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EdX is an online learning platform that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) from top universities and other institutions around the world. EdX was created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide students with quality education regardless of their age, financial standing, or educational background. EdX offers more than 3000 online courses, including some courses at no charge. EdX also conducts research into learning based on how people use its platform.

EdX partners with universities and companies around the world to offer interactive and self-paced courses. EdX courses can help you build new skills and advance your career. You can use edX certificates on your resume to impress potential employers and prove your skills.

EdX Features

EdX offers a variety of features to enhance the online learning experience, including:

  • Self-paced training
  • Online discussion groups
  • Wiki-based collaborative learning
  • Learning assessments
  • Course certificates
  • Online laboratories
  • Easy navigation and enrollment
  • Easy downloading of certificates
  • The ability to add or embed HTML5 content
  • The ability to embed video from YouTube or any other video streaming provider
  • The ability to stream video directly from Open edX

EdX also offers a wide range of topics with qualified instructors. They offer numerous courses in the humanities and the natural sciences. Both Coursera and EdX offer a diverse range of subjects. However, Coursera focuses more on professional training, while EdX offers courses in the humanities and the natural sciences.

EdX Courses

edX offers free online courses in a variety of subjects, including:

Computer science, Languages, Data science, Business and management, Engineering, Humanities, Law, History, Science, Public health.

Some popular courses include:

Azure, Blockchain, C programming, Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, Business administration, Aerospace engineering, Biomedical engineering, Art, Child development.

edX also offers certification courses in topics such as:

Digital marketing, Artificial intelligence, Data science, Cyber security, Business analytics, Cloud computing.

Most courses can be viewed for free, but students must pay a small fee to receive a verified certificate.

Is edX good for beginners?

Yes, most edX courses are beginner-friendly. edX offers a variety of university-level courses in many disciplines, including computer science, language, data science, and engineering. These courses are developed in partnership with top universities like Harvard and Berkeley.

edX courses are taught by experts who are dedicated to helping people access education. Many courses are instructor-paced, with specific due dates for assignments and exams. However, you can also work at your own pace until the final end date of the course.

edX courses cost between $50 and $100 for individual courses. Most courses can be viewed for free in the audit track, but you won’t receive a certificate. Certificates are only awarded to passing students registered in the paid verified track.

How Does edX Work?

EdX is an online education provider that offers free courses from top universities and other institutions. EdX courses are made up of weekly modules that include pre-recorded videos, interactive learning exercises, and supplemental readings. Students can watch the videos at their own pace or on a schedule.

Courses also include:

  • Student discussion forums
  • Homework assignments
  • Assessments like short quizzes or exams

To pass a course and be eligible for a certificate, students need to complete the graded assignments and achieve the minimum passing score. There are no academic penalties for not finishing a course.

EdX Pricing

Most of the content on edX is free to audit. However, if you want a verified certificate of completion, you’ll need to pay a fee. The fees for the verified track usually range between $50 and $300.

Some specific programs, like boot camps or executive education, can cost up to $1,000-$2,000. edX also offers subscriptions for universities and institutions starting at $349 per learner/year.

EdX courses are curated by prestigious universities. They offer a diverse range of subjects, including humanities and natural sciences.

Is edX Certificate Worth The Money?

edX certificates are worth the money because they can help you advance your career and grab the attention of potential employers. edX courses and certificates are designed in partnership with top universities like Harvard and Berkeley. They provide students with the professional skills to advance their careers. edX certificates are accredited and have real value in the job market. You can use them to showcase your knowledge to potential employers.

edX courses are self-paced and can be taken for free. Many courses range from entrepreneurship to persuasive speaking to game development. You can use edX to explore new interests and hobbies, change fields, enter the job market, and earn promotions.

EdX Pros and Cons

edX offers a variety of high-quality courses from prestigious universities.

Pros of edX include:

  • A wide selection of courses from top universities, including MIT, Harvard, and Microsoft
  • Many courses are free, called “Audit” courses, which allow students to access all
    course materials and lectures for free
  • Courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Courses designed in partnership with top universities, so you can be assured they are of the highest quality
  • Increased marketability in the job market
  • Self-paced and flexible
  • Access to supplemental materials

Cons of edX include:

  • First-time users can get confused with the many different names for the course series
  • Discussions could be better organized
  • Courses are usually based on video, which means you need a good internet connection
  • It misses peer to peer collaboration


edX is an online learning platform that offers university-level courses from top universities and institutions, including MIT, Harvard, and Microsoft. edX is considered one of the most recommended online learning platforms. edX offers a variety of courses, including computer science, biology, engineering, architecture, and data science. edX also offers verified certificates.

edX certificates are worth it because they can show educational institutes and employers that you are serious about your education or career. edX certificates can also bolster your credentials so potential employers will immediately see your value.

edX offers a 7-day full-access free trial for each monthly subscription. You can also try a few courses for free, but you need to buy a paid course to get a certificate. The fee prices are variable, but most classes that I have purchased a certificate for were either USD $49 or $79.

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