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Owning and renting out your property has become an investment decision that people make. Even if there is another valid choice to sell it, renting your property rather than selling it is very beneficial. If you consistently rent it out for more than your mortgage payment plus other expenses, you’ll increase profits over time. Owning a rental property is also a different way to invest and an even better asset when inflation is high as it appreciates in value. The interesting benefit is that you can use your rental property as a holiday destination and rent it out again when you’re not there. There are many vacation rental marketplaces these days so you can advertise your property there. One of them is HomeAway.

Via HomeAway

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FeWo-direkt has been an expert in vacation rentals for more than 20 years. As part of the HomeAway family, one of America’s leading online rental companies, they are now part of the world’s largest vacation rental marketplace. You can advertise your property on HomeAway and travelers can search, find and book a property that suits their needs. FeWo-direkt is aimed at the German public and offers real estate offers. It advertises over 550,000 properties worldwide. Their philosophy is to make vacation rentals in the world accessible to every vacationer in the world on their platform.

HomeAway is a company completely dedicated to the world of travel, offering a wide range of travel destinations through its homepage. If you are interested in staying in a so-called holiday apartment, FeWo-direkt could be the right address for you. Are you looking for a new holiday destination for yourself or for your family? Then FeWo-direkt might also be of interest to you.

Wrong price as a lure offer for great accommodation! My booking request on apartment directly for accommodation Thalia Logothetis was more than dissatisfied. The landlord did not rule. Customer service was helpless. I also! After several attempts to contact the landlord and a last request for confirmation to FeWo, there was finally a reaction. My offer was immediately updated by the landlord with new prices without any notice. I was happy to make my down payment and couldn’t believe my eyes. The price was simply increased fourfold with a difference of €6000. This is very sobering and yet deviates significantly from the prices quoted. The arbitrariness is obvious and is a cheek. The next cheek, while I was digesting the new offer, a red message appeared – Canceled! What spiritual inspiration was that? It’s not customer friendly and it’s not host friendly either.

Services Of fewo-direkt

fewo direkt

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On Vrbo UK, property owners can advertise their property as a vacation home to travelers around the world. The steps are not complicated at all. First create an ad. This is the most important part as you need to describe your property and show with photos what makes your property unique and different from other holiday homes. Then set the correct and suitable rental price for your accommodation. FeWo-direkt then helps in the search for suitable holidaymakers from Germany and abroad. If there are travelers interested in renting your property, Vrbo will also help you with the payment process and transfer your balance minus Vrbo’s commission. Not only limited to the owners who want to advertise their properties, but also if you are going on holiday at home or abroad and you are looking for a holiday home, here on this website you will find the right one that suits your needs and your taste. From the booking process to the stay, the whole process is easy and convenient. Enjoy the benefits you get from your holiday home to make you feel at home.

As the name of FeWo-direkt already suggests, this provider is all about holidays. Via the FeWo-direkt homepage it is possible to book all kinds of holiday apartments and even hotels from the comfort of your own home. If you visit the FeWo-direkt homepage, you will find a search mask there, which you can use to simply enter the desired dates on which one or more people would like to travel. Depending on the travel destination, the FeWo-direkt system can then show which offers are available in the desired period. Do you already have a specific goal in mind? Then you can also click directly to the offers from HomeAway. Do you have any questions, comments or criticism of FeWo-direkt products? Then the best way to contact FeWo-direkt is by email or by calling customer service.


fewo direkt

Book Now At Fewo-Direkt

If you’re a property owner, have you ever advertised your vacation home on HomeAway? Was the process of advertising your property complicated? How was the service? When you had a problem, were they willing to help and did they help solve it? Can they be contacted easily? How about the payments? Could you make a deal on payment options first or could you just use their payment system? Did you get the money minus the commission right away? Or did you have to wait a few days before you could get the money? And if you’re a traveler, have you ever rented a vacation home through Vrbo UK? Was it easy for you to find the holiday home you need and want? When you arrived at the cottage, was it as advertised on the website? How was the landlord’s performance? Were you satisfied with the service and facilities you deserve as a visitor? Did you have problems with the booking, the payment and the stay? Do you recommend others to use HomeAway to advertise their vacation homes or to book a vacation home stay? Please write your review of FeWo-direkt here.

Do you love holidays and are you up for any adventure, anytime, anywhere? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely in good and great company. It is not without reason that the industry for products and services related to travel has grown enormously in recent decades, because those who enjoy traveling now have the Internet. Are you looking for a new provider for a trip? Then of course you can also benefit from the many providers on the Internet. If you still take the time to compare providers and companies, you can also find the best prices and companies, because a good comparison separates the wheat from the chaff. Are you on the hunt for new things in the field of travel and co? Then make a comparison before you buy, and save yourself time, money and nerves.

Targeting: FeWo-direkt appeals to audiences from around the world. It focuses on Germany and German-speaking countries. FeWo-direkt is addressed to families, professional, and slightly older audiences who book further in advance and for longer periods of time.


  • Part of the Expedia Group, giving you global visibility and helping you increase your revenue
  • User-friendly website


  • Not consistent customer support

Deutschland of fewo-direkt

Discover more than 10,000 diverse holiday apartments and holiday homes for Germany that are ideal for your holiday. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or your pet, vacation rentals on HomeAway offer amenities that are ideal for spending time with loved ones, such as a pool and WiFi. With prices starting at €67 per night, traveling is fun, with holiday homes and cabins being particularly popular options for a holiday in Germany. With our holiday accommodations there is certainly something suitable for everyone.


FeWo-direkt is the number one German vacation rental marketplace. FeWo-direkt was acquired by HomeAway in 2005, which from 2015 belongs to Expedia Group. FeWo-direkt has a worldwide presence but focuses on the German market. If your clientele is mainly based in Germany or German-speaking countries then this is the platform for you. By listing your property on FeWo-direkt your advertisement will automatically be translated and shared across the HomeAway Family Group websites, connecting you to travelers from all over the world.

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