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There is a strong possibility that if you have been trying to lose weight since the start of the New Year, you have heard of Bulletproof coffee, or Butter Coffee as some people prefer to call it.

What does the research say about the combination of butter and coffee as a weight-loss aid? Some people swear by it, while others dismiss it as just another health craze, on par with kale shakes and juice fasts.

bulletproof coffee

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

It’s a blended beverage made with premium coffee, grass-fed butter, and either coconut oil or MCT oil.

The goal is to replicate the effects of intermittent fasting by avoiding proteins and carbohydrates, both of which stimulate the release of the hormone insulin, which can result in the storage of fat. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can actually have a significant impact on life expectancy, in addition to benefits beyond weight control.

According to the plan, eating just fats in the morning allows you to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting without feeling hungry or wasting time at work. This seems to be the perfect solution for busy but health-conscious individuals.


This does not, however, entail blending a stick of butter into your instant coffee; that is disgusting!

No, you pick high-quality coffee that is low in mold toxins (Beans from Central America have the lowest levels), grass-fed butter, and MCT oil, then combine it in a powerful blender. Quite easy.

Does It Work?

bulletproof coffee

Yes, it does. There isn’t much disputing it, based on my knowledge and experience, that this is a straightforward question.

It promotes fat reduction, stops hunger for hours, is simple to prepare, and stimulates gradually.

MCT oil, which is made of fatty acids and is obtained from coconut oil, enables your body to produce ketones, which serve as the body’s main source of energy, fast. MCTs are becoming increasingly well-liked because to their range of health advantages, from fat loss to the most current studies looking at its impact on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Although Dave Asprey is undoubtedly true in his critique of the majority of coffee, he suffers from toxic concerns far more than the average person, therefore I don’t see the need to buy his own brand. This is also due to the fact that every coffee must adhere to far tighter mould toxicity standards than in the USA due to its location in the UK. In essence, the great majority of individuals will be OK with a nice bean, ideally from a single source Central American grower, and ideally organic.

bulletproof coffee

Benefits of It?

1) Fat burning Although there is conflicting evidence, an overall correlation suggests that a rise in metabolic rate and satiety can be beneficial.

2) Consistent and long-lasting energy supply. The combination of MCTs and caffeine results in a wonderful, calm sensation of energy that lasts for hours without the crash that comes from simple sugars and carbohydrates. L-Theanine can be added to further improve this.

3) Simple and quick to prepare. It is perfect for the busy individual who commutes because you can pack it in a thermos and carry it with you, plus it takes considerably less time to prepare than a complete meal. And who isn’t busy these days?

4) Gut wellness. Your gut flora will benefit greatly from the polyphenols in the coffee and the benefits of the MCT. The role of gut health and the gut-brain axis is being increasingly studied. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, MCT enhances overall gut health in both rats and humans by reducing intestinal permeability and healing the gut lining.

bulletproof coffee

How Do They Relate With Willpower?

Well, our energy levels and general health are among the most crucial variables in having strong and sustained willpower.

One method to do this is through the consistent and potent energy and focus that caffeine provides, which is one of several ways to make Bulletproof Coffee. Additionally, the health advantages of ketosis keep us fit but most significantly, they sustain the health of our brains. Strong willpower requires a healthy brain, which can only be attained by avoiding energy peaks and crashes, which might result from eating sugary meals.

From Where To Purchase Bulletproof Coffee?

You may still purchase all of the official Bulletproof items from the US Bulletproof web store if you reside in the UK.

(Top Tip: See whether there is a valid coupon code.)

The Bulletproof store can deliver packages to most European addresses, including those in the UK. You must purchase from the US store to get the entire selection, but you may have to pay customs duties.

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