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Savvy travelers looking for great new perks on their next vacations should check out all the available benefits offered with membership in wayaway, from travel cashback‌ to lowest industry prices.

Their website promises expert travel advice and insight into many unique travel tips for travelers and – best of all -cash back for you from the purchase of plane tickets and hotel reservations. All these perks are available to wayaway members – and even more, are offered for only four dollars more per month to those who take advantage of an upgraded membership to wayaway plus‌.

Wayaway promises you can get cash back on plane ticket costs by entering your planned destination into the planning area of the app, and then using their available tools and filters to pick your ideal ticket. They partner with booking.Com to provide the widest range of choices. Each proposed choice shows the discounted price and the proposed cashback amount. Once you choose the best ticket option, you can save up to $50 on the cost of your flight- and then also get cash back when you pay for the ticket‌.

But, those amazing bargains on plane fares are just the beginning for wayaway members.

WayAway cashback and other perks

The website promises members can also glean up to 10% savings on hotel rates. It also offers money saved and flexible terms when renting a car. You can also find discounts on attractions, museums, concerts, games, and other local events If you want to take advantage of special travel experiences at your destination, Wayaway’s association with Viator can allow you to take your trip to the next level. They provide the choices of up to 400,000 tours and remain available as your personal travel advisors with 24/7 support. There are free cancellations offered for those who might change their minds for an even better

You don’t have to save up points to withdraw your cashback savings. When you

Gain your cash back from using this service‌, it is automatically transferred to your paypal account. The money then stays in your account until you use it or transfer it to your bank.

WayAway satisfied customers

The website offers reviews from satisfied customers. Wayaway user lynn, who traveled to chicago relates her recent trip using wayaway provided her with a great experience and a quick payment of her cash back earnings.

Wayaway user catharine, who traveled to paris found wayaway very helpful‌ in choosing a hotel; since the prospective cash back earnings were displayed along with the hotel choices on the website.

Prospective members might wonder if the wayaway plus service‌ is worth the extra expense. Another impressive feature is the prospect of earning back your basic membership fee after staying a few nights in your hotel.

If you enjoy reading about interesting travel tips from locals, wayaway provides information‌, insights, and reviews of local places which can’t be found in a standard travel guide. Examples of such unique advice are given on the website, such as a suggestion to visit a certain site on weekday mornings; or directing you to the best local place to see a beautiful sunset. If your next trip will be your first visit to the area, these “hidden gems” will clue you in on the true treasures to be found with that city’s beaches, restaurants, and special spots. You’ll then be given the option of finding countless fascinating places you shouldn’t miss.

User reviews tell us of even more available features such as city maps or instructions for how to buy a pass for and utilize local travel systems. Another user found the website helpful in allowing her to save money on museum visits. The many offerings on the website are easy and convenient to access and can help you plan your ideal stay.

Book Withe. Wayaway

WayAway user reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to measure the value of a service. In 2016, a poll of wayaway’s users showed 91% of the users would surely use the wayaway app again‌; and/or recommend it to their friends and family. 5% more users would be likely to use it; so, only 4% would not use it again.

  • Wayaway user juan, who went to japan, reported he was very pleased by being able to turn his trip into “an adventure,” and felt assured by the option of utilizing a virtual guide.
  • Juan anticipates an ongoing relationship with wayaway.
  • Sandra says her recent trip to thailand was enhanced by wayaway, and in her review, she includes pictures of the unicorn cafe. Wayaway helped her find this special place.
  • Albertina used wayaway to transform her trip to china into a uniquely pleasurable experience. Albertina tells wayaway she and her husband are “100% fans, and they have and will continue to recommend the app to many others.

The company’s itinerary page features other user reviews, such as a review from eva, who went to japan. Luis, who was a first-time visitor to china, found he was able to have a wonderful experience with the wayaway app and its savings and suggestions. Javier tells of his trip to china; especially praising wayaway’s suggestion of taking a trip in a bamboo boat. (1) sara found her trip to thailand was made more special, and nuria – who traveled from seville to nearby barcelona – was especially pleased by their recommendations for a place to get great tapas. When gerardo traveled to italy, he was very pleased by the restaurant recommendations; gerardo could tell these had come from local users’ experiences and was grateful for the special insight. Noemi found plenty of unforgettable excursions and breathtaking views on her trip to norway.

WayAway perks

Want the extra perks available on wayaway plus? If you use the referral code tp-144431,

Book Withe. Wayaway

you will gain those extra savings available on the wayaway plus program for s49.99 instead of the regular price of $59,99.

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