Some Residence Nemea locations may have on-site restaurants or cafes, offering convenience for guests who prefer to dine within the complex. These establishments may serve a variety of cuisines and provide options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Reception and customer service: Many Residence Nemea properties have on-site staff or a reception desk to assist guests. The staff can provide information about local attractions, assist with check-in and check-out processes, and address any concerns or queries guests may have during their stay.
  • Parking facilities: Residence Nemea often provides parking spaces for guests who arrive by car. This ensures that guests have a secure place to park their vehicles during their stay.

It’s important to note that while these features are commonly associated with Residence Nemea, the specific offerings may vary depending on the location and property. It’s advisable to check the details of a particular Residence Nemea complex to understand the exact features and amenities available.


The pricing for Residence Nemea can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the type of accommodation chosen, the season or time of year, and the duration of the stay. Additionally, prices may be subject to change over time. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the official Residence Nemea website or contact them directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for a specific property or location.

Generally, the pricing structure for Residence Nemea follows a daily or weekly rate. Prices tend to be higher during peak travel seasons, such as summer or holiday periods when demand is high. Conversely, rates may be lower during off-peak seasons or for longer stays.

The official Residence Nemea website typically provides information about the available accommodations, their features, and the corresponding prices. It may also offer special deals or discounts for certain periods or promotional offers, so it’s worth exploring the website for any ongoing promotions.

Keep in mind that in addition to the base rental price, there may be additional fees or charges associated with the stay, such as cleaning fees, tourist taxes, or optional services like breakfast or spa access. These details are usually provided when making a reservation or during the booking process.

To ensure you have the most accurate and current pricing information for your desired Residence Nemea location, it is advisable to visit their official website or contact their customer service directly. They will be able to provide you with the specific pricing details based on your preferences and travel dates.

Promotions & Discounts

Residence Nemea may offer various promotions and discounts throughout the year to provide special offers and value for their guests. These promotions can help travelers save money or enjoy additional benefits during their stay. While the specific promotions and discounts available can change over time, here are some common types you may come across:

  • Early Booking Discounts: Residence Nemea may offer discounts for guests who book their accommodations well in advance. By booking early, you may be eligible for reduced rates or special offers, encouraging guests to secure their reservations ahead of time.
  • Last-Minute Deals: On the flip side, Residence Nemea sometimes offers last-minute deals for those who are flexible with their travel plans. These deals often provide discounted rates for available accommodations that have not been booked close to the arrival date.
  • Special Seasonal Offers: Residence Nemea may introduce promotions that align with specific seasons or holidays. For example, they may offer discounts for summer stays or have special packages during Christmas or New Year’s. These seasonal offers can provide unique experiences or reduced rates for guests.
  • Long-Term Stays: If you plan to stay at Residence Nemea for an extended period, they may have discounts or special rates for long-term stays. These offers are typically available for guests staying beyond a certain number of nights and can provide cost savings compared to shorter stays.
  • Loyalty Programs: Residence Nemea may have loyalty programs or membership options that offer exclusive discounts and benefits to returning guests. These programs can provide rewards, such as discounted rates, room upgrades, or additional amenities, as a way to appreciate and retain loyal customers.
  • Group Discounts: If you’re traveling with a group, Residence Nemea might offer group discounts or special rates for multiple bookings. This can be advantageous when you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues and require multiple accommodations within the same Residence Nemea complex.

To stay updated on the current promotions and discounts offered by Residence Nemea, it is recommended to visit their official website. They typically showcase ongoing promotions on their website, along with any specific terms and conditions associated with the offers. Additionally, you can inquire directly with their customer service to inquire about any available promotions or discounts that suit your travel plans.

Cancellations Policy

The cancellation policy for Residence Nemea may vary depending on the specific location, type of accommodation, and booking terms. It is important to review the cancellation policy for your reservation before making a booking, as it outlines the rules and potential fees associated with canceling or modifying your reservation.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cancellation policy, it is recommended to visit the official Residence Nemea website or contact their customer service directly. They will be able to provide you with the specific details based on your booking and the property you are interested in.

