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What is Hammacher Schlemmer?

Hammacher Schlemmer is a Niles, Illinois based mail-order catalog and retail company which has been in business since 1848. It had been founded by one Charles Tollner. It is often considered America’s longest successful running catalog. What makes products from Hammacher Schlemmer stand out is the fact that they are extremely unique and one of a kind.

Although they can’t be compared to the other well-known catalog companies in the USA, they are surely doing something right in an age when people opt for Amazon and other such similar online giants, they have managed to stick around and still continue to go strong.

We’ve ordered things from Hammacher Schlemmer ourselves and though the level of the products and delivery has gone down from when our parents used to order, they’re still trying to make the most of their survival.

Why use Hammacher Schlemmer?

The question should rather be, why NOT use Hammacher Schlemmer? It is a one-stop website which has everything under one single site. Yes, no doubt it sounds similar to every other contemporary that exists out in the market but what sets them apart is the specially curated monthly catalogues, based on what you purchase from them.

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Features and Facts 

Now, what exactly are the features of Hammacher Schlemmer as a website, retailer and a long-standing company with a long history to support it? Given below is a quick list of the same.

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  • Hammacher Schlemmer had initially started off as a basic hardware store, back in 1848 in Manhattan’s Bowery.
  • The interesting bit about the name ‘Hammacher Schlemmer’ is that it actually comes from investors. A German investor by the name of Alfred Hammacher was the first to invest in the company, followed by Tollner’s nephew William Schlemmer. That’s how the name Hammacher Schlemmer came to be.
  • Although the company initially focused on hardware, after World War II, they shifted focus to luxury goods. From that, they started giving out collector’s items, travel, leisure items, recreational goods, office, kitchen products, garden utilities, electronic devices of all kinds, fantasy gifts and the like. In simple words, no matter what you needed, Hammacher Schlemmer had the answer to it all. Along with the expansion, they also started giving exciting Hammacher Schlemmer promo codes which helped customers avail
    exactly what they wanted at a discounted rate.
  • For products to feature in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and site, they must meet their stringent standards of not just being innovative but also those which will help uphold their promise of a ‘lifetime guarantee.’ They consider this of utmost importance due to which they also have an independent organization named ‘The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute’ (which was founded in 1983) which always ensures that the products they send out, matched their promise of –‘The Best, The Only and The Unexpected.’
  • An interesting fun-fact about the company is that it is owned by its employees. This is to say that every individual customer gets the undivided attention and support of an owner during any problems or troubles faced. This is something truly commendable and noteworthy in today’s self-service culture.

Buying, Shipping, Refund and Return

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Irrespective of whether the customer is from the United States or Canada the return policy for the same is as given below

In order to return a product, the customer must fill out a ‘return form.’ This form is usually attached along with the packing slip of the product when you receive it. However, in case you don’t have this form, include the following information with your return package

  • Most of their products can be returned for a refund, within one year from the shipping date. The refund is usually initiated to the original form of payment, minus the shipping and service charges. A return processing fee is also added according to the below-mentioned format –
  • Packages which are 10 pounds or less are assessed a $10.95 shipping fee.
  • Packages over 10 pounds are assessed a $14.95 shipping fee.
  • Certain products can also be returned for a refund, after one year from the shipping date. In such a case the refund will be in the form of a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate (the amount being, minus that of shipping and service charges.) Return processing fee for the same is as follows –
  • Packages which are 10 pounds or less are assessed a $10.95 shipping fee.
  • Packages over 10 pounds are assessed a $14.95 shipping fee
  • In order to avail the exchange of any product, you will have to fill-up the ‘return form’. This form is usually attached along with the packing slip of the product when you receive it.
  • Exchange of a product when being done within a year of shipping date can be done for either the same item or for a different item having the same value or more. If you opt to exchange it with an item having lesser value then the extra amount is returned to the original payment method. Products which cost more will obviously require and additional payment. Return processing fee for the same is as follows –
  • Packages which are 10 pounds or less are assessed a $10.95 shipping fee.
  • Packages over 10 pounds are assessed a $14.95 shipping fee.
  • Similarly, if the product you are willing to exchange exceeds one year from the date of shipping, if you wish to exchange the item with another item having a lesser value, then the difference in amount is returned to you in the form of a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate. Products which cost more will obviously require and additional payment. Return processing fee for the same is as follows –
  • Packages which are 10 pounds or less are assessed a $10.95 shipping fee.
  • Packages over 10 pounds are assessed a $14.95 shipping fee.
  • In case the product or particular model has been discontinued, customers are given a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate or the original price or they can opt to pay the difference in the amount in exchange for a current model or another product of their own choice. In case you opt for a product having a lesser value, the difference in amount is credited to you in the form of a gift certificate. (P.S – Shipping charges on the exchange of items may be applicable.)

