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Pelican Water systems was established in 2007 and is based in Florida. The company offers a broad range of water treatment systems, including water softeners, UV filters, RO filters and shower head filters. If you’re looking beyond standard pitcher filters for something a little more niche, you’ll most likely find it with Pelican.

In this review, I’ll be looking at some of Pelican’s most popular water solutions with regards to their features, functionality, benefits, and pros and cons. All filters have a 90-day money-back guarantee and a specific year performance guarantee. Some also have a limited lifetime warranty, and customer service is usually prompt and helpful.

You’ll find everything you need to know about each of the 2022 Pelican water treatment products right here.

Whole House Filter & Water Softener Alternative with UV

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If you’re looking for a filtration system that will offer every water treatment solution you could ever need – including water softening and two types of filtration – you’ll find it with the Pelican Whole House Filter, Softener and UV unit combo. This whole house water filtration system offers so much more, in terms of both performance and contaminant removal, than the average whole house filter.

Product Features

The Pelican Water filtration system comes with a whole host of features, each of which plays a specific role in the water treatment process. These include:.

Premium carbon filtration tank

This tank contains a variety of filter media, with four stages of water filtration. It’s designed to last with its durable stainless steel build.


The sediment pre-filter comes already installed inside the filter housing, ready to set up and start using immediately.

UV light

Not all whole house water filter systems come with a UV light, but this particular Pelican Water model does. The UV light removes contaminants that the filtration media can’t, like viruses and other harmful microorganisms.

Pelican NaturSoft® system

Included with this whole home water filter system is Pelican’s salt-free water softener alternative, which softens water after it has been filtered.

Connections and fittings

The system comes with everything you need for installation, including connections and fittings for installing at your home’s point of entry.


There are multiple stages of water treatment in this Pelican whole home water system, including water filtration, softening, and UV exposure. When water flows into the system, it first passes through a sediment pre-filter, which removes the likes of sand, dust, rust, and any larger sediment from water.

It then flows into the carbon series filter, which filters water in another three different stages: two stages of catalytic granulated activated carbon media, which uses adsorption to trap contaminants, and one stage of copper and zinc oxidation media, which uses KDF to replace electrons of contaminants and make them non-harmful. These stages combined reduce chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and herbicides; pharmaceuticals; industrial solvents; and hundreds of other contaminants. They also reduce bacteria and algae growth.

Filter Benefits

The biggest benefit of this Pelican system is clearly its performance – you get three types of water treatment in one. If the health of your family means a lot to you, you’ll be impressed to know that the Pelican whole house water filter doesn’t only use typical filtration to remove contaminants; it also kills microorganisms using UV, and removes hard water minerals with its salt-free-softener, protecting plumbing and appliances as well as your health.

Looking specifically at the Pelican NaturSoft® water softener, there is some skepticism around whether salt-free water softeners actually work in getting rid of hard water issues as well as salt-based. The Pelican water softener, however, was designed with the support of the WQA, which gave the system a Gold Seal Body of Approval – making the system the only salt-free water softener so far to have a proven track record of success when it comes to putting a stop to scale-causing calcium and magnesium. It’s also suitable for people on low-sodium diets, unlike salt-based water softeners.


? What I Like

  • Offers three types of water treatment in one
  • Less maintenance with salt-free softener, and no salt water needed
  • Gets rid of hard water issues


? What I Don’t Like

  • High upfront cost
  • Most people require a plumber for installation
  • Water softening stage doesn’t remove calcium and magnesium from water; just changes their composition

Premium Whole House Water Filter System

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Pelican’s premium whole house filter system is one of the most popular Pelican water systems, offering a simple 4-in-1 filtration solution with minimal installation or maintenance hassle.

Product Features

Being simplistic in design, there aren’t many features of this particular whole house system for you to get your head around. The system comes with:

Sediment pre-filter

The 5 micron pre-filter sits just before the main filtration tank and filters out sediment like dust and rust.

Carbon series filter

Most of the filtration takes place in the carbon series media, which utilizes three different stages of filtration. When you need to replace the filter, it’s as simple as replacing the media inside the tank.

Connections and fittings

Included with this whole house system are connections and fittings for installing the system yourself. There’s also a valve that allows you to switch off your water supply when performing system maintenance.


Drinking water passes through four stages of filtration in this Pelican water filter system: a 5 micron pre-filter, two stages of granular activated carbon media, and a copper and zinc oxidation media. The pre-filter removes sediment like sand, rust and dust; the activated carbon filtering media uses adsorption to remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more; and the copper and zinc oxidation media prevents the growth of bacteria and algae.

