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A company that started as a small compounding pharmacy, today, O Boticário is part of a beauty conglomerate, composed of brands such as Eudora , Quem Disse Berenice? , Vult , BeautyBox and Beauty on the Web . It’s Grupo Boticário .

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O Boticário has more than 3,700 points of sale , spread across 99% of the country’s municipalities, through physical stores or resellers. In almost every city you can find a brand store, always scented from the moment you enter.

The company works with adult and children’s perfumery products, skin and hair, body and bath care lines, as well as makeup.

The O Boticário brand has a strong presence on the internet. The Facebook fanpage alone is followed by more than 15 million people . Instagram comes next with 8.7 million followers . The company also has a YouTube channel with 2.15 million subscribers .

With the acquisition of Beleza na Web , in 2019, the group became the largest beauty e-commerce in the country.

The Intense makeup line , one of the highlights of the O Boticário brand , gained new momentum this year with the collection launched by singer and digital influencer Manu Gavassi . The success was so much that new products will be launched.


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O Boticário also has Clube Viva , a loyalty program that offers advantages and benefits to consumers. For every $1 you spend on purchases, you earn 1 point. For every 30 points accumulated, you get a R$ 1 discount. After accumulating 100 points , you can use your benefit to save up to 20% on purchases.

Grupo Boticário also shows its concern with sustainability by assuming 16 commitments aimed at neutralizing the environmental impact and enhancing the conservation of biodiversity.

In this detailed review that I have prepared for you, I will show you some of the brand’s perfumes that are on the rise, tell a little about the company’s history and also detail how to buy on the site so that you can make your choices more safely and answer you if O Boticário it’s good!

Boticário overview


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O Boticário stands out in the national market for its adult and children’s perfumery products, skin and hair care, body and bath care lines, in addition to makeup.

Shampoos, exfoliating creams, conditioners, finishing creams for hair, hair treatment, cosmetics for acne care, among others are some of the brand’s bets.

This year, the brand also renewed the Intense makeup line with the 100% vegan launch of the collection by singer and digital influencer Manu Gavassi .

In addition, customers can receive a free sample of a product during purchases in the online store or O Boticário app.

Before analyzing some of the brand’s products in detail, how about some initial pros and cons?


  • It has more than 3,700 points of sale , spread across 99% of the country’s municipalities
  • It has an online store and an app available for Android and iOS
  • Varied perfumery line, which caters for adults and children
  • Two international certifications for not testing on animals: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) and Cruelty Free International
  • More than 500 vegan Boticário products launched


  • After-sales difficulties indicated on the Complain Here website
  • Products purchased on the store’s website cannot be exchanged in physical stores.

Apothecary: Review

Who has never been to an O Boticário store to enjoy the experience of searching, among so many fragrances, one that speaks directly to the heart? It’s sensory, you can’t explain it. You just feel.

The aromas bring back the deepest memories. O Boticário understands this well, because perfumery is the soul of this company that signs iconic, unforgettable… and Brazilian perfumes.

From now on, I will show in detail some of these fragrances that are successful in the brand’s portfolio.

O Boticário Malbec Gold Deodorant Cologne


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Speaking of Boticário perfumes , Malbec Gold Deodorant Colônia is an intense and striking fragrance from the woody ambery olfactory family, which has as its differential the exclusive GoldSense technology, which enhances this hot male Boticário perfume .

The fragrance’s success translates into results. According to Euromonitor International Limited, Malbec is the leading fragrance sales brand in Brazil (2020).

The perfume has in its olfactory pyramid a combination of spicy and citrus notes with freshness and masculinity.

Malbec Gold highlights amber, the liquid gold of perfumery, combined with robust woods and a complex of leather notes that highlights sensuality and virility.

Digital influencer Jhony Togneri, from Manual dos Perfumes YouTube channel , detailed some aspects of Malbec Gold : “It opens with a touch of black pepper and ginger. Soon after, you will have an air of cinnamon along with the nutmeg. So, you can already know why I think this perfume is spicy” .

And he continues: “At the same time, he brings a darker, more umbratic air. That black color perfectly describes the aroma because it does have this touch. It is a very modern perfume. You can be 20 and like it, you can be over 40 and like it too. It’s very sensual, night-time, for you to wear when you’re well-groomed” .

