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Has a pair of shoes ever been as despised as Crocs? The shoe has been the target of numerous stink pieces and criticism for its, should we say, distinctive style. It’s blocked. A slipper it is. It is made of a plastic material.

Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr. founded Crocs in 2002 after becoming aware of an antibacterial resin foam created by Foam Creations. They created their first shoe, the Beach, a waterproof boat shoe style, using this newly created injection-molded foam. They debuted the shoe at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show (of course), and the 200 pieces they had built at the time were quickly sold out.

The sneakers were a great hit and have since sold millions of pairs worldwide.

The brand appears to be recession-proof in spite of multiple unstable economic environments. Just as the previous crisis got underway in 2008, Crocs lost an estimated $185 million, slashed almost 2,000 employees, and shuttered hundreds of locations throughout the globe. Many people believed that this meant the brand was doomed because the corporation was left with hundreds of thousands of extra items. However, Crocs finally made a comeback.




Particularly in comparison to the Goodyear-welted dumbbells we typically discuss, Crocs are incredibly lightweight. They make use of Croslite, a foamable EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a patented substance that swells in a mould. Because of the foaming process, the shoes are extremely light, which is great if you intend to be on your feet for an extended period of time. Additionally, the novel substance makes them…


Few people will argue that Crocs are uncomfortable in order to defend themselves. In addition to being lightweight, the EVA material can be moulded to fit your feet. Many people who work in hard occupations that necessitate all-day standing can be seen wearing them; they were once designated as an approved shoe by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Water-resistant and permeable

The Classic Clog’s distinctive whack-a-mole surface is what gives Crocs its distinctive appearance. They are the perfect summer shoe since they also let water drain easily and your feet breathe.

Simple to Clean

They are also simple to clean because they are waterproof. Crocs can be kept clean with just soap and water, while other shoes need specialized cleaners, brushes, and polishes to get them back to how they were before a spill.


The Crocs Classic Clog is about $45 in price. That is around three times less expensive than a pair of Birkenstock Bostons, the obscure rival and inspiration for the @muleboyz trend.


Just like its shoes, Crocs as a corporation has survived through all of its ups and downs. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Crocs’ publicly traded company’s stock has increased by almost 300 percent. Therefore, even though you might or might not put on a pair of its clogs, you could invest in CROX stocks and profit.




Although Crocs won’t break the bank, they could damage your reputation. They are likened to “chopped off garden shoes” in this old Washington Post article. Additionally, a nice Facebook group with over a million members opposes Crocs. Of course, people closest to you will be the ones to criticize you for wearing shoes whose cousin is Swiss cheese.

Not Replenishable

You probably aren’t reading this post if you’re seeking for a pair of shoes that you can take to your neighbourhood cobbler to get the soles replaced. Since Crocs are not Goodyear-welted shoes, you will need to purchase additional of them when they wear out.

They’re worn out

While some consider it to be an icon, others contend that its durability actually works against them. To put it another way, Chris Black, a partner at the branding agency Public Announcement, told the New York Times that “It’s played out.”

So, Crocs: Should You Buy Them?

Yes. Purchasing Crocs is a good idea.

Crocs earned their notoriety due to their usefulness, just like many other so-called essential items and classic clothes. Even though they are completely ridiculous, the shoes are very functional. They’ve proven themselves in the field, much like a pair of Goodyear welted boots, and have received accolades from many non-fashion types for their comfort and waterproofness.


Although it might not be what we often consider a classic aesthetic, “form follows function,” as the saying goes. Crocs are the footwear of choice if you’re seeking for something durable and functional. They also come in more than 35 different colours.

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