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What is a VPN?

Have you ever wondered why you often get a cookies notification or what happens to the data collected by any website? None knows for what purpose it is going to be used, it might be for some official purpose or might also be used in a wrong way. This is why it is really important to keep your personal information safe and hidden.

This is where a VPN will be really helpful. It assists you in securing your personal information in the best possible ways like by changing your IP address and other required information that has to be hidden. It also lets you surf the restricted sites easily without any threats to your device.

Now the major challenge is to pick up the best and the most powerful VPN which will provide you the wide server options and best features at the least cost. So, here we will be helping you find out the best VPN for you.

Here we will be reviewing the Surfshark, one of the safest and the cheapest VPN with the best features. Let see how far its features match your needs.

What is Surfshark?

Surfshark is one of the safest VPN to secure your digital life that provides private access to the open internet.

Along with it, you also get access to the contents safely. You can enjoy everything good that the internet has to offer to you without any worry.

Through Surfshark, you get instant secured access to all the content you love. You can get access to all the contents that have for some reason been blocked or restricted in your country. Surfshark also makes sure your location is private and your sensitive data is secure all the time.

Surfshark is the worldwide praised VPN and has been tagged as the best VPN of the era for its best efforts in maintaining its features. Majorly the users appreciate its dedication to privacy, strong encryption, diverse security options.

Surfshark is stuffed with advanced functionality and is well suited to those seeking the highest levels of online privacy.

Therefore, the users are seen highly satisfied to see such a strong security posture on the Surfshark VPN extensions, majorly given the common vulnerability of similar products to privacy issues.

What if you don’t use Surfshark?

No matter it is Surfshark or any other VPN, without a VPN you are exposed to real online threats. Following will be the possible and real threats in such situations:

  1. Hacking: Data thieves look for unprotected devices, and those that do not use encryption are easy targets.
  2. Malware & phishing: These types of attacks are common, and it’s difficult to avoid them without protection.
  3. Identity theft: If you don’t use security software, you might end up getting your login credentials stolen. This will be a major threat to your private data.
  4. Ad manipulation: It is easy for advertisers to influence your behavior if you expose all your browsing habits.
  5. ISP tracking: Without a VPN, your internet provider can collect & sell your data to advertisers.
  6. Price discrimination: Online businesses might show you higher prices if they see you are in a more affluent city.

How does Surfshark prevent DNS leaks?

Whenever you are connected to the internet at that time your device is majorly making DNS requests. This is how the server can access your information but it is different when you are using Surfshark, the apps of Surfshark block all the requests that your device is making and direct those requests through a safe, encrypted tunnel.

Surfshark never keeps any of your logs and thus your privacy is always protected. The key benefits that you will be getting while using the Surfshark VPN are:

-You will be enjoying faster DNS servers than the standard ones.

-No activity or connection logs.

-End-to-end encryption for absolutely all traffic between your devices and DNS servers.

So, let us take a deep look at how do those things work on step by step:

Step1: First of all you will be clicking a link or entering a particular URL to visit a website.

Step2: Then after the domain name is sent to the Surfshark DNS server via Surfshark’s encrypted tunnel.

Step3: Then the IP address is looked up by the DNS server.

Step4: That IP address is then used by your device to access a website.

Thus, the major takeaway here is that all the traffic is contained within the safety of the encrypted Surfshark tunnel which ultimately protects your information and privacy.

Benefits of Surfshark

Surfshark is majorly dedicated to making sure that you are always protected from any kind of possible dangers of the World Wide Web.

Whenever you are using the Surfshark, you are relaxed and your mind is at peace because you are aware of the fact that who is operating the servers that your devices are communicating with and that any traffic is safely encrypted inside the tunnel.

Each VPN server has its DNS complete with leak protection when used in conjunction with IPv4 stack. So here you protect your online privacy with second-to-none technology.