To enhance the perfume and all its mysterious aura, spray Malbec on the neck, chest, armpits and wrists.

Malbec Gold Deodorant Cologne costs R $ 184.90 , in a 100ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário Egeo Dolce Colors Deodorant Cologne


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A feminine fragrance from the fruity floriental olfactory family, Egeo Dolce Colors Deodorant Colônia is an apothecary feminine perfume ideal for those who love to bet on colors to face the day to day.

This Boticário perfume is an unusual mixture of pink peony flower with raspberry mousse, which gives the fragrance a fun, sweet and full of personality air. Ideal for gifting someone or for pampering yourself.

The olfactory pyramid of Egeo Dolce includes strawberry, mandarin and cardamom on top, with a body of pink peony, jasmine sambac and freesia. In the background, musk, caramelized cedar and raspberry mousse.

The product comes in a box that enhances the sweet colors of the tie-dye.

To use your Egeo , there’s no mystery: spray the perfume on areas where there is greater blood circulation, such as the neck, wrists, elbow folds and behind the ears.

The Egeo Dolce Colors Deodorant Cologne costs R$ 102.90 , in a 90ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário Floratta Red Deodorant Cologne


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Think of a feminine, young, enveloping perfume that can be used day and night, capable of making romantic encounters even more special. Floratta Red Deodorant Cologne is a fragrance inspired by the apple blossom from Vermont (USA).

The olfactory pyramid of Floratta Red brings top notes of red and orange fruits, with a body of orange blossom, violet, lotus flower, tuberose and kiss flower. The base notes, which are those that leave the trail of the fragrance, bring bitter chocolate, musk, sandalwood, cedar and amber.

To enjoy the best of this perfume from the floral olfactory family, spray Floratta in areas where blood circulation is greater, such as wrists, neck and behind the ears.

Floratta Red Deodorant Cologne costs R $ 109.90 , in a 75ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário Quasar Classic Deodorant Cologne


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Quasar Classic Deodorant Cologne is a male fragrance from the fresh fougère olfactory family. It is a perfect perfume for everyday use thanks to the citrus top notes that meet with the lavender present in the body of the fragrance.

The Quasar bottle is a differential, standing out for the deep blue that refers to the immensity of the galaxy.

Its olfactory pyramid brings notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon at the top, with a body of tarragon, lavender, sage and galbanum. The base notes bring oak moss, musk, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, which give versatility and energy.

To get the most out of Quasar , spritz your wrists, neck, and wherever else you like.

Quasar Classic Deodorant Cologne costs R$ 136.90 , in a 125ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticario Lily Eau de Parfum


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A feminine perfume, tailor-made to be used on special occasions, during the day and on romantic dates.

Lily Eau de Parfum adds in the same bottle the delicacy of unique floral facets with the remarkable strength of woods. The result is a sophisticated and unique fragrance.

Lily Boticário had its bottle designed and produced in France, and stands out for its high fixing power, with a striking signature that has lily flower essential oil, obtained through enfleurage, a rare and artisanal extraction technique.

Lily ‘s olfactory pyramid brings notes of mandarin, pear, peach, apricot and pink pepper at the top, with a body of osmanthus, gardenia, jasmine, rose, violet, lily, iris and daffodil. The base notes bring sandalwood, moss, musk, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver and amber, which give intensity and delicacy.

To enjoy the best of this fragrance from the floral bouquet olfactory family, spray Lily in areas where blood circulation is greater, such as wrists, neck and behind the ears.

The Lily Eau de Parfum costs R$ 239.90 , in a 75ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário Arbo Deodorant Cologne


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With exclusive notes captured in the mountain air, Arbo Deodorant Cologne is the ideal perfume for adventurous and casual men. The masculine fragrance combines the freshness of mint with green notes and sandalwood, perfect for men of free nature.

Arbo is the face of summer, but can be used all year round thanks to the union of citrus and natural, bringing a calming and invigorating sensation.

Its olfactory pyramid brings notes of mountain air accord, orange leaf, geranium, mint, mandarin and grapefruit on top, with a body of artemisia, sage and green notes. The base notes bring moss, sandalwood and musk, which highlight the fresh and adventurous soul of this fragrance.

