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Know About Born Shoes

The Born shoes are known for their comfort, and flexibility, as well as foundational pairs of shoes, sandals, as well as boots. However, they are not featured online but have 30 .8k followers on Instagram as well as various customer reviews.

Born Shoes Overview

Born Shoes Review

The history of this company is not very clear but it has a parent company which is H.H. Brown which is in business for more than 130 years. The brand has great values like style, comfort, as well as great craftsmanship. Their high-quality shoes make customers happy and satisfied. Also, the shoes are made from materials like suede, and leather which are soft as well as highly durable.


Every shoe pair is lightweight, simple, as well as stunning. There is comfort in its sizing option and cushioning.


  • Offer men’s and women’s footwear
  • High-quality materials
  • Amazing stitching
  • Free shipping

Born Shoes Review


Review of Born Shoes Women’s


There are many classy shoes for women offered by Born shoes. Here are some of them mentioned below:

Born Shoes Cove Siena Suede Review

Born Shoes Cove Siena Suede

These shoes are ready to handle any weather. They are waterproof as well as water-resistant which means they are great for winter, fall, as well as spring seasons. The shoes have a tough appearance and don’t feel harsh. The added foam in the shoes keeps them cushioned and soft. They are priced at $155.

Born Shoes Saddler Taupe Distressed Review

Born Shoes Saddler Taupe Distressed

These boots are great when it comes to comfort, style, as well as fashion. They have a great heel of 1 ¼ which are light, breathable, as well as eye-catching. The price of these boots is $200.


Review of Born Shoes Men’s

The company also offers shoes for men which is great. Here are some of my favorite options:


Born Shoes Sean Brown Sorrel Review

Born Shoes Sean Brown Sorrel

These stylish and sleek boots for men are great for working men. It has brown shining leather with a thick tread that offers a rugged as well as rustic look. The shoes are water-resistant, breathable, and great for long walks. These shoes are priced at $170.

Born Shoes Hemlock Charcoal Grey Review

Born Shoes Hemlock Charcoal Grey

These shoes have a dangerous name but look stunning. The shoes are made for walking and have 1 ¼ inch heel which has comfy cushioning as well as stitching lining. The price of these shoes is $125.



Who Is It For?

The brand is for men and women who want shoes of different styles. It has various sizes in boots, sandals, and shoes, and is made with various materials and unique detailing to offer great style and texture. Born shoes are known for maintaining its values and offering the best products.

Born Shoes- Customer Reviews

The company has got various customer reviews which will help you get some clarity about its products. On Zappos, it has got 4.5/5 stars based on more than 530 ratings. Customers adorn their shoes and say ‘They have been very comfortable as they have cushioned footbed. I can easily wear them on by 14-hour shifts.’


Also, the fitting and flexing of the foot make them very flexible and perfect for various occasions. The shoes are delivered in style, fit, as well as feel.


Here are the ratings that Born Shoes got:

    • Brompton: 4.5/5 stars based on over 160 ratings
    • Sawyer: 4.3/5 stars based on over 335 ratings
    • Allan: 4.4/5 stars based on 140 ratings
    • Inlet Sandal: 4.6/5 stars based on over 120 ratings
    • Kerri: 4.6/5 stars based on over 430 ratings
    • IWA Sandal: 4.7/5 stars based on over 255 ratings
    • Nigel Boot: 4.5/5 stars based on over 240 ratings


    However, some customers have felt that sizing can be a bit small which one needs to take care of. Overall, the customers are satisfied with the products.

Is It Worth It?

The shoes by Born Shoes have constant padding, softened suede, and an exterior of leather which makes them perfect. However, they are slightly costly but worth the offered quality and investment.


Where to Buy Them?


  • The shoes can be bought from its official website but there are other options as well like Macy’s Nordstorm, Walmart, Amazon, and Dillard’s.



  • Who owns it?

It is owned as well as operated by H.H. Brown Shoe Co Inc. This also serves more than 15 other shoe brands.


  • Do they ship internationally?

No, they don’t ship internationally and are limited to Columbia, Puerto Rico, as well as the US.


  • Shipping policy of Born Shoes

Their ground shipping is free whereas ETA depends on the location and takes around 1-6 business days. The shipping is done only to 50 US states, military addresses, as well as Puerto Rico.


  • Return policy of Born Shoes

There is a window of 30 days to return the products for money back. The orders come with a merchandise return form, instructions to return, as well as a UPS prepaid return sticker. To complete the return process, you need to fill out the forms, re-pack everything and ship it with UPS. It can take around a week to process everything after the product has been received.


  • How to contact them?

There are two ways:

Phone: 1-866-979-2676

Email: [email protected]


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