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Endy is a canadian company that crafts one all-foam mattress in a box based on years of extensive research. Their mattresses are made with a proprietary blend of foams for a medium firmness feel that most customers love. They are also socially conscious, donating mattresses and sleep prodcuts to a variety of charity partners across canada for those that need them most.

Endy’s Specifics

Endy is a canadian-based mattress-in-a-box company that has a special social conscious focus to their business. When it comes to their mattress, they offer one all-foam mattress that comes at a universally comfortable medium-firm profile. Some of their differentiators include less motion transfer and better temperature regulation. Their proprietary endy foam allows for additional airflow than competitors. Most customers love their endy mattresses. Those that had issues were mostly concerned with initial-firmness disagreements.

Quality of Materials

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Endy crafts an all-foam mattress with a blend of specialty foams designed to keep things cool while providing lasting comfort for most sleepers. Here is what’s inside:

Layer 1: the cover is a hypoallergenic stretch-knit cover, sewn in montreal

Layer 2: a thick layer of endy comfort foam has an open-cell design that keeps temperature regulated. It has a pressure-relieving feel that reacts slowly while adapting to the body.

Layer 3: a layer of transition foam provides the gradual transfer of energy while providing support for the spine while not detracting from the pressure relief above.

Layer 4: The support layer is a thick piece of base foam that provides foundational support to align the spine and keep your back properly propped up.

Overall Comfort

Most agree that the Endy mattress is comfortable, though that there are some that have reported that it is softer than they expected so if you are a stomach sleeper or heavier in body-type, do additional research before purchasing.


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The endy mattress is a medium firmness bed. It is softer than others with similar all-foam builds — being ideal for medium and smaller sized back and side sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

For most light and medium weight sleepers, there should be spinal alignment and back pain relief. For heavier sleepers, the softness could cause discomfort from a lack of support.


for most folks, the endy foam should provide a good amount of cooling with its open-cell technology and temperature regulating technology. For extremely warm sleepers, there may still be slight heat retention.

Who Is The Endy Mattress Right For?

People looking for a medium firmness mattress and have a medium / light build will do great with this mattress. It is best for side sleepers that need additional pressure relief in the hips and shoulders.

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