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Are you looking to set up a dispensary or a smoke shop? Have you newly started one? Are you looking to scale your marijuana business? Are you looking to increase your sales or reduce your purchase costs? If you answered yes to any of the above questions – this post is for you.

All smoke shop and dispensary owners arrive at a point where they have to decide where to buy the bulk of their marijuana supplies from. Whether it is wholesale head shop supplies, wholesale packaging supplies, or wholesale dispensary supplies, this confusion always persists. Another big challenge business owners face is whether they must buy wholesale or retail.

Unaware of what is retail or wholesale? Or what is the difference between them? Worry not. We have you covered.

Wholesale Businesses

Wholesalers buy bulk goods directly from the manufacturers at low rates and stock them in their warehouses. They then offer a wide range of these products to all the retailers, dispensaries, smoke shop owners, head shop owners, and other businesses at low prices and bulk quantities.

Wholesale businesses follow the b2b ecommerce model. Wholesalers are often called b2b (business to business) because they buy from a manufacturing business and sell to a retail business.

Retail Businesses

Retailers buy products from distributors or wholesalers and stock up their inventory. They market, promote, and sell these products to their customers or end-users.

Retail businesses follow the b2c (business to consumer) e-commerce model. Retail businesses are often called b2c because they buy from wholesalers and sell to the end-users.

The only similarity between the businesses is that both buy goods and resell them to their parties with a price increase, often referred to as the “markup.” this markup enables these businesses to cover their expenses and make a profit

Mjwholesale  Products Reviews

STR8 RYPR Aluminum Grinder

The str8 rypr grinder is a high quality herb grinder, made of a heavy duty aluminum construction that is built to last. It includes a strong magnetic lid to reduce any herbs from spilling by holding it in the grinder until ready to use. Our rypr features diamond shaped teeth that stay sharp and for optimal performance. This grinder will perfectly grind your herbs with just a few simple twists and is easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes. Str8 rypr will separate your herbs perfectly resulting in a satisfactory and smooth sesh. Our design features the logo on top and the spirit of detroit on the bottom.


Zooted Premium 4 Piece Grinder

The Newest Item From Zooted Brandz! If its not Zooted, Its Not Important!

Puff Puff Pass Aluminum Strain 3 Stage

This aluminium, 3-stage grinder is equipped with comfort fit grooves and chisel-tip teeth. Beginners and connoisseurs alike will love the fine, mesh screen that’s perfect for collecting kief. The sharp and powerful wavy teeth will grind up your herbs with great ease, even a larger bud, while the pollen screen and kief catcher will filter and collect all the lovely bits that you can scrape out with the included spatula and save for re-use. The puff puff pass grinder has slab cuts on the top and bottom of the grinder to provide you with a much better grip while you are grinding up your favorite herb.

Green Monkey 63mm Grinder

Just like a real baboon, our baboon series grinders have a strong, unique appearance that sets them apart from the rest. The magnetic lid features a thick rim with a halo of grooves, resembling the mane of hair that encompasses both the monkey’s bare face and bare behind. Baboons share 91% dna similarities to humans, making them an intelligent and powerful species. You’ll be impressed by the tenacity and ferocity it grinds with!

Baboons have much sharper teeth than most other monkeys. This 4-piece mechanism has a magnetic lid with razor-sharp, baboon-like teeth that break down even the stickiest, densest nugs down to a light, fluffy grind. The grooves along the magnetic lid make it a breeze to turn. A mesh sifter screen suspends the herb above the pollen catcher that includes a scraper.

High Roller – Herb Grinder – Grind & Pack In One

This high roller herb grinder is a grind & pack in one. It features premium polycarbonate that is triple polished and scratch-resistant for effortless shredding. The high roller grind & pack is transparent so you can see the process from start to finish. The lid is magnetic and the storage has a tight closure for freshness and odor control. This grind & pack is a portable size measuring 1.6″ x 5.0″ and includes a packer to assist with filling cones and cleaning the grinder. You will not spill or waste herbs and receive a consistent roll each time without exceptions.

V-Syndicate – 55mm 2 Part Grinder

Made from premium materials and featuring sharp teeth that easily cut through dense flower. 2-piece sharpshred grinder

  • Sharp teeth easily cut through herb
  • 55 mm grinder
  • Includes storage bag
  • 1 count
  • 5 count
  • 10 count

Libbey 22oz Fat Body Display Jar with Lid

  • Libbey
  • 22 oz fat body display status glass jar w/ lid
  • Libbey jar dimensions
  • Cap diameter = 4.125 in.
  • Height of jar = 4.75 in.
  • Diameter of jar = 3.687 in.

Libbey 2.75oz Display Jar with Lid

The Libbey 2.75oz Display Jar with Lid is a clear glass jar that is perfect for candle making. The gorgeous design of this glass candle container allows it to suit any room interior while also highlighting and showing off the colors and creativity of your candle product. Also works great for packaging products such as herbs, bath salts and more! Artistry in a petite container. The status jar’s sleek style will showcase your creative ideas in a simple design that blends elegantly with modern or traditional environments.

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