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Need some new sunglasses to safeguard your eyes before hitting the beach? Looking for some sunglasses to reduce glare when driving? When looking for sunglasses, there’s a good chance you’ll come across some Oakley selections, but the firm also sells prescription eyeglasses.

Given the variety of eyewear alternatives, you can have the following queries concerning Oakley’s selection: What distinguishes them, if anything at all? What budget should you have in mind? Where are they located?

Here is the lowdown about Oakley eyewear.

Know About Oakley


Oakley is a California-based company that was established in 1994. The business, which was originally called Oakley Anne after the owner’s English Setter, is now a division of Luxottica, an Italian manufacturer of high-performance sporting goods. Oakley not only sells eyewear but also shoes, caps, and luggage.

Oakley’s streamlined design and distinctive logo make it perhaps best recognized for its sunglasses and sports eyewear. Due to the grips on the frames that help keep the glasses in place, many athletes favour this brand.



  • a well-known corporation with a long history
  • glasses grips that are comfy and keep your spectacles in place
  • can be purchased in a variety of places.


  • There are many imitations and fakes available.
  • high price
  • many concerns about customer service

Oakley Eyewear


Men’s, women’s, and children’s kinds of frames are available from Oakley in hundreds of variations. There are several various frame forms with full-rim, semi-rim, and rimless possibilities. The company’s lenses also come with a number of various colours and protective coatings.

How Much Do They Cost?

Without any incentives, you should budget between $140 and $340 for a pair of Oakley glasses. Your final cost for your new glasses could reach $450 if you pay extra for prescription lenses.

This is on par with, or perhaps somewhat less expensive than, many other designer names.

Where To Buy Oakley Eyeglasses?


Make sure you’re purchasing a pair of Oakley glasses from a trustworthy retailer because there are replicas on the market.

An optometrist

Purchasing Oakley eyeglasses from your optician is one way to achieve this.

Although it could cost a bit extra to get glasses from an optometrist, you’ll be helping a regional business. An optometrist can also provide a prescription for eyeglasses and perform a routine eye exam to look for and diagnose any eye disorders.

Local Merchants

You can use the store locator on the Oakley website to look for Oakley stores or other brick-and-mortar retailers in your region that offer authentic Oakley eyewear in addition to purchasing from your neighbourhood optometrist.



A different option is to buy Oakley glasses from their official website. You can order your glasses online and have them delivered right to your door.


FramesDirect is renowned for offering affordable designer eyewear. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to check out the Oakley styles that FramesDirect offers.

FramesDirect orders the eyewear straight from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting a fake pair. Before being delivered to you, every pair of prescription glasses goes through multiple rounds of quality check.



GlassesUSA is a different website you might want to look at for Oakley eyewear. They sell designer glasses at a discount and have a vast assortment of glasses in general.


EyeBuyDirect is an online-only merchant like GlassesUSA. Oakley, Ray-Ban, and other brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses are available from EyeBuyDirect. Online ordering from them is straightforward and easy, and getting in touch with customer care is not too difficult.

Instruction To Buy Glasses Online


When purchasing Oakley eyewear online, it’s important to bear in mind that you might still need to get them fitted to your face at your neighbourhood eye doctor or eyewear outlet.

Also keep in mind that you must submit a current, valid eyeglass prescription along with your order if you’re seeking to buy prescription lenses.

Customers Views

Oakley has a F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), despite not being a member of the organization. Oakley has received 44 customer reviews and is rated 1.07 out of 5 stars. Additionally, the business has resolved 128 complaints in the last three years and 54 in the previous twelve months.

While the bulk of complaints about buying on the Oakley website is about customer service, refunds, and delivery concerns, some of the negative feedback is about the calibre of the glasses purchased

Substitutes for Oakley Eyeglasses



Although they are priced relatively similarly to Oakley eyewear, these glasses have a somewhat distinct design with more rounded and aviator-style frames.

Similar to Oakley, Ray-Ban is primarily recognized for its sunglasses, although they also carry a variety of spectacles. Both Oakley and Ray-Ban are reputable, well-known manufacturers of sunglasses, and they have long been rivals. Both businesses are currently a part of Luxottica.


A company called Bollé specializes in providing athletes with protective gear. If you’re looking for protective sports glasses and goggles with a different appearance than those Oakley sells, these models are of comparable quality, are an affordable option, and have a little different appearance.


A firm like Liingo might be a better fit if the price and variety of available styles are more important to you.

Their website is continually getting new frames added. Additionally, the business delivers frames to your house so you may try them on before making a purchase. If using a virtual try-on option is more convenient for you, be aware that it is available.

Final Thoughts


Thanks to the technology built into its frames and the care the firm takes to develop the grips on their glasses, Oakley eyeglasses are frequently chosen by athletes.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, Oakley’s lenses come in a range of tint and polarized options, which can make them stand out from other eyewear sellers.

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