In general, here are some common aspects that may be included in a cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation Deadline: The policy will specify a deadline by which you need to cancel your reservation to be eligible for a refund or avoid cancellation fees. This deadline is often stated in terms of the number of days prior to the scheduled arrival date.
  • Cancellation Fees: If you cancel your reservation after the specified deadline or fail to show up without prior cancellation, Residence Nemea may charge a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee can vary depending on the timing of the cancellation and the property’s policies.
  • Refunds: The cancellation policy will outline the refund policy, indicating whether you are entitled to a full or partial refund if you cancel within the designated timeframe. Some reservations may be non-refundable or subject to certain conditions, so it’s essential to understand the refund terms specific to your booking.
  • Modifications: The policy may also address modifications or changes to your reservation, such as altering the dates or type of accommodation. It will specify any associated fees or conditions for making modifications.

It is crucial to carefully read and understand the cancellation policy before finalizing your booking with Residence Nemea. This way, you can make an informed decision and be aware of any potential financial implications in case you need to cancel or modify your reservation.

Again, for the most accurate and detailed information regarding the cancellation policy, it is recommended to refer to the official Residence Nemea website or contact their customer service directly. They will provide you with the specific terms and conditions based on your booking details.

Is Residence-nemea Legit?

Yes, Residence Nemea is a legitimate company. They are a well-established real estate company specializing in holiday rentals and vacation residences in popular destinations throughout France and other parts of Europe. Residence Nemea has been operating for many years and has a reputable presence in the hospitality industry.

They offer a range of accommodations and services to cater to the needs of travelers seeking temporary housing for leisure or business purposes. Their properties are typically fully furnished, equipped with amenities, and provide a range of facilities to enhance guests’ experience.

To ensure a secure booking process and protect guests’ interests, it is always recommended to book through official channels, such as the official Residence Nemea website or authorized booking platforms. By doing so, you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with the legitimate company and receive the services and accommodations as advertised.

When making a reservation, it’s also a good practice to review the terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy, to understand the contractual agreement and any associated rights and responsibilities.

Is Residence-nemea Safe?

Residence Nemea strives to provide a safe and secure environment for its guests. While safety can vary depending on the specific location and individual circumstances, Residence Nemea generally takes measures to ensure the well-being of its residents. Here are some factors that contribute to the safety of Residence Nemea:

  • Property Security: Residence Nemea properties often have measures in place to enhance security, such as secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and controlled access to the premises. This helps to maintain a safe environment for guests.
  • Reliable Facilities: Residence Nemea aims to maintain its facilities to high standards. Regular maintenance and inspections are conducted to ensure the safety and functionality of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and common areas.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Residence Nemea strives to comply with local regulations and safety standards applicable to their properties. This may include adhering to fire safety regulations, building codes, and other relevant guidelines to ensure the safety of guests.
  • Professional Staff: Residence Nemea typically employs trained and professional staff who are available to assist guests. They can provide information, address concerns, and respond to any emergencies that may arise during your stay.
  • Local Assistance: In the event of an emergency, Residence Nemea can offer guidance and assistance. They can provide information on local emergency services and medical facilities, ensuring guests have access to the necessary support if required.

While Residence Nemea takes steps to provide a safe environment, it is always important for guests to exercise personal caution and be mindful of their own safety during their stay. This includes practicing general safety measures like locking doors and windows, being aware of your surroundings, and taking precautions with personal belongings.

How to book

To book a stay at Residence Nemea, you can follow these general steps:

  • Visit the official Residence Nemea website: Start by visiting the official website of Residence Nemea. This will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about their properties, available accommodations, and booking process.
  • Select your destination and dates: Use the search or booking tool on the website to select your desired destination and the dates of your stay. This will help narrow down the available options that match your preferences.
  • Browse available accommodations: Once you have entered your destination and dates, you will be presented with a list of available accommodations. Browse through the options and select the one that suits your needs in terms of size, amenities, and location.
  • Review accommodation details: Click on the selected accommodation to view more details, including the description, photos, amenities, and pricing. Pay attention to any specific terms and conditions associated with the property.
  • Customize your booking: Depending on the Residence Nemea property and booking system, you may have the option to customize your booking. This can include selecting additional services or amenities, such as breakfast, cleaning services, or spa access.
  • Review booking details and policies: Before confirming your booking, carefully review the booking details, including the total price, any additional fees or taxes, and the cancellation policy. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions associated with your reservation.
  • Provide necessary information: Fill in the required information, such as your name, contact details, and any special requests or preferences you may have. Ensure that all the provided information is accurate and complete.
  • Make payment: Proceed to the payment section and provide the necessary payment details to secure your booking. Residence Nemea typically accepts major credit cards or other secure online payment methods. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the payment process.
  • Receive confirmation: After completing the booking and payment, you should receive a confirmation email or booking voucher with the details of your reservation. Keep this confirmation for your reference and make sure to double-check all the information provided.

