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So, last night when I was doing my customary snooping on the internet, I stumbled across LOFT’s website. (I believe an email about their 40% off deal reached me.)

Now, I don’t often shop at LOFT. I believe that most of their products are excellent for the workplace, but because I don’t operate in a conventional office setting, I have no actual need for any of them. Additionally, I get the impression that I have stumbled into their choice at times when I hadn’t expected to. Liked-very hit or miss, so I don’t often think about this specific merchant.

But while I began browsing, I was surprised to find that I liked SO MUCH. I posted tales and questioned, “GUYS. Should I spend more money at LOFT? Have I been beneath a rock all this time?

Many of you who disagreed with me stated you would still be interested in viewing my recommendations, and 72% of you replied “YES.” Thus, here we are.

Infinitely Loft Review

15 loft review

Be prepared for a lengthy post today because I’m so eager to tell you everything about Infinitely Loft, the latest subscription box from Loft. Let me start by clarifying that this piece is NOT in any way sponsored. Since I am a huge fan of Loft, I was really interested in the service and wanted to try it out before giving you guys an Infinitely Loft Review. There were scarcely any reviews available when I enrolled. In case you’re interested in this apparel subscription, I thought I’d share my ideas with you all. Let’s begin immediately!

Know Infinitely Loft

16 loft review

With the help of the subscription service Infinitely Loft from Loft, you may pick the things for your ideal “closet.” You put at least 8 things in your closet (but can certainly add more). Three of your things are sent to you in a box at a time. You return the things immediately after wearing them by placing them in the provided return bag. You may send stuff back as many times as you’d like each month for the service’s monthly fee of $64.95 Other services (like Rent the Runway) cost a lot more and some have restrictions on how many pieces you can have per month, which is why I was particularly intrigued to this.

In addition, you may get a deal on an item in your box if you decide you like it (usually 50 or 60 percent off). The firm brags that it will keep your clothes feeling “fresh,” reduce the amount of washing you have to do, and of course, it includes free delivery and priority mail. If you’d like to learn more about the specifics, visit the Infinitely Loft FAQ page.

My Review of Infinitely Loft


If you’re seeking for the quick response, my month was fantastic! However, like any subscription service, there are advantages and disadvantages that I want to be very open about. The finest part of the service (for me) was feeling inspired by some new outfit alternatives and reenergized about my closet. I was thrilled to get new clothes for the beginning of the school year without having to go out and spend $200. The fact that the clothing wasn’t brand-new didn’t worry me in the least; in fact, I felt a tremendous feeling of responsibility for the sustainable nature of it all. I like getting new clothes at the beginning of each season. However, it’s not always a wise or practical choice, particularly when attempting to stick to a budget.


The time wasted in the mail was the subscription’s disadvantage for me. I sent my first shipment of clothes back on a Friday after it came. A fresh batch wasn’t received for a whole week. The process took six days the next week. Never once in the whole period of my membership did a package come quicker than six days. I personally thought that waiting for the mail was a huge waste of time. Infinite Loft offers USPS 3 day priority delivery, however this does not include the time it takes for your return to arrive.

From beginning to end, it will probably take you around a week. If the firm could expedite the shipment process by a little bit, I’d definitely retain my membership. Additionally, it could reach you a bit sooner if you live in a big city like Dallas or Houston. I am aware that the headquarters are in Ohio, a state that is well situated in relation to several cities. However, it took a long for my stuff to arrive for a little city in West Texas.

Loft Dashboard


Experience: Positives

The convenience of finding anything is one of the main benefits of “shopping” for goods to add to your wardrobe. Similar to how the Loft website would be organised, the collection is categorised: shirts, bottoms, and dresses. The fact that they also featured a small, plus size, tall, and pregnancy area impressed me much. This monthly package is suitable for people of all sizes. Although the apparel options seem to be updated frequently, don’t anticipate finding anything from the Loft website there. I had no issue, though, putting at least eight outfits in my closet. There were several options in each category.

Cons of the Experience

The absence of specific apparel items was one of the main aspects of the experience or selection process that I did not like. I could click on a dress just to find that my size wasn’t now available. Even though it didn’t happen often, it was disappointing to learn that I couldn’t add certain things to my closet.

The “priority” button was the last element that might be improved. You may prioritise goods after you’ve added them to your closet, and Infinitely Loft promises to attempt to send you that item first or in the next shipment after that. I used the priority button for three weeks, but I never got my clothes that were “prioritized.” I wish there were a method to guarantee what you received so you could prepare for an occasion. Wish there was a method to “bundle” the products you’d be getting as well, so I could choose a dress, a matching top, and a set of trousers for one purchase

Is it worth your money?

Yes, this would be entirely worthwhile to me if the mail-processing procedure changed. I believe that the perfect consumer appreciates buying new clothes and loves the Loft line. wants to buy on a budget while still feeling like they are having a good time. I’m willing to wager that if you reside in a large city, your mail would arrive sooner than mine. What do you think, then? After reading my Infinitely Loft Review, would you attempt this? Please leave a comment below and share your opinions.

Loft New Arrivals:  Best Picks on Sale

1 loft review

Striped Cardigan:

The striped cardigan on the list may be my personal favourite. I’ve been wanting to expand my collection of button-front cardigans since I don’t own many of them. They look nice when layered and when they’re just buttoned up. I adore this one so much. You may wear it to work with either work pants or jeans! 40% off!


2 loft review

The Perfect LBD:

Every now and again, I find a dress that looks great on women of all sizes, shapes, and seasons, and is universally flattering for both work and play settings.


