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Are you in search of a good content delivery network? A CDN is an interrelated system of computers that are known to offer web content to various users by replicating the content. However, the main aim of a CDN is to provide content to its users along with great availability as well as great performance.

No doubt, there are many content delivery networks available in the market but relying on any one of them can be a bit foolish decision. To clear your confusion about a good CDN, Stackpath is here to the rescue. This is the fastest-growing content distribution network in the market. There has been a rise from US$7.5 billion to US$30.9 billion profit to this network.

The company was founded in 2015 and reached a $200 million annual revenue rate in 2018. Stackpath has a lot to offer to its customers and brings great benefits to their businesses. This is the main reason behind its solid market presence and customer satisfaction.

Incredible Features of Stackpath


Stackpath has some amazing features which include WAF functionality, SSL, as well as for analytics. Along with that, it offers its CDN services to more than 45 locations all across the globe.

The company offers many other features as well which are mentioned below:

  • Real-time reporting
  • DDoS protection is beneficial in protecting the website from large traffic aiming to bring it offline.
  • It also offers network as well as app protection.
  • Website acceleration via CDN
  • Plus, encrypt edge certification
  • Web app farewell that protects your website from any sort of online threats

Apart from all these features, there is more on the list. It clearly shows that Stackpath and its features are nothing but a sort of blessing for your business.

  • Easy to use – Stackpath is completely easy to use for businesses and companies with IT members. However, it does require some kind of professional and technical knowledge to operate it. But at last, it does bring great benefits.
  • Reporting as well as logging – another feature of this CDN is its reporting and logging feature is simple to use and is very great. You will able to have a view of your traffic and its location. Plus, you will be able to catch up on where you need to improve your optimization.
  • Performance – in terms of performance feature, there are certain factors that you need to focus on such as:
  • Content size – the average size offered by Stackpath is 725kb.
  • Caching – it has very good ad improved caching performance.
  • Location – Stackpath is faster for locations like Australia, Europe, etc. that enhances its overall performance.
  • Price – it offers three different pricing plans. The first plan is the pro plan available at $20 per month, the second plan is the business plan for $200 per month and the third plan is the enterprise plan for $2000 per month. Every plan has its unique features and qualities.
  • Support: Stackpath offers a very responsive technical support via different channels. One can get in touch with the support team round the clock without facing any problem.


Stackpath CDN is incredibly the best choice you can make. It is value for money as it offers great features at nominal prices. The recent or upcoming improvements in this CDN makes it an absolute user-friendly solution. You should definitely go for it for the sake of your business. It offers incredibly helpful management tools to manage your data and business. Also, it has a very user-friendly setup which doesn’t require much effort and time. Thus, it is a highly recommended and easy-to-use CDN with equally affordable pricing.

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