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions during the booking process, you can contact Residence Nemea’s customer service for assistance. They will be able to provide guidance and support to help you complete your booking successfully.

Customer Support

Residence Nemea provides customer support to assist guests with inquiries, concerns, and requests. Here are a few ways to access their customer support:

  • Contact Information on the Website: Visit the official Residence Nemea website and navigate to the “Contact” or “Customer Support” section. Here, you may find contact information such as a phone number or email address that you can use to get in touch with their customer support team.
  • Email Support: Send an email to the designated customer support email address provided on the Residence Nemea website. Clearly state your query or concern in the email and provide any relevant details. Customer support representatives should respond to your email in a timely manner.
  • Phone Support: If a phone number is available, you can call Residence Nemea’s customer support during their working hours. This direct method allows for immediate communication and the opportunity to discuss your questions or concerns more efficiently.
  • Online Chat: Some websites offer an online chat feature where you can chat with a customer support representative in real-time. Look for a chat option on the Residence Nemea website, if available, and initiate a conversation to seek assistance.

When contacting customer support, it is helpful to provide as much relevant information as possible, such as your reservation details, booking confirmation number, and any specific concerns or requests you have. This will assist the customer support team in addressing your inquiry more effectively.

Note that the specific customer support options and hours of availability may vary, so it is advisable to check the official Residence Nemea website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact information and support methods.

By reaching out to Residence Nemea’s customer support, you can receive assistance with any questions, concerns, or requests you may have before, during, or after your stay.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Residence Nemea:

  • Variety of Accommodations: Residence Nemea offers a wide range of accommodations, including studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, and larger houses with multiple bedrooms. This variety allows guests to choose the option that best suits their needs and group size.
  • Fully Furnished and Equipped: All Residence Nemea accommodations come fully furnished and equipped with essential amenities, such as kitchens or kitchenettes, living areas, and private bathrooms. This provides convenience and a home-like atmosphere for guests during their stay.
  • Facilities and Amenities: Many Residence Nemea properties feature a range of facilities and amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spa facilities, children’s play areas, and on-site dining options. These amenities enhance the overall experience and provide opportunities for relaxation and recreation.
  • Customer Service: Residence Nemea typically offers on-site staff or a reception desk to assist guests. Their customer service team can provide information, address concerns, and ensure that guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.
  • Locations in Popular Destinations: Residence Nemea properties are often located in popular tourist destinations throughout France and other parts of Europe. This allows guests to stay in convenient locations close to attractions, restaurants, and local amenities.

Cons of Residence Nemea:

  • Pricing: Depending on the location and time of year, the pricing for Residence Nemea accommodations may be higher compared to other accommodation options. It’s important to consider the budget and weigh the cost against the desired amenities and services.
  • Availability: Popular Residence Nemea properties may have limited availability, especially during peak travel seasons. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure your desired accommodations and dates.
  • Potential Variation: While Residence Nemea aims to provide consistent quality across its properties, there may be some variation in the condition, amenities, and overall experience from one property to another. It’s recommended to read reviews and do some research to ensure the specific property meets your expectations.
  • Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy for Residence Nemea can vary depending on the property and booking terms. It’s important to review and understand the cancellation policy before making a reservation, as it may involve fees or restrictions.
  • Limited Locations: While Residence Nemea has a presence in popular destinations, their properties may not be available in every desired location. This could limit options for travelers looking for accommodations in specific areas.


Residence Nemea offers a range of accommodations in popular tourist destinations, providing fully furnished and equipped apartments or houses for travelers seeking temporary housing. With a variety of accommodations to choose from, guests can select the option that suits their needs and preferences.

Overall, Residence Nemea can be a suitable choice for individuals or families seeking temporary accommodations with the convenience of fully furnished and equipped residences, as well as access to amenities and services that enhance the overall experience. By considering the pros and cons and conducting proper research, you can determine if Residence Nemea aligns with your preferences for your upcoming travel plans.

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