One of them is this outfit! It’s really adorable, and you can wear a turtleneck or collared top underneath it now for the cooler months! (How to accomplish it is detailed in this page!)

3 loft review

Chambray bow blouse:

I love a beautiful bow top, and like pretty much everything at LOFT, this one is ideal for work but will also be worn often outside of the office. I like the light chambray since it changes up the texture.Wear it with a skirt or a pair of ponte pants for work, a trench coat and a pair of white jeans for a fresh weekend look, or a skirt with OTK boots!

4 loft review

Springy sweater #1:

LOFT currently offers a tonne of super-cute sweaters that are ideal for the season. (That is, even if it’s still chilly outside, you can wear them now and FEEL like you’ve broken out of your winter wardrobe rut!) This one is my favourite since it has a lot of fine features and is available in various colours. 40% off!

5 loft review

Travel wrap:

I always recommend using one! It’s difficult to match this pricing for them since they are so useful on trains and flights, can be rolled up and used as pillows, and dress up even the most casual of outfits. 30% off!


6 loft review

Striped Midi Dress:

Midi dresses are SO amazing because you never have to worry about flashing someone when you bend over, a gust of wind blowing up at the wrong time, or—you get the picture—you flashing someone when you bend over.

Although this one is informal, dressing it up is really simple. It may be worn right away with boots (tights not required) and later with your favourite heels, flats, or vintage sneakers! This one may be worn in many ways.

7 loft review

Leopard skirt:

I will say this about LOFT micro skirts: I very much enjoy that they are just long enough to appear acceptable when worn to settings like the workplace, lunch with grandmother, etc. without seeming ugly. You can’t easily find those!

Although the leopard pattern is a touch louder than the average “statement” garment, that doesn’t mean it isn’t really adaptable. I fell in love with it.

With OTK boots, your favourite heels, and a moto jacket, wear it outside of the office!

8 loft review

Striped turtleneck:

which is now on sale, had to be included since who couldn’t use another one for backup? This one is different from a turtleneck t-shirt since it is ribbed, which I adore! 40% off!

9 loft review

Easy peplum blouse:

I like how elegant and feminine this top is; it seems like it might be from Anthropologie or Sezane. Undoubtedly something you’ll wear in the spring and summer, but you can wear it anytime. Put your favourite neutral boots on top of it and add a leather or suede jacket! 40% off!

10 loft review

Little red skirt:

WHAT DO I MEAN? To feel like Madeline when wearing this red skirt with cute ballerina flats, I need it now. maybe something. It makes a statement and is also both traditional and preppy. For spring, a trench coat will look ADORABLE with it!

11 loft review

Tweed shift dress:

Yet another stunning office outfit that seems to be 600 times more costly than it is. Tweed has recently piqued my interest. And by lately, I mean that while I haven’t exactly bought any tweed yet, I recently made the decision that I really wanted to. Both now and in the future, this item is ideal. Find plenty of ideas on how to wear a shift dress in this article, “How to wear a shift dress”!

12 loft review

Tweed mini:

The tweed parade is still going strong. Again, the ideal skirt length—not too short, nor too long—will have you swooning if you’re striving for a classic/preppy Parisian vibe. It makes me want to put it on with my cap toe pumps!

13 loft review

Springy sweater #2:

Comparable to the first, but somewhat different! I like it in white; it will become a spring wardrobe classic that you can wear year after year. Another adaptable item that you can wear to work and with skirts, shorts, and other clothing! 40% off!

I like this simple sweater vest with reversible sleeves. It’s reversible, which is a plus, and you can wear it with just about everything, too. Wear it while you travel, and keep it on the back of your chair at work. Wear it to yoga, wear it to brunch with leggings and sneakers—whatever! It quickly gives your ensemble gloss and is far more stylish than a sweatshirt! 40% off!


14 loft review



SO many of you gushed over their variety of outfits that are adorable enough to wear outside of the office yet great for the workplace. The fact that they provide both small and large sizes is also excellent, and you won’t feel like your clothes stale after wearing them since they are trendy yet still in style.

Your Knocks On Loft:

I’ve heard conflicting reports regarding the quality, particularly when it comes to the durability of the trousers. Bummer! However, I have heard positive things regarding their Ponte Pants from you, so I believe it’s more of a trial-and-error process and may vary by style.

About Loft’ Quality:

18 Loft-Review

Big tip: I believe a significant portion of this may have to do with how you’re washing your clothes. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people who claim that their clothing doesn’t hold up in the wash. I acknowledge that it isn’t, say, Everlane calibre, but we all already know that! I haven’t found anything from LOFT to be of worse quality than, say, Topshop or Zara, so I believe this is more of a care issue than a quality one.

Final Verdict

19 Loft-Review

Blouses, sweaters, and delicate dresses should always be hand washed in cold or warm water (you can easily do this in the sink by letting them soak or by throwing everything in the dishwasher?). Or, if you’re pressed for time, you may put them in a lingerie bag and wash them on the gentlest setting. After that, dry them on a towel by hanging or laying them flat. Additionally, try to avoid washing your clothing too often—not after every use. Only wash your items if they are really filthy since washing them wears them out and destroys them. Your clothing should last longer as a result, LOFT or not! Learn how to quit destroying all of your clothing by reading my laundry article right here!

All right, with that stated, take a look at some of my favourite extremely adorable new arrivals from LOFT! All of them are quite adaptable; you can wear them now and long into spring for both business and leisure. Additionally, all shirts and sweaters are 40% off! Which of these products would you want to see me style? I’m interested what you think.


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