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Getting the best travel deals can be helpful in many ways. Lastminute’s hotel as well as flight deals are known to be legit. But can you trust them? This can be the best resource if you want to save some money and allow you to have the best traveling experience.

With this platform, you can find the best deals on flights, and hotels, as well as holidays and travel experiences. This review about Lastminute will help you know about it completely.

Know About Lastminute?

Find Holidays Deals At helps you to find the best-discounted deals at the very last minute. This allows getting the best deals on hotels while booking them last minute. In case you get a cheap hotel in the US on any site within 24 hours, this platform will give the difference.

However, you can even use their deal finder to see the current offers and get the best rates. This tab also includes flights, hotels, and various other experiences such as car rentals, etc.

Top Features

All-inclusive holidays


Find Holidays Deals At

This is the best feature that you can enjoy while traveling. The platform offers all inclusive deals for holidays across the globe. However, they have decided on departure dates and is essential to travel when the deal is going on.

Last-minute holidays


Find Holidays Deals At

Using its Holidays Sitemap page can help to explore many locations with Also, their getaway magazine offers travel content as well as an inspiration guide.

Flash Sales

They have amazing deals but their flash sales are available for only a limited time. These deals have weekly offers, summer offers, UK holidays, as well as last chance discounts.


Find Holidays Deals At


This is the best feature which allows booking experiences as well as theatre nights. This is a UK company which is why experiences, as well as theatre nights, are limited to the only UK as well as London.

Payment plans


Find Holidays Deals At

This feature is great. It needs you to pay a deposit which is done in two payments and two weeks apart. This can be done in two equal amounts. However, this feature is available for only holiday packages as well as flight/train or hotel combinations. There is no option for monthly plans.

Contact information


Find Holidays Deals At

In case you don’t have any booking ID then it can get hard to contact Lastminute. However, their FAQ page or details of social media presence can be helpful.



Find Holidays Deals At

The platform offers a refund on flight cancellations only. You can contact them directly to get the refund claims in case of booking a single low-cost flight.



  • No customer support
  • Disappointing refund or cancellation policy
  • Negative reviews
  • Experiences limited to the UK


Is It Worth it?


Find Holidays Deals At

The platform’s services are great at sourcing amazing deals in terms of the travel journey. However, customer feedback should be taken into consideration. Overall, this platform offers enticing deals but we won’t recommend it.

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