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Pga Tour Superstore is so much more than a place to purchase tickets to the next pga tournament. Instead, it runs the gamut from offering golfing lessons and services to selling head-turning golf clothing and accessories.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the background of pga tour superstore, some of its best features, its economic feasibility, and more.


Pgatoursuperstore.Com offers a variety of golfing gear, clothing items, club fittings, and golf lessons. Their goal is to get people inspired to golf, offer high-quality tools to do so, and ensure their customers feel great when they’re out on the course.

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Although you can order items from pgatoursuperstore.Com from the comfort of your home, this company has many brick-and-motor locations. In fact, a co-founder of home depot and the owner of the atlanta flacons own the pga tour superstar brand.

Giving back to the community is at the core of pga tour superstore. That’s why they work with the closest the first tee organization near their physical stores. The first tee strives to introduce golf to children from low-income areas, making golf more accessible.

So, whether you’re new to golf or are looking for the latest advances in golf clubs, pga tour superstore has been meeting customer needs since 2003.

Top Features of

Pga tour superstore is one of the most recognized brands in the golf industry. So, below are some of the most significant benefits you’ll receive by purchasing products and services with them.

Club Trade-Ins

Shop Now At PGA tour Superstore

The system will ask you for your club information and then share the price pga tour superstore will buy them at. If it seems fair to you, you can proceed with mailing your clubs to pga tour superstore.

If your fedex order costs over $50, pgatoursuperstore.Com will cover it. Otherwise, you’ll need to cover the shipping cost for trading in clubs under $50.

Premium Pre-Owned Clubs

Some golfers go through clubs quickly, chasing the latest technology. That offers a wonderful opportunity for more budget-oriented people to snag a high-quality golf club for a relatively low price.

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By using pgatoursuperstore.Com, you’ll be able to view the entire inventory of their premium golf clubs. In contrast, visiting a store in person would offer a more limited—or nonexistent—selection.

Money-back guarantee

If you’re unhappy with an item you bought online, you can mail it back to pga tour superstore in the original packaging. As long as the product is new and unused, you’ll have the option to receive a refund on the original payment method or opt for a gift card of the same amount.

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But before you pack your unwanted product for shipping, you must first contact to let them know your situation. They’ll then send you a return authorization number that you can use to process the guarantee.

Golf Swing Analyzers

There’s no need to arrive at an in-person store to get the stats on your golf swing. Instead, you can order a swing analyzer from pgatoursuperstore.Com and use it to monitor your swing every time you hit the course.

The highest quality swing analyzers that pga tour superstore offers run into the low thousands of dollars. However, you can buy a decently accurate device for around a couple of hundred dollars.

Gift cards

Golfers share the love of the same sport, but they vary wildly in their wardrobe and golf gear tastes. So, if you want to get a golf gift for someone, ordering a gift card at pgatoursuperstore.Com is a fantastic choice.

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You can even have pga tour superstore mail the gift card directly to the recipient if you won’t be seeing them in person.

Unique gifts

If you’d rather give a gift that has more meaning than a gift card, the art and memorabilia section on pgatoursuperstore.Com offers fantastic options.

From a golf card game to famous course maps and autographed sports illustrated magazines, you’ll surely find something unique for that special golfer in your life.

Buy Now, Pay Later

If you want to snag an unbeatable sale on pgatoursuperstore.Com while waiting for your next paycheck or can’t stand to wait any longer for your new golfing pants, pga tour superstore offers a buy now, pay later option.

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By setting this up, you’ll be able to pay for your purchase over the course of four interest-free credit card payments throughout a six-week period. Getting approved happens instantly at checkout, and you don’t have to undergo a hard credit check.

Curbside Caddie

If you don’t want to wait for your products to ship but you also cringe at the thought of walking through a store, curbside caddie is an excellent option.

To use curbside caddie, pick out and pay for your items at pgatoursuperstore.Com. Then, once you receive notification that your products are ready, drive to the store and grab your new gear. You’ll need to show a photo id to pick up your items.

Performance guarantee

Should you purchase golf clubs and aren’t satisfied with how you’re performing with them after 90 days, pgatoursuperstore.Com will offer you a 100% store credit.

Shop Now At PGA tour Superstore

There are a couple of caveats to that though: you’ll need to buy a similar product on the same day you turn in your old clubs and purchase the clubs in a store instead of online.

In-person Support

In-person supportadmittedly, your options on pgatoursuperstore.Com are more limited in terms of services (although you very well might have more products to choose from). Nevertheless, you can use their website to understand the many services that they can offer you in person.

For example, PGA Tour Superstore’s certified club repair technicians can help you out if you have a broken club. Similarly, you can partake in a customized golf club fitting.

Pga tour superstore costs

Golf is an expensive sport, and the items and services that pgatoursuperstore.Com sells reflect this. However, they offer a sales page with a list of discounted items and the savings you’ll receive by purchasing them.

As of the time of this writing, pgatoursuperstore.Com was offering 820 items at a discounted rate ranging from as little as 7% to over 50%.

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Should your order be over $99, which isn’t hard to do, they’ll offer you free shipping. Therefore, as long as you know what sizes you need or the services you want without needing to talk with someone in person, ordering online is an excellent choice.

We don’t want to bore you by listing the prices of products and services of the hundreds of items available on Instead, below are some highlights.

Shop Now At PGA tour Superstore

That said, we encourage you to check out PGA Tour Superstore’s homepage to see the many categories of services and products they sell with their pricing.

Customer Support

The best way to contact pga tour superstore is via phone. Their phone number is 888-200-7428, and their hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm et
Saturday and sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm et

Shop Now At PGA tour Superstore

Alternatively, you can email customer service at the following address: [email protected]

While a phone call or email will likely do the trick to get the support you need, sometimes there’s no replacement for visiting a store in person, checking out their inventory, and testing out the products for yourself.

Therefore, depending on the nature of what you need help with, we encourage you to use PGA Tour Superstore’s store directory to find out which of their brick-and-mortar stores are closest to you.

Final Thoughts

Having the right golfing gear and access to golfing services can significantly improve how you play and your confidence about how you look on the course.

Pgatoursuperstore.Com can help you get there thanks to their large selection of online products and services. However, unlike so many online stores, should you wish to try out a product in person, you can research the closest brick-and-mortar store to you.

So, go ahead and rock that new golf polo with your custom-engineered golf clubs that pga tour superstor built for you

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