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Boxed is an online warehouse club that delivers bulk groceries, household goods, and paper goods directly to your home.

Unlike some popular brick-and-mortar warehouse clubs, Boxed does not have a mandatory membership fee.

However, the company offers a membership option that features a lower free shipping threshold and same-day grocery delivery option in select areas.

This article reviews how Boxed works, the pros and cons of the service, and how it compares with other grocery delivery services.

What is Boxed?

Boxed is a bulk warehouse club that’s similar to Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. The major differences are that Boxed operates fully online and does not require a membership.


Boxed caters to both households and businesses by offering bulk groceries, paper goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and office supplies.

Because the company sells in bulk, its products often have a lower price per unit (i.e., the cost per pound, ounce, or other unit of measurement) than that of other retailers.

Boxed Up

Boxed Up is Boxed’s optional membership service. It costs $49 per year and offers free shipping on orders over $19.98.

Boxed Up members earn 2% back on all their Boxed purchases in the form of store credit. Additionally, some discounts are only available to Boxed Up members.

Boxed Express

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Boxed Express offers same-day grocery delivery from Costco and Lidl in select metro areas.

Unlike other grocery delivery services, Boxed Express mostly offers bulk purchases rather than more standard product sizes.

There aren’t any extra fees associated with using Boxed Express, although it’s customary to tip the person who fulfills and delivers your order.

However, the Boxed website explains that even in areas where Boxed Express is available, delivery slots are limited and fill up quickly.


Unlike traditional warehouse clubs, Boxed does not charge a membership fee to use its service.

However, because it’s a delivery-only service, you’ll be charged a shipping fee of $6.99 on orders less than $75.

Boxed Up is $49 per year but features free shipping on any order over $19.98 — along with 2% back in rewards on every order, which you can apply to future purchases.


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Although there are no extra fees for using Boxed Express, items you order through this service may be more expensive than if you were to purchase them directly from Costco or Lidl.

Boxed does not charge customers a membership fee, although you can join the $49 annual BoxedUp program to earn extra perks and rewards like free shipping on orders over $19.98.

The shipping fee starts at $6.99 and applies to orders under $79 without a membership and under $19.98 with a membership.

Boxed currently has a discount and signup promtion giving you 20% off your first order with free shipping:

What Can You Order From Boxed?

Boxed grocery delivery service was created to offer a one-stop destination for all the groceries you need on a weekly or monthly basis.


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Boxed has over 1,000 items to choose from, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and staples like bread and coffee.

Boxed ships from the warehouse to your door in 1-4 business days.

The Boxed Box is packed with everything you need for healthy meals at home. Boxes are tailored to your individual needs, so it’s possible to create a Box with just vegan items or gluten-free items. Boxes can also be customized to dietary preferences, including kosher, halal, and vegetarian options. They also offer organic foods available and have partnered with small and local farmers in many Boxed Boxes.

Boxed also includes recipes like easy dinner ideas or easy keto meals to help you plan meals for the week or month. Boxed members can read on Boxed website that is full of recipe ideas and meal planning tips to make dinnertime easier than ever before!

How To Order From Boxed

You can order from Boxed through their app, but you can also go to

Boxed will send a delivery person to your house if you order with the app. If you order from, Boxed will deliver the groceries in a cooler with dry ice, and the groceries will be left on your porch or at your doorstep.

Here’s how to get started:

  • To start ordering from the Boxed app, you need to download the Boxed app from the App Store or Google Play store and create an account.
  • The Boxed menu is sorted by food type, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. To place an order on the Boxed app, tap “Order Now” and select a Box size to see the available options for that Box type.
  • To start ordering from Boxed’s website, you need to go to and create an account; Boxed will then send a delivery person to your house or leave the Box of groceries on your doorstep if you ordered Boxes from Boxed website.



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Typically, Boxed ships orders within 1 business day after you place them, and shipping can take 1–3 business days. Carriers like UPS or FedEx deliver the orders.

Through Boxed Express, you can select same-day delivery if it’s available. A Boxed shopper fulfills these orders in the store and delivers them to you.


Boxed delivers to the 48 contiguous U.S. states, but it’s not currently available in Alaska or Hawaii. Additionally, the company cannot deliver to post office (PO) boxes or military post office addresses.

Boxed Express availability is limited to certain metro areas. You can check the Boxed website to see whether Boxed Express is available in your zip code. If there’s no Costco or Lidl in your area, you can safely assume that Boxed Express will not be available either.

Customer service

The Boxed app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can also place orders directly on the company’s website.

To contact customer service, you can send an email using the Contact Us form on the website or send a message on social media.

Comparison with other delivery services


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Here’s how Boxed stacks up against other grocery delivery services:


Boxed is ideal if you prefer the value of bulk shopping and can wait up to 4 business days for your order to arrive.

One of the benefits of Boxed over brick-and-mortar warehouse clubs is that it does not have a mandatory membership fee.

If you can meet the $75 threshold for free shipping with each order, Boxed may be more cost-effective for you than a warehouse club membership.

Additionally, if you make regular, smaller orders, consider a Boxed Up membership over a membership to a different warehouse club. The prices are comparable — most brick-and-mortar warehouse clubs charge $40–60 per year for a membership.

Finally, if you have a Costco or Lidl in your area, Boxed Express may be an option for you as well. However, delivery times and geographic availability for this service are limited.


  • Offers home delivery of bulk items without a membership
  • Bulk items often cost less per unit than smaller packages
  • Boxed Up offers free shipping on orders over $19.98 and 2% back
  • Boxed Express offers same-day fresh grocery delivery from Costco or Lidl


  • Standard orders could take up to 4 business days to arrive
  • Shipping fees for orders under $75
  • Boxed Up is $49 per year, which is comparable to other warehouse clubs
  • Boxed Express is only available in select cities, and delivery time slots are limited

The bottom line

Boxed is a fully online alternative to brick-and-mortar warehouse clubs, offering bulk groceries with no mandatory membership fee.

Boxed also has a same-day fresh grocery delivery option called Boxed Express, but even in areas where this service is available, delivery slots are limited.

If you value the cost savings of buying in bulk and the convenience of having your order delivered directly to your home, Boxed may be a great fit for you.

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