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The price of Bitcoin fell as much as 11% on Friday. The track of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency saw the worst weekly fall after March 2020. It fell low as $45,200 on a Friday morning. As per the Coinbase exchange, it went lower than 8.4% at $46,716 at 10:10 am.

The total cryptocurrency loss since last Friday morning is 19%. This is the biggest weekly loss since the 33.5% decline in bitcoin during March last year. Surprisingly, around $150 billion loss the market has to face since this cryptocurrency hit a $58,000 record on Sunday. Also, the market capitalization jumped more than $1 trillion. However, this digital currency is still 55% higher for the year this Friday.

There are various factors behind the fall of bitcoin this week. Elon Musk appeared triggering the fact to sell-off via a tweet on Saturday that bitcoin and Ethereum’s digital currency ‘seem high’. He has played a huge role in the recent bitcoin rally. So, his actions carry weight for the investors.

The drop in the price of this digital currency has also corresponded with a broader pullback from costly parts of financial markets counting tech stocks, government bonds, etc. There are many investors which fear that in the future the regulations are going to get tighten in the cryptocurrency market.

Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary showed her concerns related to the misuse of bitcoin at the DealBook DC Policy Project. However, many bitcoin users are not discouraged by the fall in its price. They say it is natural for digital currency like this to pull back after skyrocketing.

The rival of Bitcoin Ether is also suffering by falling radically by $2000. The price of Ether was down by 7.6% on Friday morning.

Reasons behind the sudden fall of Bitcoin

Reasons behind the sudden fall of Bitcoin

Here are some of the top reasons behind the sudden price pullback of Bitcoin:

  • Funding stress – bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies were overheated and the Asian session drop needed funding reset for a sustained move above %50,000 according to Matthew Dibb. Indeed the funding rate of bitcoin rose around 0.109% on Sunday representing overheating in the market.

During the end of January, the average funding rate started rising and rushed to multi-month highs after Tesla disclosed Bitcoin investments. So, there was always some kind of risk of funding reset. A market analyst, Josh Rager tweets, the altcoin rally turned ‘euphoric’ meaning the drop in the prices was long overdue.

  • Weak institutional demand – a clear sign of weak demand from investors is when the Coin base premium indicator from CryptoQuant went negative on Sunday. the CryptoQuant CEO Ki-Young Ju told to Coin desk that ‘the fall was nearly -$80 during early European hours on Sunday and was neutral when the prices were between $48,000 to $49,000.

According to Joseph Young, a market analyst cites negative a Coin base premium and stationary Grayscale inflows shows low developments on Sunday.


The latest fall of Bitcoin is a typical pullback observed in the bull markets. It is a path of least conflict that remains on the higher side. As per some analysts, many institutions may emulate Tesla’s move which leads to a convincing move of above $50,000.

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