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Reiss is a design-led brand and online fashion shopping site, able to bring the best pieces to men and women all over the world with their curation of fashionable, on-trend and hottest fashion items of today. Their website and branding reflects just how sleek and tasteful their items are, continuously bringing amazement to their customer base with high quality materials, impeccable designs and exceptional value.

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Reiss prides itself of a stylish customer base that knows what they’re looking for and how they want their pieces to exactly be. And in Reiss, fashion-hungry people always get what they’re looking for, especially with a selection that is unique, fashion-forward and detail-oriented. Shoppers have lauded the website of the amazing finds they get, especially when it comes to style and fit. In fact, the brand and retail shop has a celebrity following, including Royals, actors, and even fashion influencers. That’s reflective of the great service they give as a premier fashion shopping destination, from the neatness of their website, to the smooth browsing of pieces, to the hassle-free checkout, and up to the delivery, Reiss got everything covered. But while they have done greatly in many key things, a room for improvement would be the way they assist their customers, especially over the phone or email. There have been complaints of rude representatives from the website and unhelpful, which can rally take away from all the praises the website has gained through the years.

How to use Reiss Promo Codes


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Register a Free Account with Reiss
Enter your personal information on the second page
Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area belowthe product.
Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

Introduction to Reiss


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If you ever need proof of the so-called Kate Middleton effect, you don’t need to look any further, as Reiss right here is a good example.

Shoppers went crazy after the royal wore Reiss pieces on photoshoots and public appearances. Whether it be the white ruffled Nanette dress or the Reiss dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore upon meeting the Obamas, the crowd took notice. The publicity was overall good for Reiss, which gained a rise in sales. The demand for Kate Middleton-inspired styles prompted the label to release more of its similar dresses.

But despite the frenzy, the fact remains that the British brand and retail store has been around since 1971, named after its founder David Reiss. Reiss has already committed to creating apparel that fuses function with form, even before gaining wider name recall. The brand has won several awards, including the Fashion Retailer of the Year Award from the British Style Awards in 2003. Today, it has grown significantly with 160 stores found in 15 countries.

A personalized service for all occasions

Although already running for more than 40 years now, it was not until the turn of the millenium that the brand began selling women’s merchandise. When it first started operating in its very first store in London, it only sold men’s suits. Reiss knows exactly how intimate and precise the work that goes into tailoring a suit is, and how important it is for a man to have his very own as it can be for various important functions, both personal and otherwise. Thankfully, for customers from the US and the UK, you can avail of the personal tailoring offered by the brand.


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Customers have a say on the style, fabric and other little details for a personalized suit. Whether it is for work, something more casual, or just downright fancy, Reiss can make it for you. The fabrics that you can choose from vary in colors as well as in type, with English and Italian options. Even the buttons and the pockets can be tailored to your liking. Overall, there are 17 steps to take, with a delightful suit to finish.

What’s more, the brand also offers personal shopping for its clientele, this time for both men and women. A dedicated team will make the shopping personalized, even more enjoyable by helping you have the perfect outfit for any occasion you may have in mind. Items that you pick but need slight alterations can be dealt with almost immediately. The personal shoppers can also give expert advice on the latest trends or the classiest of picks, pushing you to have a better eye for fashion.

Beyond the UK

Although it now has stores and outlets all over the world, Reiss also delivers internationally for those who just do not have the time to do some physical shopping.

The website accepts payment through all major credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal and gift cards from Reiss. All transactions are encrypted so you can feel safe when paying through the site.

Reiss delivers to North and South America and select countries in Asia through DHL, with its standard delivery usually taking 3 to 4 working days. Reiss does not cover import and clearance duties, however.

The future for Reiss


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April 2016 saw Reiss sell a significant portion of stocks pegged at £230 million to private US equity firm Warburg Pincus. David Reiss maintains the role of chairman and chief executive, however, as well as his management team.

With this development, Reiss eyes opening 250 stores worldwide. Reiss is eyeing expansion in more markets, particularly in the United States and in Australia. For the former, it is looking to sell its merchandise within already established department stores such as Bloomingdale’s.

Royal-approved quality

The brand has undeniably gained more attention after the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted a few times wearing its dresses. Other Hollywood names such as Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Will Smith and Zac Efron following suit did not hurt. But even before the wider recognition it has gained, it is already established as a high end brand. With a penchant for producing both men’s and women’s apparel that will appeal today, and in the times to come, we can only expect more in the future from the British brand.

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