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Welcome to the Zolucky Review, everyone. We wish good health and safety to you and your family. All of us are under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, it prepared the field for con artists. Therefore, attempt to check for reviews of any obscure or disliked website before utilizing it. Is Zolucky an online scam?

We did investigate the Zolucky website. The operation of this website has some serious flaws. Despite this, the Zolucky website made an effort to appear trustworthy. The creator did, however, leave several serious errors on the website.

Is Zolucky a fraud, that is the question? We left it up to you to decide because we are not a judge. We have discovered some warning signs, which we will mention.

About Zolucky?

In essence, Zolucky is an internet shop that sells women’s gowns and other items. The website’s concept and image placement are both attractive. Overall, it has a good aesthetic.

But we are not talking about it. Our primary goal is to determine whether the Zolucky website is real and authentic. In terms of “authenticity,” Zolucky utterly fails.

Red Flags of Zolucky

Information about the Owner is Missing from Site and Zolucky

Nearly many scam websites never disclose who the proprietor is. The majority of the time, if someone does spread the information, it is false.

Therefore, please examine the website’s owner information before utilizing any obscure or unpopular website. Particularly on those websites where you are either sending or receiving money.

The owner’s information is not made public on the Zolucky website. Even they have taken precautions to protect their WHOIS information. Simply put, it indicates that they do not wish to be identified.

Why Owner Information is Important?

Nobody is flawless. Mistakes are inevitable. On the other hand, it is a criminal if errors are not fixed promptly. when customers either don’t get their order or get the wrong item. They begin looking for the website’s contact information. The only remaining option is to mail them your problem.

Scammers waste people’s precious time by begging for their time. Later, when users lose patience, they attempt to look up information about the website.

Low Cost offer by Zolucky

Scammers take advantage of others. They are aware that the majority of consumers—who are often middle class—seek for the best deals on goods. Nothing is wrong with it. However, it’s hazardous to trust “too good to be true discounts” without first verifying the legitimacy of the website.



The cost of the item is less than usual on the Zolucky website. The customer is always the loser. A reduction in cost or discount has two cons.

It’s because lower pricing or discounts not only draw attention but also encourage consumers to make larger purchases. Discounts are nothing more than a ruse used by con artists.

Copied Content

Any website’s content is regarded as its king. In the view of Google and other search engines, every website is distinct. Every website must create original material that is not seen on any other website in order to rank highly in search engines.

Both websites will be regarded as unique, and the information on both websites should be unique as well, even if the owners of two or more websites are the same.

Copied Images

The images on the Zolucky website are also plagiarized, in addition to the content. You only need to Google search the images to see them. What purpose does it serve to expose stolen text and images?

Genuine websites never stole their images and information. It’s because if your product is not unique, it won’t be listed correctly in the competitive globe.

Security Measures

Except for an SSL certificate, which is the fundamental security measure included on practically every website, the Zolucky website has no security features.

In the modern era, the site’s security is crucial. It’s because numerous hackers attempt to obtain the information of large firms or websites every year.

A website needs the right security measures to stop such hacking incidents and the data of its users (that would be you). However, as Zolucky is capable of exploiting users’ data on its own, no such security precautions are required there.

The New Trend

Previous scam websites quickly went out of business within a few days, weeks, or months. They can now, however, work for years. Why is that? The reason for this is because older websites never provided the product for which banks or businesses like PayPal fully refunded the customer. Now, though, con artists ship the wrong product instead of the intended one.

They are currently sending the incorrect merchandise, and neither banks nor PayPal can return the customers’ money.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Zolucky is a risky website to use in addition to being a bad place to shop. Please stay away from this website and avoid using any of its services.

Our mission is to educate people about the basic warning signs of scam websites. A fraudulent website cannot be defined in any meaningful way.


Nobody has the right to evaluate the motivations behind any new or existing website. Whether the site is new or old, if someone has to con others, they will.

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