To enjoy the best of this perfume from the fresh fougère olfactory family, spray Arbo in areas where blood circulation is greater, such as wrists, neck and behind the ears.

Arbo Deodorant Cologne costs R$ 124.90 , in a 100ml package , at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário Zaad Go Eau de Parfum


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Zaad Go Eau de Parfum is a masculine fragrance that combines sophistication with the intensity of wood and amber. And the secret to creating this powerful aroma Boticário is a red fruit with medicinal properties called Evodia, native to the northern region of China.

The perfume also stands out for its citrus nuances such as lemon, with a sweet and sour touch.

Its olfactory pyramid brings notes of sfuma lemon, pink pepper, saffron, bergamot and cardamom on top, with a body of jasmine, African geranium, aquatic notes, patchouli, cypriol coeur, lavender and Evodia. The base notes bring ambrox, incense, copeaux chene, captive musk, moss, sandalwood, vanilla and sepian leather.

To enjoy the freshness of this perfume from the floral woody olfactory family, spray Zaad in areas where blood circulation is greater, such as wrists, neck and behind the ears.

The Zaad Go Eau de Parfum costs R$ 246.90 , in a 95ml package, at the O Boticário online store .

O Boticário: What do customers like?


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Customers loyal to the O Boticário brand are always commenting on any news released by the company on its social networks. And place your orders too.

In a post about the Arbo men’s perfume , comments poured in from women asking for the return of the feminine fragrance, a sign that the product was missed. “Let’s do the joint effort #voltaarbofeminino to see if it comes back” , defended internet user Suzy Gomes.

Consumer Ilma Sgotti also asked for the product to be returned: “My dream was to have the feminine back. Arbo is top” .

Glamor Fever was also praised on the brand’s Instagram . The post, which features singer Marília Mendonça using the perfume, had more than 207,000 views and almost 500 comments, such as the one from internet user Tatiele Ruan: “This one is wonderful, I loved it” .

One of the main highlights of O Boticário is the male perfume line Malbec , a success in the company’s history.

On the brand’s website, consumer Noe Francisco, from Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE), rated the Malbec line with 5 stars: “ Excellent quality product, I am super satisfied with the very pleasant aroma that this perfume provides. Highly recommendable” .

The fragrance also pleased digital influencer Jhony Togneri, from the Manual dos Perfumes channel, who praised Malbec Gold Deodorant Cologne : “I really liked it. It is very sensual, for you to use when you are well dressed. It’s not a summer scent. It’s more nocturnal. He puts a lot of imported perfumes on the slipper” .

O Boticário: Claim Here


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The O Boticário online store is evaluated as regular by consumers on the Reclame Aqui website , with a score of 6.4 out of 10. The company responded to 98.7% of complaints registered on the platform, but the resolution rate is 68.1% , with margin for improvement.

Among the problems reported are difficulties with after-sales, delays in deliveries, product not received and refund of the amount paid.

Is the Apothecary good?


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O Boticário , today, is a company in its forties, and many people grew up with it, learning to like its unique and creative way of creating perfumes and cosmetics, like me.

In recent times, the online store has made life easier for those who want to buy without leaving home, but I’m from the time when I felt the perfume testing it in the store itself, with an attentive saleswoman on the side showing the products according to my preference: I’m citrus fan.

The Apothecary is good, yes. But I would say it’s more than that. Precisely because I saw this brand grow, follow its maturation until it became a beauty conglomerate and been a consumer of its products since I was a child, I created affective bonds with it. I’m sure a lot of people do too.

The company is democratic in its portfolio, offering cosmetics and perfumes for women, men and children.

When everything goes back to normal, I will definitely go back to a Boticário store , this time without a mask to feel again the pleasure of being in that fragrant environment of so many memories.

Is the Apothecary Trustworthy?


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The Apothecary is reliable, yes. The company works with the best raw materials on the market and invests in research to produce efficient cosmetics and exclusive perfumes.

The brand is part of Brazilian life. Everyone has already won or already given a Boticário gift to someone, from a simple soap to a perfume, a beauty kit or a super-inflated makeup palette.

Some perfumes are simply unforgettable, like Acqua Fresca , an icon in the 80s, and Botica 214 . Others stand out for their strength and quality, such as Malbec Signature . The unique way of making perfume is perhaps one of the company’s greatest assets.

