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This is a Canadian retail chain that has 17 luxury men’s clothing stores. The private company is owned by Harry Rosen which accounted for around 40% Canadian market in menswear in 2008.

Know About Harry Rosen

It began in the year 1954 in East Toronto’s Cabbage town when both Harry and Lou who is his brother started a made-to-measure menswear store. It was Harry’s vision to be international men’s boutique that offers excellent clothing as well as men’s accessories.

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Top Interesting Facts To Know About Harry Rosen Clothing

1. It was not founded by Harry Rosen alone

The name of the company is Harry Rosen but it was a product of Harry as well as his brother Lou Rosen. They have an equal part to play in its creation. It was founded as a joint business at the age of 16

2. It was founded in  1954 in Toronto, Canada

Both brothers grew up in central Toronto in Cabbage Town. It was named after Irish immigrants who came here in the mid-19th century. The people of this town were poor and grew cabbage whenever they found sustenance. Later this town progressed and started representing the city where various cultures exist. Thus, it was here Harry Rosen was founded.

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3. The brand took inspiration from another clothing factory

Both the brothers wanted to have some exciting opportunities in a luxury fashion which is why they opened the store with the thought to understand how to operate with their own hands. Working the aforementioned jobs helped them to increase their expertise and they found success and figured out how to expand.

4. The location was a risk in the beginning

The 1961 relocation of their initial store was a great risk as changing the position to Financial District as this decision was not well received. The area had an undeveloped infrastructure and no commercial potential. However, this location currently is the best location for tourists visiting Toronto.

5. The brand takes a big percentage of the Canadian Market

Harry Rosen

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As of today, the brand has a major influence around the globe but majorly on the Canadian economy. It takes up the majority of the menswear Canadian market and surpasses other Canadian-based retail selling products.

6. It’s retain chain spread across the country

It took around 20 years for the company to reach beyond the areas of Toronto. Since its store opened at West Edmonton Mall in the year 1981, it has locations across Canada including Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, etc.

7. Harry Magazine offers a modern look on masculinity

In 1997 Harry magazine was launched. It was designed to offer great advice about unique and luxury menswear which now represents masculinity in today’s society. The magazine is running solid and keeps adjusting its focus and allows masculine people to get in touch with themselves. Also, it focuses on personal connection which has kept the magazine ahead of time.

8.  It is no longer run by the Rosen Brothers

The company is now run by Larry Rosen who is the oldest son of Harry. He was hired in the year 1984 and became the president in the year 1997. After a few years, he replaced Harry as CEO.

9. The company was started by borrowing money

The original store was built with a $500 down payment and this was borrowed money. At that time they didn’t know whether they were able to pay back this money or not.

10. The original founder invested a lot in Philanthropy

Harry Rosen

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After leaving the company in the year 2000, Harry decided to invest his time in philanthropy. He has been a part of the research behind mental health and appears in various promotional campaigns. Plus, Harry has done funding as well within cancer associations.

11. Harry got his lifetime achievement award

In the year 2001, Harry was given his lifetime achievement award by the Retail Council of Canada.

12. Harry Rosen has become an essential part of Canadian Culture

The company has been named important to the Canadian culture and was named among Canada’s 10 most admired Cultures in the year 2013. The award was offered after its 7-year-long streak of being a part of the top 50 of Canada’s best-managed private companies.

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