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Here at Gentleman Within, I’m excited to introduce the Best Leather Jacket Series, a new series where I examine popular leather jackets from well-known and some lesser-known manufacturers in search of the ideal fit.

I’m now looking for a black leather biker jacket, so after perusing the websites of a few other companies, I decided to start with AllSaints and their well-liked Milo Biker Leather Jacket.

Although I’ve never purchased anything from AllSaints, the Milo Biker Jacket seemed to be a good fit in terms of both style and fit, which are for me two crucial factors when it comes to leather jackets.

Men’s AllSaints Leather Jacket Review

Know About AllSaints


Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro started the apparel chain AllSaints in London in 1994. At first, AllSaints only sold wholesale to upscale stores like Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

The business opened its first US location in New York City and its online store in 2010. From then, they expanded into a number of additional locations, including Boston, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, and Chicago.

They currently have 3,200 employees working for them across 232 locations. And as of 2015, AllSaints now sells clothing for men, women, as well as shoes and accessories.

How Does the Jacket Fit?


Let’s begin by discussing the fit, which is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a leather jacket. I believe it’s crucial for a leather jacket to fit snugly, make you feel like you’re wearing armour, yet still allow for easy movement.

I purchased the Milo Biker Jacket from AllSaints in their smallest size (XS), and it fits nicely. The arm openings are cut rather high, and it has a thin fit. Higher armholes are a distinguishing feature of both a leather jacket and a suit jacket that fits well.

From the chest down the body and toward the waist, it is fitting. The cut of the jacket gives it the popular v-shaped style that is both contemporary and macho.


The Style & Design

The Milo features a straightforward, traditional two-rider motorcycle jacket style. It has a traditional three-pocket style and an asymmetrical front zipper with snap-down lapels.

The shoulder epaulettes, a typical motorcycle jacket design element, are absent. The jacket’s front-mounted half belt and buckle enclosure is also absent. Compared to the original Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket, it is unquestionably much more minimalist. The Milo is not as closely cropped as the Perfecto.

The AllSaints Milo is a rather basic biker jacket with simply the necessities like zippers, buttons, and a front ticket pocket as far as frills and whistles go.




Hardware & Lining

The final touches on leather coats are crucial. The hardware appears to be of high quality, most likely YKK or Talon. It has a large brass front zipper and robust pocket zips for the AllSaints-branded pockets and sleeve cuffs. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it very challenging to zip up the multiple zippers on the front zip.

Strong polyester thread is used to stitch good quality leather jackets uniformly and densely without leaving any loose ends. Lightweight 100% polyester lining and little insulation are features of the AllSaints Milo. There are no stray threads in the interior lining.






Quality & Comfort

Men’s leather jackets should be timeless and high-quality rather than trendy and subpar, like alternatives made of faux leather. Fortunately, the leather used to construct the AllSaints Milo leather jacket appears to be of high quality. Additionally, the jacket’s stitching is strong all around.


Leather Grain, Skin & Tanning

The body and sleeve lining of the jacket are constructed of 100% polyester and 100% lambskin leather, according to the website’s specs.

Of all the leather skins, lambskin is the lightest and least resilient. Because of its opulent softness, numerous fashion businesses frequently employ it.





I can wear the jacket like a second skin because it is so comfortable. It’s not at all limiting. There is lots of give and room to stretch.

It’s not surprising that it’s rather light for a leather jacket because lambskin leather jackets often weigh less than those made of horse, buffalo, or bovine steerhide, which is sometimes stiff and heavier.


How To Style It?

The traditional motorcycle jacket can be worn in a variety of ways. Keeping your outfit simple is, in my opinion, the finest strategy. Men will frequently pair a basic white or black t-shirt with skinny jeans, sneakers, and a moto jacket.

I made the decision to wear black skinny jeans and suede jodhpurs with an untucked flannel button-up shirt that is fully buttoned up. It has a straight fit that is comfortable to wear and blends in well with the biker jacket’s overall rakish appearance.


What’s the Price?

Retail prices for the Milo Leather Biker Jacket range from $498 to $600. (thanks inflation). Although you may frequently find AllSaints on sale, it is roughly in the middle of the pricing range for what appears to be a well-made leather jacket. The jacket cost me 25% less than retail, making it more affordable at $373.50.

There are several affordable coats available. This AllSaints jacket is undoubtedly considered to be entry level by many. That probably depends on your budget. The Schott Perfecto (the first biker jacket), which has a starting price of about $750, is regarded as a mid- to high-end leather jacket in comparison.


Men’s leather jackets may be quite expensive, so even at the entry to mid-level category, the leather jacket I choose will undoubtedly be an investment piece.

All things considered, the AllSaints Milo Biker Jacket is a trendy alternative for many guys out there and fits me quite well.

The lack of liner and insulation makes it a little too light for a leather jacket. It’s actually noticeably thinner and a little lighter than my Peter Manning lambskin leather jacket.

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