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That’s where Snag Tights fit in. The Insta-famous brand has vowed to make tights that actually fit, so I decided to give them a try.

Snags are knitted in Italy, just north of beautiful Lake Garda. Our team are passionate about creating the very best tights ethically with love. We are plastic packaging free, use vegan dyes and develop our sizes on real people. We’ve got you covered from size 4 to 36 and up to 6’5.

Snag Tights
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Snag don’t just do tights! They make clothes that fit ANY body. They set out to fix fashion and they have. ‘Normal’ clothes are designed on a size 8 model and then scaled up to fit different sizes. Snag clothes are first designed on a size 24 model, then fitted onto a variety of different body shapes before being produced.


  • Tights that actually fit
  • Comfortable
  • Ladder resistant
  • Ethical company
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours


  • Pricier than your usual pair

Snag Tights review: what did we think?

Snag Tights

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If I had a pound for every pair of tights that didn’t fit, holed easily, laddered to the high heavens or were just plain uncomfortable over the years, I’d be millionaires.

Tights vary in length, but often not by width, so it can be so tricky to find a pair that fit and are comfortable without being too small and causing chafing, or being too big and falling down your legs when you walk.

Snag Tights has burst onto the scene promising to change that, with size, height and weight-inclusive tights that actually fit, look great and last longer than your average pair.

It has created an entire range of gorgeous, durable tights that fit wearers of all different shape and sizes — from a size 4 to 36, and up to 6’5 in height.

Sceptical? Me too. I’ve been burned by tights for too long, so I didn’t have high hopes — but after seeing them everywhere on Instagram I gave them a try and, I must say, Snag Tights smashed our expectations.

Snag Tights

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The size guide was super easy to follow – you just find your height range, then scroll down to your dress size to find a designated letter (I was E, which is a size 16/18 and a height 5’4 to 5’8).

The cheapest pair was £6.99, which was admittedly steeper than my usual one or two quid pair from the high street, although they’ve never lasted longer than a few days — plus, you get 10 per cent off if you buy three pairs, 15 per cent off for five pairs and 25 per cent off for 10 pairs.

They arrived in cute recyclable packaging (more on that to come) which piqued my interest, and immediately I noticed how well-made the tights felt – they were thick and felt like top-quality material.

Snag Tights

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I reviewed two pairs: 80 denier in black (£6.99), and 40 denier Polka Baby in polka dot (£14.99) – and putting each pair on was a dream.

They fit my waist, hips and legs perfectly – I felt supported and warm (but not too warm as the material is sweat-wicking and encourages air circulation). They were comfortable on both a night out dancing ’til the early hours and a long walk in the brisk cold air with boots.

I never felt like they were falling down, or short enough to encourage the dreaded chub rub, and I actually felt like the tights were made for my body especially. Consider me hooked (not laddered).

Unboxing and First Impressions

Snag Tights

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Snag Tights not only prides itself on tights that truly fit, but on its recyclable packaging, too.

When my tights arrived, they were tightly wrapped in a candy cane-striped pink and white paper envelope, and that – along with the brown bag they arrived in – was entirely recyclable. Points from me.

When I unwrapped my tights, I was immediately impressed with how thick and well-made each pair felt. They didn’t feel flimsy, but super durable and tightly-knitted with the best fabric.

I wanted to talk about my first impression of the website, too, as it is ground-breaking. There’s dozens of pictures of ‘real’ women and customers – in all different shapes and sizes – with many disabled customers featured.

I felt so seen, and confident that Snag is certainly doing its bit towards inclusivity and diversity in the clothing industry.

How much do Snag Tights cost?

Snag Tights

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Snag Tights range in price from £6.99 to £14.99 for most patterned pairs, and up to £17.99 for a Merino wool pair.

On its website, most of its solo-coloured pairs (ie. black 80 to 120 deniers) were priced from £6.99 to £7.99, including footless pairs.