Filter Benefits

Because the carbon series filtration tank has a large diameter, it can hold a significant amount of filtration media, helping to both improve the filter’s performance and increase its lifespan. The carbon media only needs replacing every 5 years or 600, 000 gallons of water, too, making this water filtration system one of the lower-maintenance options on the market.

With a flow rate of up to 8 GPM, this home water filtration system will provide you with immediate drinking water, shower water and water for your appliances.

? What I Like

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • NSF certified for chlorine removal
  • Only need to change the carbon media filter every 5 years or 600, 000 gallons

? What I Don’t Like

  • Some users had issues with pre-soaking the carbon media
  • Some customer reviews mentioned a leaking pre-filter
  • Too difficult for some customers to install themselves

Premium Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System

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If you’re looking to eliminate microorganisms from your well water or city water, Pelican’s premium ultraviolet disinfection system is far superior to traditional filters, which aren’t capable of targeting these specific contaminants.

Product Features

With a simple yet effective design, this environmentally-friendly UV disinfection system comes with just a few features necessary for installation:

UV housing

The UV housing protects the UV lamp. The housing is installed directly on your water line in a vertical position.

UV lamp

The UV light itself produces safer, better-tasting water using thymine dimerization.

Lamp age display

Included with the UV system is a lamp age display that gives handy, real-time information on the status of the lamp.


The Pelican UV system uses thymine dimerization, a specific type of UV disinfection, to clean water. There are no filters involved in the process; rather, when water passes through the system, the UV light penetrates the DNA of microorganisms in the water, altering their make-up and preventing them from being able to reproduce or cause harm to the person drinking the water.

With a 9 to 16 GPM peak flow rate, the Pelican UV system is ideal for installation at a home’s point of entry. While it won’t affect the way water tastes, it’ll make untreated water much safer to drink.

System Benefits

What sets this particular UV system apart from others is its NSF 55 Class B certification, which offers assurance that the system has been third-party tested and deemed effective at the job it does.

When it comes to running the system, there’s little to do. It’s easy to install, and you only need to make sure to clean the lamp sleeve every two months or so and buy a lamp replacement once every 12 months. The Pelican system has a lamp age display, which will alert you 30 days before you need to buy a new lamp.

? What I Like

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NSF 55 certified

? What I Don’t Like

  • Fan can be quite noisy when running
  • Some customers felt the instructions could include more images
  • Heats up water that is left sitting in the system for a long time

3-Stage Under-Counter Drinking Water Filter

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The Pelican 3-stage under counter unit provides high-quality filtered water, with the ability to reduce chlorine and chloramines in up to 1, 500 gallons of water.

Product Features

Filter housing

The main body of this under sink water system is its housing, which is relatively compact and adhered to a single square of plastic to make installation easier.

Sediment & granular activated carbon filters

The system comes with three filters already included – two granular activated carbon filters and one activated carbon filter.

Connections & fittings

Installing the system is relatively easy, and it comes with all the fittings and connections you need to attach it to your city water line.

3 faucets

You have a choice of 3 kitchen sink faucets to choose from: chrome, brushed nickel, or bronze.


The Pelican under sink water filtration system has three stages of filtration, with a 25-micron sediment filter and two catalytic GAC filters. When water flows through the sediment media, it traps the likes of dirt, dust and rust. It then passes through each GAC stage, one by one, which are NSF certified to remove chlorine and lead using adsorption,

In total, the Pelican under sink water filter system can remove an impressive 60+ contaminants, including heavy metals, VOCs, and chemicals.

Filter Benefits

A key benefit of the Pelican is its 1,500-gallon capacity, which means you’ll only need to replace it every 6 months – a big bonus compared to the likes of other countertop and filtering pitcher systems. Another benefit of this system is that while it gets rid of a broad range of drinking water contaminants, it doesn’t remove beneficial healthy minerals, which most whole home systems will remove.

There are only a few steps to the installation process, too, and the majority of people will have no trouble installing the Pelican under sink water filter themselves.

? What I Like

  • Doesn’t remove minerals, allowing for healthy, great-tasting water
  • NSF certified for lead and chlorine removal
  • 3 faucet designs to choose from

? What I Don’t Like

  • Replacements for filters are quite expensive
  • Not many customer reviews to go off yet
  • Won’t remove microorganisms from water

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