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There are always possibilities in the internet fashion market. A new store will occasionally open up with innovative ideas.

The majority of these shops have gorgeous items that appeal to fashionistas. And some people actually mean well, and they’ve succeeded in developing dependable reputations over time.

Due to the similarity of many internet stores, it is difficult to determine which one is trustworthy. Review is the finest way to learn this. However, a lot of these shops employ effective PR tactics. So they can readily refute any accusation levelled against them.

About Flamingo Clothing Store


Women’s clothing retailer Flamingo operates exclusively online. They deal in women’s clothing, which ranges from matching sets, lingerie, and activewear to jeans, jackets, and coats. They have whatever you can think of.

The Flamingo apparel business is of the opinion that style and quality do not necessarily have to be pricey. Even the greatest of the best can be reasonably priced and easy on your wallet.

What Products Does Flamingo Shop Offer?

Flamingo Shop is similar to the majority of websites that sell quick fashion. They market a variety of contemporary goods in various shapes, hues, and styles. But Flamingo Shop has a specialty.

They market vivacious, colourful, and seductive goods. Flamingo Shop may be the place for you if you’re seeking for something cute and adventurous, informal and trendy.

Every day, they introduce new dresses, tops, bottoms, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, and a wide variety of other clothing items.


Is Flamingo Shop Affordable or Expensive?

Flamingo Shop’s merchandise pricing are relatively inexpensive, like many new businesses trying to draw clients. As a result, you can shop there without going broke.

The Flamingo Shop website offers items like undergarments and swimwear for as little as $10. Pants, shirts, and dresses start at $50.

The website also features a unique sales category. Customers can benefit from up to 70% off some products as a result.

Flamingo Shop’s Shipping Policy

Their website states that shipping takes between 7 and 10 working days. The time it takes to process and package the ordered goods for shipping ranges from 2 to 7 days. Shipping happens once packaging is finished.

Products from Flamingo Shop are sent from Asian factories. Currently, they deliver goods to the EU, Canada, Mexico, the UK, the US, and the UK.

Additionally, they provide free delivery on any order of merchandise totaling more than $49. Additionally, Flamingo Shop guarantees that, barring unforeseen circumstances, the complete delivery process won’t take longer than 10 to 14 working days.

Does Flamingo Shop Offer Quality Products?

Due to the fact that Flamingo Shop is a young company, there aren’t many client testimonials regarding the calibre of their goods.

However, based on the few reviews posted on various customer review sites, we can infer that the product’s quality isn’t the best.

This is hardly shocking, though, as many quick fashion companies are known to forgo quality in favour of quantity.

What Are The Payment Options?

Like many other online platforms, Flamingo Shop accepts payments through methods that are accessible to users anywhere. They accept PayPal, Klarna, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Discover JCB.

Returning consumers haven’t yet voiced any payment-related complaints. Additionally, there have been no allegations of Flamingo Shop sharing consumer information.

Flamingo Shop’s Return And Refund Policy

The online fashion market includes a sizable portion for returns and refunds. Customers frequently change their minds regarding supplied items or are unhappy with what they get.

The Flamingo Shop website claims that they wish to gain your trust. So, you can return the goods you receive if you’re unhappy with them. Conditions do, however, apply.

Prior to returning the goods, you must first notify Flamingo Shop of your return. Customers should first email the business at that address.

Pros and Cons

We have summed up a couple of negative and positive features for you to analyze the brand at your fingertips. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Free downloads of the Flamingo app can be found on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Free delivery is offered on purchases above $49
  • No information is lacking
  • The website was launched in 2013.
  • HTTPS security


  • Deals appear too good to be true.
  • no formal social media presence

Customer Reviews

On the Flamingo apparel store’s official website, there are no client testimonials to be found. We discovered the three thousand evaluations posted on the reliable website trustpilot after expanding our study.

47% of customers gave them a 5-star rating and stated that they believed the brand was exceptional, while 14% stated that they thought the brand was good. While 32% of customers were dissatisfied and gave them a negative review, 7% of customers believe that this is just as usual as any other store.

Is It worth Shopping from?

Even if we spend thousands of dollars on our clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and accessories, there is no harm in testing a company that advertises high-quality apparel and actually delivers on its promises. Many individuals agree that it was worthwhile to spend money at the Flamingo clothes store.

Promotions and Discounts

All of the clothing available on the Flamingo Clothing store’s website is offered for astonishment-low costs. Their coats and jackets start at $19.99, their denim jeans collections start at $9.99, their matching sets start at $8.99, their bottoms start at $6.99, their tops and sweaters and cardigans start at $4.99 for activewear, and their lingerie starts at $2.99.

All things at Flamingo Clothing Store are discounted up to 80%. Additionally, every buyer will receive an additional flat 15% discount of all purchases.



Is Flamingo Clothing Store Trustworthy?

The Flamingo Clothing Store currently has over 16000 reviews, with an aggregate rating of 3.4 stars. This demonstrates the legitimacy of the website. There may be questions about the sizing, quality, and timing of delivery, but based on customer reviews, they received and appreciated everything they ordered.

Additionally, the website is three years old as it has been operational since 2018. Data transmission between the domain’s servers is secure since HTTPS encryption is used., which is a reputable website, is its registrar. Instead, only 14%, which is extremely low, was discovered to be their trust index.

Final Thoughts

You must conduct research, read reviews, and determine whether the website is legitimate before making a purchase from any online retailer, new or old. Whether or whether it is worthwhile for you to spend even a single coin here.

We think the website is genuine and reliable based on our investigation, user evaluations, and website policies. Customers can shop on the website with confidence.

The fact that the website has been there for some time gives customers more confidence, yet because of its low trust rating, we are dubious.

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