At first I was a little taken aback by the final price (around £20 for two pairs) but then I considered how much money I’d spent over the years on so-called ‘cheap’ tights that never lasted more than a week – so I considered it an investment and a money-saver.

At the moment, Snag is offering various money off deals, depending on how many pairs you order. If you order three pairs, you get 10 per cent off your order; five pairs you get 15 per cent and 10 pairs received a whopping 25 per cent off.

What sizes do Snag Tights go up to?

Snag Tights

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Snag Tights range from a size 4 to 36 — and are made to fit both body shape and size, as well as height — with tight sizes ranging from 5’3 and under to 6’5.

There’s also tights available for children, and the tights are suitable for maternity wear, too.

Snag has a brilliant size guide on its website, in letters rather than numbers – all you need to do is find your height, then follow down to your clothing size. Simple.

What’s more is Snag has pictures of real life models and tight-wearers in each and every size, so you can see your body type in that size. Magical.

What styles do Snag Tights have?

Snag Tights

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Forget boring (but essential!) black, Snag has a whole range of tights, from every colour in the rainbow (including a rainbow design, too), to glittery and festive design tights; animal motifs, geometric print, ribbed, polka-dotted, goth-inspired and much more.

Snag also does a range of fishnets, and mock garters, too, as well as Merino wool tights, capri styles and footless styles.

Looking for something to banish dread chub rub, too? We’ve reviewed Snag’s chub rub shorts as part of our round-up of best anti-chafing shorts.

We’ve also reviewed Snag’s 7/8 leggings, and they made our best leggings of 2022 round-up but more on that to come below…

What are Snag leggings and are they worth it?

Snag Tights

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As mentioned above, Snag’s recent venture into the big bad world of leggings has materialised into its 7/8 leggings.

We tried its 7/8 leggings in black, also in a size E (UK 16-18 and 5’5 in height) and they are some of the best-fitting leggings we’ve owned.

Forget chafing; Snag’s super soft and thick, ankle-length leggings are a must-have. They go up to a size 36/38, and are available in purple, too.

Thanks to the thickness of the leggings they are fully opaque so you can’t see your knickers when you bend over, but they are warm, so they’re not a pair to do sweaty work-outs in or wear in the warmer months.

Snag Tights

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We wore them for a long walk and for commuting, and found them super comfortable thanks to the soft fabric and secure, wide, high-waisted band. They never fell down or needed hiking up at all, and fitted up like a glove.

AND they have pockets! Seriously. The pockets are big enough to hold your phone securely, or a whole hand if you’re feeling smug.

The seams, however, are quite thick and more noticeable than your usual pair (although, if anything, that proves they’re well-made).

Like its tights, Snag’s leggings are sustainable and eco-conscious, having been made from recycled materials, including recycled polyamide, elastane and certified eco-responsible viscose.

How much is delivery?

Snag Tights

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We won’t lie, but delivery isn’t cheap, but Snag does deliver worldwide.

UK, five-day delivery starts from £3.75 and goes up to £5.49 for next day delivery… in case you’re in desperate need of them!

How ethical is Snag Tights?

Snag Tights

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Snag Tights prides itself on being a fair-pay-for-all workplace, with every worker receiving a living wage.

Its dying systems use recycled water, and all of its dye are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, with its production process being carbon neutral.

Snag Tights are entirely plastic-free, and made sustainably and ethically in Italy, travelling by road to reach you.

Snag also has a recycling program – meaning you can send any old or damaged Snag Tights back to be recycled and reused into permanent industrial components.

Snag Tights review: the verdict

Snag Tights

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Yes, a thousand times yes. While they’re not as cheap as your average high-street or supermarket pair, they’re so worth the money.

They’re durable, look great, feel great and (I think) are a great investment – plus, just think about all the money you’ll save from avoiding those cheapo, thin, flimsy tights you put your foot through when pulling them up.

Snag Tights is an ethical company, too, and not only produce great tights (in our opinion) but are a total breath of fresh air when it comes to campaigning for sustainability and diversity in the fashion world.

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