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I have heard a lot of research about how it isn’t good for your health to sit all day at a desk. Sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk for many conditions, not the least of which is shortened life span! Then my sister-in-law told how they had gotten standing desks at her work place and she how much really liked the new office arrangement. So I decided it was time for me to hop on that band wagon. I did a little more research and I found a beautiful sit to stand adjustable desk for my home office which I will share with you today. I received a Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk in order to facilitate my review. All opinions shared my my own.

Review of Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

So first of all, you may be wondering, “What is a standing desk?” Well, it is a desk where the surface is high enough that you can stand while you work at it.

If you are now wondering, “Would a standing desk make you tired?” The answer to that is that movement is key to avoid strained muscles. The perfect balance is sitting and standing in rotation with at least 15-30 minutes of standing each hour. That is why I am so happy to share this Flexispot standing desk review. It is a sit to stand adjustable desk.

A Flexispot Standing Desk is so much more than just a desk with a high working surface! We are talking a chic desk with aesthetic appeal that allows you to to go from a sitting desk to a standing desk with the ease of pushing an electrically operated button. It looks great while it is a healthier lifestyle choice too. Let me share all the details!

Sit To Stand Adjustable Desk

A sit to stand adjustable desk means that you can move the work surface up and down to suit your preferences of standing or sitting. The Flexispot Kana Pro Standing Desk is also an electric height adjustable desk which means that with the touch of a button, it will slide up or down into your programed height settings.

This is so important because, realistically, there is no way you will go to the effort of changing from standing to sitting if it involves you manually having to adjust things every 30 minutes. The powerful dual motor lifting system makes this so easy and the the simple control panel is perfect! There is a sitting and standing button so that you can set to your preferences. Then all you have to do is it that button once and the electric motor slides the desk surface down or up, right into place. It feels sort of like magic since I have never owned or seen a desk do this!

How tall should a standing desk be? Flexispot height adjustable desk customizes to you!

Because we are all different heights, your standing desk should be able to meet your specific needs. You want to be able to have your arms bent at about a 90 degree angle to your desk when you are standing. The flexispot height adjustable desk allows you to push the up button until it slides to a spot you feel is perfect height for you. There is also an electric read out panel that shows that exact height so you can preset your sit and stand buttons to be just right for you. The preset heights are so convenient! And you always have the flexibility of pushing it up or down a little to suit your project needs.

With a standing desk, you need a good quality desk that is sturdy because the center of gravity gets lifted and you don’t want it to topple over. The Flexispot sit stand desk design has an enhanced structure that ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and at the highest levels. It has a loading capacity of 275 lbs! The adjustable height range is from 23.6″-49.2″. The maximum height is almost 50 inches- so plenty tall. It feels very safe and secure.

The Flexispot electric standing desk also has enhanced safety features. It has child lock for those working from home an it has an anti-collision feature that detects and prevents collisions before they happen.


Bamboo Desk Tops

I just love the beautiful and sustainable bamboo desktop of the Flexispot electric height adjustable desk. It is a high quality top surface and it attaches easily to the steel frame. The heavy T-style legs make for a very sturdy desk. I love the natural elegance of bamboo work space built into this ergonomic desk. It has twice the durability of ordinary wood, and a lacquer coating to help resist scratches, water and insects. I already tested it accidentally with some pastel rubbings when I was using the desktop for my artwork. I was impressed how easily the pastels came off the bamboo surface.

Another cool thing is that you can pick your Bamboo Desktop Shape and Size. There are four different sizes available and two different shapes. Desktop sizes range from 48” x 24” all the way up to 78” x 30”. So it can be a great desk for small spaces and large spaces. You can also choose frame colors.

Adjustable Standing Desk With Cable Management System

There is a built in groove with a cable management tray that goes over it that hides the cables below the desk. This is a super nice feature to keep the workstation tidy, organized and safe. There is even an optional upgrade so you can have a handy desk top power strip socket outlet with a USB-A port and a USB-C port. This dual usb charger is the ultimate modern luxury feature for a desk!


I just love what my Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk does for my office space. I think it gives the entire office a nice clean open feel of ample space. I also love what it does for my physical health by making it so much easier to avoid sitting or standing for long periods. I absolutely think that it is a way better option than a standard desk!

Are you interested in trying out this healthier way to work? It is said to that standing desks are helpful for all kinds of conditions like lower-back pain and varicose veins. I hope you found this Flexispot standing desk review helpful.

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