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MYPROTEIN is the leading nutrition brand in the globe. Combining excellent information with sensible strategies results in the best execution plans for the dietary need conditions of energy, hydration, and healing.

Through our reality-driven research and development methodology, we create proof-based products that actually influence execution.

To help you reach your limits of execution, we push the boundaries of science and nutrition. Everything we do is driven by science.

We are a top nutrition business that offers a wide range of high-quality products, such as protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein meal options, clothes and accessories, and much more.

MYPROTEIN, headquartered in New York City and operating in more than 70 countries, was founded in 2004.

We continuously strive to inspire people of all ages and sexual orientations to believe in their capacity for wellbeing and, from that point on, to provide them the motivation to realize it.

What Does the Brand Do?

At MYPROTEIN, we support those who are battling with their lives by providing the greatest sports nutrition to everyone, regardless of their goal. We place a high importance on providing a broad selection of things at exceptional value to manage this, including the range of dietary requirements such as veggie-lover, vegetarian, without dairy, and sans gluten so that any client can partake in the benefits of excellent nutrition.

We make everything ourselves, cutting down on the amount of money we spend on other vendors and maintaining the highest quality. To guarantee that we uphold our virtue promises and can be certain that everything leaving our distribution centre complies with the strictest standards, we have unquestionably invested in cutting-edge creation offices and advanced testing procedures.

Why Choose Us?

shown through performance

You need a sports nutrition partner who truly understands high-intensity games when you devote so much time, effort, and confidence to being the greatest version of yourself. You can rely on them to provide the best products and expert guidance.

Our experts, working with suggestions from the best rivals, make sure MYPROTEIN is at the forefront of product innovation in performance nutrition. Our enthusiasm suggests that people actually trust and recommend our products.

Excellent PRODUCTS.

At the heart of MYPROTEIN is our unwavering commitment to meet the highest standards of value, security, and sufficiency. Find out why MYPROTEIN science is so popular.

Our excellence

MYPROTEIN is dedicated to providing products of the highest calibre. Our premier internal production facilities enable us to design, plan, and test while utilizing specialized X-Ray and Near-Infrared technologies to ensure every product complies with the strictest standards. As a result, the British Retail Consortium awarded MYPROTEIN the AA Grade for Food Safety.

Similar to our extensive testing, we collaborate closely with ALS, an independent quality partner, who uses strict UKAS assessment criteria to test and certify our product.


Competitors at the Olympic level and at all levels of sport trust MYPROTEIN. Our approach to preventing banned chemicals from entering our inventory network and finishing things is a crucial component of this trust.

We hold both the Informed Manufacturer and Informed-Sport Product Certifications, making us the top brand in the world.

Every MYPROTEIN result is triple-checked for compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned substances.


Given that we are aware that every person’s journey is unique, we provide a wide range of products in shops and online. Please try not to feel overwhelmed by your options. We can help and direct you in the right direction!


We are aware that you have a limited amount of time. Thankfully, MYPROTEIN is not very far from where you need us to be. We provide a variety of ways for you to purchase, save money, and support your needs, whether it be from your local store or another location around the globe to your phone.

Supportability and the neighbourhood

MYPROTEIN is passionate about maximizing each person’s potential without regard to their background, location, or orientation. We welcome the diversity of our more than 70 different ethnic groups.

As MYPROTEIN has continued to grow and improve, so has our reach, and we now also have a lot of authority in a variety of plant-based and natural products. One of our most famous contributions has been shaped by this veggie lover friendly reach. We currently offer a wide range of products that contain no animal products, ensuring our effect in promoting complete animal government aid and reducing negative outflows.

Wherever possible, we must decrease the impact we have on the environment, and we are constantly looking for more ethical ways to manufacture products.

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