Another important aspect of trust is the brand’s e-commerce. It is reliable and secure, allowing you to have a fast and confidential shopping experience.

O Boticario discount coupon


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Want an Apothecary promotion ? The website has the makeup promotion “Full Cart with maximum Intense discount”, with 40% off on 1 item, 50% off on 2 items and 60% off on 3 or more products.

Iconic perfumes from O Boticário , such as Oopss!, Styletto, Arbo and Lily , are up to 30% off in the online store.

For Valentine’s Day , there’s free shipping and up to 20% off the Apothecary kit .

If you’re new to the online store, you get 30% off if you make your first in -app purchase . On the website , it’s 20% off your first order.

Follow the news on the site to find out when another Boticário promotion will take place . The site also offers Boticário freebies in several products. Choose your favorite line.

Where to buy O Boticario


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You can buy O Boticário products at one of the 3,700 points of sale , spread across 99% of the country’s municipalities .

And how do you know where there is a Boticário store ? You can find your nearest store or dealer using the .

If you prefer to place your orders online, you can access the online via computer or mobile application.



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Who created the Apothecary?

The company was created in 1977 by pharmacist Miguel Krigsner , who opened a small compounding pharmacy in Curitiba (PR), called O Boticário , with an investment equivalent to 3 thousand dollars.

The idea of ​​the name was to translate the spirit of an alchemist capable of putting love in pots.

From the beginning of its history, “Dr. Miguel” realized he had a special penchant for cosmetics. His first products were a collagen-based cream, an elastin cream for stretch marks, a shampoo and a seaweed bath.

Soon, the business prospered thanks to word of mouth. O Boticário created its first perfume, whose bottle was in the shape of an amphora (today, the biggest symbol of the brand), with an unusual mixture of ingredients that soon pleased the clientele.

The compounding pharmacy has become one of the most important cosmetics companies in Brazil. Grupo Boticário is headquartered in Curitiba (PR) and manages the brands O Boticário , Eudora , Quem Disse Berenice? , BeautyBox , Vult , Multi B and Beauty on the Web .

The company is present with its products in 40 thousand retail points of sale, such as pharmacies and multi-brand stores, distributing with exclusivity in Brazil international brands such as Australian Gold, Bio-Oil, Revlon, Lee Stafford and Nuxe.

Two factories serve the entire group: one is in São José dos Pinhais (PR), where the Research and Development Center is located; and the other in Camaçari (BA), the first to receive LEED sustainable construction certification.

In addition, four distribution centers take the group’s products to all stores, representative spaces and retail partners. They are located in Registro (SP), Varginha (MG), Serra (ES) and São Gonçalo dos Campos (BA).

What are the payment methods accepted by O Boticário?

The Boticário website accepts payment by bank slip and credit card from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, Elo and Hipercard.

If you make your purchases by bank slip, payment must be made in cash, and validation takes place on the next business day.

Payment by credit card can be made in installments, the minimum installment amount being defined by the system at the time of purchase.

What is Boticário’s delivery policy?

You can check the delivery time for your region after entering the zip code on the order page. According to O Boticário , delivery estimates are seasonal and vary from region to region.

The delivery time for your order starts on the business day following confirmation of payment.

If the carrier cannot find someone at the address to receive your order and sign the protocol, two new delivery attempts will be made on different days and times before the package returns to the company.

What is Boticário’s return policy?

You can exchange a product for another of the same value or request a refund of the purchase price. The request can be made within 15 calendar days of receiving the order. The deadline for sending the new product is up to 30 days.

To request the exchange, call the Customer Relationship Center via Whatsapp (41) 98835-6814 or via the website Contact Us, via fale-conosco to schedule the home collection of the product at the address provided.

If your region is not in the coverage area, a postage authorization will be issued for the product to be delivered to the Post Office.

If you want to exchange a defective product, the deadline is up to 30 calendar days from receipt of the order.

If the company concludes that the claim that the returned product is defective is not justified, the merchandise will automatically be returned to you and the exchange process will be cancelled.

If you want to return the product, the deadline for making the request is 15 calendar days from receipt of the order. Your money will be refunded.


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