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Also, it is to be noted that in such cases, refunds are only possible in the form of a Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Certificate.

The return method and amount for processing remain similar to the above-mentioned details.


(P.S. – Currently, they are not processing an exchange for products for Canadian customers. However, regarding any help necessary, you could always get in touch at 1-800-321-1484.)

  • Return and exchange processes usually take somewhere between two to three weeks. Returns or exchanges after the Holiday seasons usually take longer.

Pros and Cons

The pros of using Hammacher Schlemmer are pretty obvious and although the list may not be endless, the few pros should be enough to convince you.


  • The products available are one of a kind, most of which are sure to not be available elsewhere.
  • Their website is beautifully curated with separate headings for separate products such as – ‘Shop by Selections’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Apparel’, ‘Home’, ‘Outdoor’, ‘Personal Care’, ‘Sports and ‘Leisure’, ‘Toys’, ‘Travel’ and ‘Sale’. There is something for everyone.
  • Their amazing Hammacher Schlemmer promo codes, Hammacher Schlemmer military discounts (for the military personnel of the country) and various Hammacher Schlemmer coupons are sure to provide attractive prices at all times, which are bound have to you coming back for more.
  • Since the company is run and owned by employees, be rest assured that any and every problem you face, an owner will be there right by your side, guiding you through it all.
  • They’ve been around for 170+ years and continue to go strong, showing the trust and faith customers have in a tried and tested brand, especially in a time when everything is purchased online, sans any guarantee.
  • Their desire to give their best assures you that no matter what, the product which reaches your hand will surely be one of a kind and will be perfect.
  • They are very specific in the products they display, whether it is through their catalog or through their website. Unlike its present-day contemporaries who throw up a vast array of options which may contain the word you’ve entered in your search bar, Hammacher Schlemmer sticks to the specific kind you are looking for, filtering out all that is unnecessary.
  • Their detailed return and exchange policy are like no other. It is extremely well thought out and curated, keeping in mind that no matter what, it is always the customer who will benefit from it.
  • Their loyal customer base includes the likes of Sheikhs from Dubai, royals such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and famed celebrities, showing why the name Hammacher Schlemmer is a trusted brand not only in the USA and Canada but all around the world.


  • The time taken for their exchange and return policy is slightly longer than those of their contemporaries.
  • Their customer service isn’t always the best, although they try to keep up as much as possible.

Other than a couple of cons, which can honestly be overlooked, we come up with nothing when talking of cons regarding Hammacher Schlemmer. Goes on to show just how good the brand is, even after a hundred and seventy years later!

Unique Products with the Pricing

Like we have already mentioned above, Hammacher Schlemmer is known to have some very unique products which are sure to not be found elsewhere. An example of the same is given below.

A range of certain item which you shall ONLY find in Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  • Projection Clock at $79.95
  • Eye Fatigue Preventing Glass at $79.95
  • Hidden Camera Speaker at $149.95
  • Galileo Weather Station Clock for $79.95
  • Perfect Light Condition Sunglasses at $149.95
  • Portable Party Table at $59.95
  • Instant Sun Protecting Playpen at $159.95
  • The Grillzebo at $199.95
  • 21st Century Ultra Light Electricycle at $1,400
  • Traveller’s Folding Electric Scooter at $2,800

All this and more…

Yes, you can avail all these quirky items and thousands of other similar products from Hammacher Schlemmer. Also, if the prices seem a little too high, then use a Hammacher Schlemmer promo code or Hammacher Schlemmer coupon to avail a discounted price for the same.

In case you are army personnel, you could also avail a special Hammacher Schlemmer military discount.

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