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Know About Shopify


Based on our study, Shopify received a 4.68 out of 5 rating, making it our top choice among the finest e-commerce platforms. Shopify, which enables you to construct an online store with a complete website and sell on many channels, is one of the simplest platforms to use, in our opinion. As industry specialists in retail, we would also personally endorse Shopify as one of the best programs.

When Should You Use Shopify?


Shopify is the best option for:


  • Businesses that rely on online sales to generate profits: You can scale your business successfully with Shopify’s website builder, sales tools, and inventory management services thanks to their strength. Our list of the top POS inventory systems includes Shopify because it can manage extensive and sophisticated product assortments across numerous channels. Shopify is a solution that will expand with your company.
  • Shopify makes it possible for online retailers who want to sell on social media to do so. These other platforms include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, Pinterest, and Instagram. Despite the fact that the majority of ecommerce systems offer social media interfaces, Shopify is at the forefront since it has exclusive agreements with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to permit in-app purchases.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in experimenting with the dropshipping business model: Shopify offers plug-and-play connections to hundreds of dropshippers in the Shopify App Store.
  • Shopify is the best multichannel POS system for multichannel shops because it provides a top-notch POS and e-commerce system that seamlessly integrates omnichannel sales like buy online, pick up in store and explore in store, and buy online.

When Shopify Is Not a Good Fit?


  • Stores with physical locations that require an online ordering solution: Square Online is your best choice if you own a physical store and want to include an online component for pickup or local delivery sales. You may use it to create a simple one-page website or a full website for free.
  • Restaurants and online food ordering: Tock to Go is a convenient and affordable option made just for restaurants if you require an online ordering system for your establishment. Furthermore, Toast is a complete point-of-sale system with built-in online ordering for pickup and delivery.
  • If your small business website’s primary objective is not to sell things: We propose Squarespace as a user-friendly, all-in-one website builder if you require a small company website.
  • WooCommerce and PrestaShop are excellent choices if you need an online store and website that are completely customized and hosted on your servers. These are platforms that are open-sourced and primarily targeted toward developers.
  • If you want to create or incorporate an online store into an existing WordPress website: It would be preferable to use a WordPress e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce. It benefits from being as configurable as WordPress and having sophisticated capabilities comparable to those of Shopify.

Shopify Summary



  • an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • 24/7 support for scalable platforms
  • Print affordable postage directly from Shopify.
  • Your most likely to sell things are revealed by powerful reporting.
  • With the Shopify app store, access to hundreds of extra features and integrations



  • at least $29 per month for a complete e-commerce site.
  • No low-stock notifications without an upgrade
  • The calculator for shipping needs an annual strategy
  • The themes for Shopify are not very customizable.
  • The cost of third-party apps varies.
  • Only higher-tier plans are offered with advanced services including reports, fraud analysis, gift cards, and real-time delivery prices.

Shopify Store Examples

Shopify Review

To give you an idea of how you can use Shopify as your entire website, a store extension, or as a component of your social media channel, we sought for retail stores that use the platform.

No Package

In order to encourage less wasteful consumer behaviours, Package Free sells cosmetics and home goods that aren’t packaged. This business was founded by Lauren Singer. Product reviews, social network share buttons, and product variations are all used on its product pages.


A company called Allbirds makes footwear using wool and eucalyptus threads, straightforward designs, and packaging made of 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard. In addition to its web store, it sells through Shopify on its Facebook page.

Just Quinoa

Squarespace is used for the website of Simply Quinoa because it has more content, however Shopify is used for the store. The integration and transition of the design are smooth. Related items, an image gallery, customer feedback, and social media share buttons are all included on the product page.

Shopify Pricing & Plans

Shopify Review

Each of Shopify’s four pricing tiers offers limitless, cost-free website bandwidth as well as a “Buy Button” that you can embed in your social media posts. The following features are also included with every subscription:

  • endless items
  • Sell in 133 different currencies
  • Gift cards for Shopify POS
  • online retail outlets
  • Analysis of fraud (when using Shopify Payments)
  • manual production of orders
  • coupon codes (i.e., welcome codes for new customers or exclusive discounts to your social media followers)
  • Customer service (24/7 live chat, English-speaking phone assistance, and 24-hour multilingual email help)

Final Thoughts


Shopify Review

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, which makes it simple for you to get started with your online business. Shopify simply requires an email address and a store name throughout the registration process, making it simple. After that, you are sent to a step-by-step setup tutorial for your store.

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