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Scoopbiz is still primarily a blog about watching movies, but today I wanted to comment on something else. Because I was not born with perfect vision, I occasionally need to wear glasses. I recently got a new prescription, so I started looking for some delicious frames. Too much Hello Counselor, apparently, has influenced me to want to replace my customary wayfarer style glasses with some rounder ones. Since round frames don’t seem to be in high demand in the UK, I looked for some international vendors and came upon Firmoo.


Firmoo bills itself as a “Global Online Optical Store” and provides affordable prescription eyewear all around the world. Although they have a New York address and have set their default currency to the US dollar, their production is actually situated in China. It is simple to locate reviews of their glasses because they offer a very user-friendly service, a wide range of discounts, some free glasses for new clients, and free eyewear in exchange for reviews from bloggers. It’s challenging to determine whether these reviews were sincere given that the client received a free item. Since I am not affiliated with Firmoo, I wish to express an unbiased opinion of their goods and services.

Firmoo Overview


Firmoo is your one-stop optical destination for customized eyewear services and professional treatment guidance.

We were founded in 2009 by a group of opticians and architects who believed that eyeglasses should be fashionable rather than expensive. This came from a desire to provide everyone on the earth with the convenience of receiving quality eyecare at an affordable price.

As of right now, we have more than 1,000,000 customers that have signed up, and our market is global. With years of experience in the optical industry, every fabrication of focal points is handled by trained professionals in our own processing plant, and our labs strictly abide by FDA regulations. Additionally, each of our products bears the CE certificate mark, indicating that it has been tested and approved.



Ordering and Delivery

Numerous frames in a variety of sizes and forms are available from Firmoo. I spent hours searching the internet for some unique glasses, and while Firmoo doesn’t carry any high-end, designer brands, they do have a delicious assortment. It’s simple to select a few favourites if brand recognition isn’t your goal.

Despite letting you upload your own photo, their “try on” tool is very insufficient and only serves as a style guide rather than a size reference. Customers can submit and embed photographs and videos of themselves using their Firmoo glasses, which are included on pertinent sites and help to exhibit the frames. They also have access to specific measurements and weight for every frame.

As with any prescription eyewear services, Firmoo offers a number of extras during checkout, such as tints and a range of coatings, which may incur additional fees depending on what you choose. People may also review and ask questions about the glasses they have either purchased or are examining.




Each pair of glasses comes with a Firmoo-branded case, a cleaning cloth, a second slip case, a small screwdriver, and extra screws in case you need to do any maintenance on them. Although I’ve purchased prescription glasses before, this is the first time I’ve gotten a specialized screwdriver and new screws. Although I hope for long-lasting durability, having such a tool is beneficial.

The quality of the glasses varies, at least among the ones I purchased. One pair in particular that doesn’t sit quite straight on my face is my biggest complaint. One side doesn’t open as smoothly and completely as the other, which appears to be caused by one of the temple components being slightly out of alignment. It’s possible that such a flaw developed during production or that it twisted as a result of being awkwardly clamped in the case. It’s a bothersome problem, but one that might be resolved with some diligent flexing.

The other two pairs are almost flawless, with the exception of a very minor and barely detectable scratch on one of the other frames. The screws were all firmly fastened, the lenses appear secure, and the prescription appears to be precise so far.



Final Thoughts

Overall, despite a few hiccups, I’m happy with my new glasses and am hopeful that they will outlast my old ones, which have been in good condition for the past four years. My needs were met by Firmoo’s glasses, and despite a few small concerns with quality and accuracy, they had a truly amazing range of frames. If the glasses hold up, I will update this article in a month or two with some observations on their lifetime and durability, and if not for the coating, I would probably still buy from Firmoo.

Since I bought my Firmoo glasses, it has been almost a year, and I’m delighted to say there have been no new problems. They are still in excellent operating condition and I use them every day. The arms have gotten a touch slack over time, as is typical for glasses, but the screwdriver provided makes it simple to fix. I recently bought a different pair of glasses from Firmoo without any coating, and while I didn’t notice much of a difference, I don’t reside in a nation with very high UV indices.


I’ve noticed that the provided cloth is generally preferred to wipe the lenses.I’ve tried cleaning them using towels from other glasses that are not from Firmoo, but I’ve never been able to get them as clean as I’d like. It does seem like the cloth provided by Firmoo is a tiny bit coarser than the standard glasses cloth.



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