Features of Surfshark:

The major features of the Surfshark that are the major priority for them to fulfill at any costs are as follows:

1. CleanWeb

Surfshark ensures that you surf in a clean cyber ocean with no ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts.

2. Unlimited devices

It can be connected & used by all your family devices simultaneously. You can protect as many devices as you’d like at once.

3. Whitelister

You can only allow specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN. It works great with mobile banking apps.

4. Strict no-logs policy

It never monitor, track, or store what you do online. That means no connection or activity logs.

5. Kill Switch

It’s a safety net in case your VPN connection drops. Your activities and sensitive data are never exposed by this feature.

6. Private DNS & leak protection

With private DNS on each server and leak protection when using IPv4 stack, it takes the security to the next level.

7. Camouflage Mode

Camouflage Mode makes sure that even your internet provider can’t tell that you’re using a VPN. In this way, you always stay private and secured.

8. MultiHop

Connect via multiple countries at once to take ID protection & footprint masking to a whole other level.

9. NoBorders mode

The Internet should be open to everyone so this mode allows us to successfully use Surfshark in restrictive regions also.

10. Hide your IP

You can protect your privacy by hiding your real IP address that can be connected to your digital identity.

11. Encryption

Your data is always guided by using industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption.

12. Secure protocols

IKEv2/IPsec is a default protocol on all of the Surfshark apps. If you prefer, you can still select to use OpenVPN.

Use cases of the Surfshark

-To protect your online identity:

With the help of Surfshark, you can protect yourself from data theft, tracking, surveillance, and commercial targeting.

-To block ads, trackers & malware:

The web is always better when you’re safe. When you are using Surfshark, you forget malware & phishing attempts and be free from ads.

-To stay safe on public Wi-Fi:

Although public Wi-Fi can come in handy but it’s a goldmine for hackers. In this case, you can use Surfshark to protect your connection.

-To be secure while online banking:

The diamond-strong end-to-end encryption & malware filters of Surfshark ensure safe online banking, every time you make any transactions.

-To secure your crypto assets:

You can also encrypt your data and avoid malware and make sure your wallet cannot be traced and identified via your IP address.

-To protect yourself while gaming:

Most gamers have heard about the horrors of doing or even swatting to protect yourself from such possible threats you need to shield yourself with SurfShark.

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Other Add-ons of SurfShark

  1. Surfshark helps you to bring your entertainment abroad so you do not need to miss your favorite shows when you are traveling just because they’re only available in your home since you can access it from any corner of the world.
  2. It allows to bypass censorship and has the major aim of making the internet open without the security issues.
  3. The internet should be an open hub of knowledge and sharing. With Surfshark, you can access any content, from anywhere.
  4. You can also stream live sports safely from everywhere. You won’t suffer from buffering and will be able to watch your matches in HD, without annoying pop-ups.
  5. You will also be able to find the best prices online so check the prices in different countries and score a great deal. Works like a charm with airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

Plans and Pricing of Surfshark

Here are the major plans and pricing of the Surfshark among which you can pick out the most suitable one for yourself:

  1. The first plan is for 1 month where you need to pay INR 949.35/mo which has to be billed every month to keep your subscription on.
  2. The second plan is beneficial since you cost the first 24 months for the price of 12.

It is a 24 months plan where you need to pay INR182.54/mo where you save 81% on the total amount.

Here you will be billed INR 4380.94 at the time of subscription and yearly after 24 months.

  1. The next plan is for 12 months where you need to pay INR365.08/mo and you will be saving 62%.

You will be billed INR 4380.94 every 12 months.

Final lines on SurfShark:

Thus, SurfShark allows you to enjoy safe & fast torrenting and it also makes sure that you’re private and secure when seeding or downloading P2P files. The major thing here is that you won’t get big speed drops while using it.

SurfShark lets you stay private and secure at all times. You can also watch whatever you want, and don’t worry about anyone watching you. All features can be availed of at a very low cost.

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