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If you’re just getting started out in the sneaker game you may well find it overwhelming with the amount of marketplaces there are in the industry. There’s plenty of different options available and they all claim to be the best, so it can be quite a frightening task choosing where exactly you want to buy or sell your kicks. Here at The Sole Supplier we’ve taken a deep dive into some of the biggest marketplaces on the internet, to give you an informative rundown of each option.

Today the focus is on none other than GOAT, one of the largest marketplaces on the internet today. Allowing users to buy and sell both new and used kicks, whatever you’re looking for it’s likely that GOAT has it in stock. Read on below right here for all the information you need so you can buy and sell in confidence!

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What is GOAT?

Launched in 2015 after founder Daishin Sugano got stung with a fake pair of Air Jordan 5s via eBay, GOAT is a sneaker reselling platform that allows users to resell their sneakers through a fully moderated system that prevents fakes from getting through or packages not arriving. The site accepts deadstock (brand-new) and used sneakers and allows those who missed out on the initial release of pairs a chance to buy them again on the resell market. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell the latest release or a rare pair from the past, GOAT is one of the most popular options out there right now.


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How to buy on GOAT

From a user perspective, buying from GOAT is a relatively simple process. First you must select the sneakers you wish to buy from the extensive range available and next you need to decide if you’re looking for a new or used pair. New pairs will come exactly as you’d buy them from a retail store, whereas used can vary in condition and will always be accompanied by images.

Next up you need to select your size, where the price will be displayed also. There are often varying options including “pre-verified” which means the sneakers are in-stock at GOAT’s warehouse and ready to be shipped, or sneakers that need to be verified, meaning the seller will need to ship them to GOAT for authentication first.

All taxes and import duties are included in the price displayed at the checkout, meaning you won’t be hit with any unexpected fees before delivery. Finally, simply select your chosen payment method and complete the transaction, before you know it your new sneakers should be arriving at your door!


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How to sell on GOAT

GOAT operates a strict policy when it comes to sellers to avoid any form of scam taking place. In order to sell via GOAT one must first apply to become an approved seller, the process involves confirming ID and answering a set of application questions to try and eliminate any scammers early doors. Obviously it would be impossible to totally stop this but GOAT does a great job of picking out obvious fake accounts from the get to. After you’ve been verified the selling process becomes fairly simple.

If you’re selling used sneakers it’s essential you take clear photos that depict any flaws otherwise they’ll be rejected, whereas with new sneakers you simply need to state if there are any defects with the pair or box. Then you can choose to either ship your sneakers to GOAT’s warehouse so they achieve “pre-verified” status (this way they may sell faster), or choose to keep them in-hand and then ship them as soon as they sell. Once the sneakers have been verified you’ll then receive your payout!


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How does GOAT authenticate goods?

GOAT offers a strict authentication policy meaning that it’s virtually impossible for fake sneakers to make it through onto the marketplace. All pairs are authenticated in-house by a team of experts who also use digital authentication methods to ensure that all sneakers that make it onto the platform are of the best possible standard. The team goes through a lengthy process to log every single detail of each new release to ensure that fakes don’t slip through the net.

This way you can totally relax when you purchase sneakers through GOAT. After you’ve hit the purchase button you can let the dedicated authentication team do all the hard work, so say goodbye to meticulously checking seller pictures yourself.


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Does GOAT have legit sellers?

As we mentioned before, any seller that wants to sell items on GOAT has to go through a very strict identification process, meaning that fake accounts are flagged pretty early doors. For the most part, it’s safe to assume that most sellers operating on the platform are safe to buy from. While the team is doing everything they can to prevent any unauthorised activity, it’s important to remember that accidents do still happen and things can slip through the net. If you’re looking to purchase a pair of kicks hassle-free you can trust that the sellers already on the platform are safe to buy from.


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Is GOAT legit?

GOAT is a heavily moderated marketplace that is very safe to buy or sell your kicks on. They’re an established business that have been around for several years now and know the ins and outs of the industry. If you’ve been eyeing up a pair on GOAT or if you’ve got a decent collection to shift then it could be a great choice to reduce the stress of selling! We hope that this guide has helped you out and has answered your questions regarding GOAT, so while you’re here make sure to check out the rest of our site and keep it locked in right here at The Sole Supplier for all the latest sneaker and streetwear updates!


Do GOAT sell fake shoes?

GOAT authenticate every shoe they receive, whether that be a brand-new pair or a used pair. You can put your trust in the fact that every sneaker you purchase on the platform has passed through the hands of their authenticators.

Can you return on GOAT?

GOAT will accepts returns on: “New In Box, New No Box, GOAT Clean, apparel purchases, and accessory purchases” so long as they are returned in exactly the same condition. Make sure you check GOAT’s return policy for the item you are purchasing.


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