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In today’s world, fashion has become so fast and trend-oriented that everyone wants the latest designs and styles to stay ahead. Gone are the days, when people used to keep a set of clothes for years. It used to be an investment for people. With changing times and good earnings, people have started spending a lot on the latest designs and trends rather than keeping a few pairs for a year. The majority of fashion brands nowadays offer premium clothes at competitive rates. With round the year sales and offers, they even let budget buyers buy premium clothes. One such brand is New York & Company which has become a household name in the US for its stylish and affordable clothes, apparel, and accessories.

The brand has recently started offering men’s clothing and added women’s footwear to expand its portfolio. It’s one of the biggest clothes manufacturers and retailers in the US wherein everyone gets a collection of stylish, wearable, and contemporary clothes, accessories, and apparel for various occasions. Be it formal or informal wear, the brand knows the art of offering the latest and mesmerizing fashion without charging a bomb.

How and When New York & Company Started?

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It was founded way back in 1918 with the brand name Lerner Shops. The brand was started by two friends, Samuel A. Lerner and Harold. M Lane. The same year, they opened the first shop in New York City followed by 18 shops by the end of the year.

In 1930, with an immense amount of growth and success, the brand started opening its stores in other states, including Los Angeles and many more states. The brand started venturing into clothing, beauty products, and many more respectively. However, in 1995, both decided to change the name to New York & Company.

In 2011, the brand has stores in over 553 locations. Currently, it’s headquartered in New York and sells its clothes, accessories, and merchandise via an online store.


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Many well-known celebrities have been featured in its advertisements, including Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Hudson, and many more. In fact, in 2013, the brand launched an exclusive Eva Mendes collection all across the US.

What All Does It Offer To Fashionistas?

New York & Company offers a versatile range of clothes, accessories, merchandise, etc for both men and women. Along with that, it also offers home décor products and bed linen to amplify the comfort and luxe factor.

Here is the list of products that one can find on New York & Company’s online store

Women’s category

Clothes: Here, the brand offers all types of pants, tops, jeans, shorts, skirts, two-pieces, dresses for various occasions, maternity clothes, outerwear, beachwear, swimwear, sexy dresses, workwear, power suits, sweaters, etc in all shapes, designs, sizes, and styles.


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Shoes: Here, the brand gets every woman covered with it’s versatile range of shoes, including heels, wedges, flip-flops, sandals, flats, boots, sneakers, etc.

Plus sizes: There is also a category called Petite & Tall wherein the brand offers extended sizes for extra Petites and tall women.

Accessories: Here, the brand offers a versatile range of accessories such as handbags, hats, wallets, bracelets, sunglasses, scarves, facemasks, socks, tights, ponchos, wraps, hair accessories, belts, beauty products, fragrances, etc. All the accessories are offered to amplify every woman’s look.

Men’s category

The brand has recently started offering men’s clothes and accessories. Currently, it offers:

Clothes: Here, men can find out a wide range of clothes such as pants, blazers, trousers, shirts, tees, sweaters, shirts, outerwear, polos, pullovers, cardigans, all types of jeans, hoodies, joggers, sweatpants, zip-ups, sweatshirts, denim jackets, etc.


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Accessories: Here the brand currently offers only bags. However, it is likely to add many new products in this category soon.


If you love to decorate your home or amplify your personal room’s comfort and elegance then shop premium bedding accessories and products at New York & Company’s store. Currently, the brand offers:

  • Premium sheets
  • Quilts
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Robes
  • Comforters

Grab amazing discounts & deals in its CLEARANCE Sale


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New York & Company is running a special CLEARANCE sale on its store wherein one can find out jaw-dropping discounts and deals across all categories. One can avail of everything at a 50% discount along with free shipping.

Every day, the store comes up with the ‘highlight deals’ up for grabs. For instance, today one can get:

  • All-City knit dresses at $9.99 or $12.99.
  • All clearance at 60%
  • All redlines at flat 70% off
  • Runaway rewards an extra 30% off on the first purchase

New York & Company’s Charity and Donations


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The brand has been associated with many charities and non-profit organizations to help the unprivileged and needy in society since its inception. Currently, the brand supports:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help underprivileged children to get the essential treatment for chronic diseases. It joined in 2008 and still going strong in donating to the organization with the help of it’s loyal customer base.
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation: The brand has also been donating to this organization for many years. With every product purchased at the store, the brand offers over $2 in donations to the organization to help the needy.

Get social with the brand to find amazing trends, discounts, & offers.

The brand is quite social through popular social media platforms. So, if you are a fashionista or social animal on social media platforms then connect with the brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The brand keeps updating new styles, collections, discounts, offers, sales, and more on its social media pages.

How to get lucky while shopping at New York & Company?


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If you are an ardent shopper then apply for special credit cards called Runaway Rewards and Runaway Rewards VIP to avail exclusive benefits and privileges, unlike normal customers. The card is all about benefits and privileges.

Once your card membership gets active, you will get a flat 30% on your first purchase. A cardholder will also get:

  • Up to $20 rewards on the purchase of $200 at the store.
  • Birthday savings and special offers
  • Shipping perks and privileges
  • Special access to the sale and events

Why Choose New York & Company?


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The brand is meant for all shopaholics who want the latest and fashionable clothes without burning a hole in their pockets. The brand is known for it’s premium designs, styles, durability, and comfort across all it’s product offerings. Whether it’s men or women, it leaves no stone unturned to offer the trendiest line of clothes, accessories, shoes, and other products to help them slay any occasion or outing.

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