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Are you looking for a robust suitcase that won’t break the bank? There are several excellent options available, but American Tourister is the one that most people recommend. But is American Tourister really as great as everyone says?

In order to assess whether or not American Tourister luggage is a good option, we will look at their quality, ratings, features, warranty, and other factors.

American Tourister scored 72 out of 100 points on Clever Journey’s list of the Best Luggage Brands. On our leaderboard, this places the brand in 10th place. They are actually the second-best option in the inexpensive category, right after Coolife, despite the fact that it may not seem like it.




The Good Points

  • American Tourister sells baggage at a low price point, with most typically priced at $50-100. You should budget between $60 and 180 for a set of luggage. American Tourister provides good value for your money in an inexpensive level.
  • Everyone is aware of Samsonite’s trustworthy warranty. But most consumers don’t know that Samsonite and American Tourister are owned by the same firm and both warranties are practically identical.
  • Each of the numerous baggage sets offered by American Tourister is available in a wide range of hues and designs. You’ll probably find a bag that suits you, whether it features Star Wars, Disney characters, or traditional corporate themes.
  • Among the countless evaluations, American Tourister has garnered a sizable following, with many people receiving 4.5 stars on Amazon

The Bad Points

  • Low pricing are accompanied with a dearth of advanced features. The majority of cases don’t typically come with many accessories, such as TSA locks, extension zippers, USB chargers, suiters, or other intelligent packing features, and are rather basic in design.
  • American Tourister luggage should last for at least three to eight years if you travel just once or twice a year. The durability of their bags tends to swiftly deteriorate as you use them more frequently.
  • Customers of the brand claim that the quality of the suitcases has decreased from a few years ago. The biggest problem customers have been having lately is a decline in handle and wheel quality.

The Finding

In general, American Tourister provides some great options at reasonable prices. Their luggage are well-reviewed, well-supported with a strong warranty, and strong enough for most individuals. Not to mention that you will be able to select from a wide range of various designs. Coolife is the only other brand that provides all of this at a reasonable price.

Complete Review

Important Facts Of American Tourister

American Tourister was created in 1933, in Rhode Island, United States, by Sol Koffler. Sol had the brilliant idea to create stylish baggage that would cost just $1 and endure for years. Not to mention that a dollar then was equivalent to $20 now and that flying wasn’t as common.

A business that owns Samsonite purchased American Tourister in 1993. Despite their parent firm parting in 1995, they are still owned by Samsonite today and resemble them in many respects. For example, their service policies are essentially the same.


Reviews (21/30)

The majority of other reasonably priced luggage manufacturers, such as It Luggage, Lucas, or Rockland, receive worse customer reviews than American Tourister. Reviews for many of their luggage have ranged from 4-4.8 stars, which is excellent. However, their ratings lag significantly behind those of Merax and Coolife.

We looked through countless reviews for their most well-liked models in an effort to identify any trends or issues. The handles and wheels of American Tourister baggage are among the most frequently voiced complaints from customers. The hardside luggage was also criticized by many for being excessively flexible and easily cracking.

Quality (13/20)

American Tourister doesn’t use pricey materials for their luggage, including polycarbonate, aluminium, or nylon, to save production costs. Instead, they employ less expensive polyester for their fabric suitcases and ABS or ABS/Polycarbonate combos for their hardside baggage. They are able to maintain reasonable pricing in this way.

Features (9/15)

Most suitcases Have Spinner Wheels

These days, spinner wheels are considered a need for any bag. They greatly simplify carrying your suitcase about. Try rolling the bag for a short while the next time you enter a baggage store if you haven’t already. You’ll notice how much more easily they move than standard skate wheels.

Extension Zippers

Some of their luggage have expanding zippers, which is convenient even though this feature is not present on all of them. In essence, the extendable zippers let you increase the bag’s volume by 20–25%. When you’re short on space, it’s pretty beneficial.

Combination Locks Approved by TSA

Only the hardside luggage from American Tourister come with TSA-approved locks. Although some fabric bags from other manufacturers might have TSA locks, the majority don’t because it costs too much to integrate them into a flexible fabric bag.

Basic Packing Specifications

American Tourister bags won’t pique your interest if you’re looking for a bag with cutting-edge packing possibilities. The same goes for other brands in the acceptable cost, like Merax.

Design (12/15)

American Tourister has already said those who taking pleasure in producing stylish, well-made, and fun checked bags. We agree with all 3 parameters… and particularly the fun part.

For youngsters, American Tourister has a ton of stylish suitcases with patterns like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Avengers. We’d advise looking into them because they don’t cost a lot and have received generally positive feedback from parents.

They also provide quite stylish hardside bags, in addition to suitcases for kids; for example, the Moonlight line comes in a variety of vibrant hues. Additionally, we adore the aesthetic of the Belle Voyage line.

Warranty (8/10)

The reliability of Samsonite’s warranty is well known. However, because they are owned by Samsonite, American Tourister gives nearly similar warranty conditions to them, which most consumers are unaware of.

The three categories of American Tourister’s warranty are as follows:

  • Worldwide limited warranty
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 3-year limited warranty

Except for the warranty’s duration, this is either a lifetime, 10 years, or three years, all terms of the warranty are the same.

Normal wear and tear, inappropriate usage, or airline damage are not covered by these warranties. You wouldn’t be protected, for instance, if your suitcase had fractures when it exits the luggage carousel because that would be considered airline damage.

Price (9/10)

The prices of American Tourister suitcases are fairly reasonable. They are still less priced than Samsonite, Travelpro, and Delsey despite being slightly more expensive than Rockland and Merax. Expect to spend between $60 and $100 on a single hardside or softside suitcase. Spending on Samsonite would range from $100 to $180.

Comparison With Other Luggage Brands?

The excellent value may be found with American Tourister. It comes directly after Coolife, which is the king of affordable luggage. The guarantee offered by American Tourister is comparable to that of middle-class brands like Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite. However, the majority of these brands (including Travelpro and Delsey) are significantly superior in every other way, so that is the only thing they have in common.

Similar reviews have been given to SwissGear and It Luggage and the majority of other brands in the budget range. Since most consumers don’t have high expectations for extremely budget baggage, they like it when an economical brand provides excellent durability for low pricing. When it comes to its features and functionality, American Tourister is similar to its rivals while still being superior to Rockland and Lucas. There are obviously some adjustments to be made on these two elements, however.

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