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Know About Avianca

Colombian airline Avianca S.A. is short for Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A., meaning “Airways of the American Continent.” Since December 5, 1919, when it was officially established under the name SCADTA, it has served as the national airline of Colombia. Its worldwide headquarters are located in Bogota, and its primary hub is El Dorado International Airport. It has its registered office in Barranquilla. The 10 Latin American airlines that make up the Avianca company have their operations integrated to operate as one airline via the use of a codesharing scheme.



Avianca Flights

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What kind of planes does Air Avianca Airlines Fly?

Airbus A330, 8: Features

  • Eighth Airbus 330: Features
    • Ideal for long- and medium-distance trips.
    • The average speed is 880 kilometres per hour.
    • Service Ceiling: The highest point is 12500 meters.
    • Capacity for 47,000 kg of payload.
    • There are 222 tickets for Economy Class and 30 for Business Class.

15 A321 Airbus: Features

It uses the least amount of fuel, makes the least noise, and emits the least amount of pollutants. 5188 kg is the calculated load capacity.

  • The average speed is 846 kilometres per hour.
  • Consumer assistance The highest point on Earth is 12100 meters above sea level.
  • a payload capacity of 24200 kg.
  • There are 182 tickets in economy class and 12 in business class.

Airbus A320 (ninety-seven): Characteristics

An economical, quiet, and ecologically friendly aircraft with a cargo capacity of around 6300 kg that takes off from sea level.

  • The average speed is 828 kilometres per hour.
  • Consumer assistance The highest point on Earth is 12131 meters above sea level.
  • a payload capacity of 17600 kg.
  • There are 138 tickets for Economy Class and 12 for Business Class.

25 A319 Airbus: Characteristics

  • It can carry 4700 kg of weight when launched from sea level.
  • The average speed is 828 kilometres per hour.
  • Service Ceiling: The highest point is 12131 meters.
  • a payload capacity of 15300 kg.
  • There are 108 tickets for Economy Class and 12 for Business Class.

15 ATR-72 aircraft: Characteristics

Short- and regional-range aircraft that can carry up to 74 people.

  • The average speed is 440 km per hour.
  • Service Ceiling: The highest point is 7620 meters.
  • a payload capacity of 7100 kg.
  • There are 68 seats in economy class.
  • Six Airbus A330F: Features
  • cargo aircraft.
  • Each one has a 68-ton capacity.


The Central and South American airline, Avianca, is the next stop on my nine business class trips around the globe for $325. My first flight with Avianca is in business class, which is a great break for me. I checked in for my flight after a short stopover that included some much-needed rest at a Miami hotel, then I went to the Avianca VIP Lounge for some preflight drinks. a successful start. I had a quick flight from Miami to Managua for my Avianca business class review. Here’s what happened.


The seats on this Avianca business class assessment were comparable to those on my intracontinental flights with EgyptAir and Air Canada. The bigger size non-lay flat seats on an Avianca Airbus 320 were better than merely blocking off the middle aisle seat, as I had on Turkish Air. With in-seat USB charging and an entertainment system, there was plenty of room.

Eats & Drinks

The food was OK on this Avianca business class review flight. Options were restricted, which was reasonable for such a short journey. As with my previous recent short-haul business class flights, it was comparable. Or, exactly what you would expect from airplane food: overcooked and insipid.


Many movies were available for in-seat entertainment, and personal headsets were available. There wasn’t much of a variety, but there was enough to keep me occupied for a few hours. In contrast to the conventional earphones, the quality headphones are a lovely addition, and the remote made navigating the UI simpler.


Overall, I would decline an Avianca business class upgrade if I were paying out of pocket. The extra money is just not worth the extra legroom and better service. Looking back in the coach, I saw seats with comparable entertainment systems and more room than usual for sitting.

Avianca Airbus A320 and A321 between Colombia and Costa Rica

Costa Rica welcomes more than 3 million tourists each year, and the vast majority of them arrive via airplane.


Because of our large international readership, we at The Tico Times think it important to share our travel experiences on the various airlines that serve Costa Rica. We’ll begin our series with a review of Avianca, the flag carrier airline of Colombia.

Avianca is among the world’s oldest airlines, and it celebrated its centennial anniversary last year. Its subsidiary, Avianca Costa Rica, is the last remaining vestige of LACSA (Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses SA), Costa Rica’s national airline.

We flew four legs on Avianca in January: To and from Juan Santamaría International Airport near San José and Bogotá, Colombia, each with a layover in El Salvador.

Flight details of Avianca to Costa Rica

Flight reservations with Avianca are simple to do. Visit their website at to make a direct reservation. Additionally, Avianca flights will show up on travel agency websites (such as Expedia or Kayak).

Avianca: Check-in and airport experience

Avianca emailed us with the opportunity to check in online 24 hours prior to our journey. We took advantage of this to make the trip to the airport as easy as possible and downloaded our boarding cards to our phones for airport scanning.

Additionally, you may check in for free at airport kiosks or with a representative.

No of your ticket class, you are entitled to a free carry-on bag and a free checked bag on all Avianca flights inside Central America (as well as flights from the US to Central America). You won’t get that benefit with many other carriers.


Conclusion of Flying Avianca to Costa Rica


Even if there are certain things that may be done better, generally, flying with Avianca was a good experience.

Full-service airline Avianca regards its customers as such: You won’t feel like you’re being nickel and dimed for luggage, the seats are comfortable enough, and even on short flights, you’ll receive a drink and a snack.

However, there are some obvious opportunities for development. Better hygiene would go a long way, and people are beginning to demand WiFi, particularly on longer flights.

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