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Know About Allbirds

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

What results from combining sustainability with New Zealand merino wool is Allbirds? Clearly, all birds! The assortment of environmentally friendly sneakers from this San Francisco-based shoe company, which includes high-tops and trainers, is its claim to fame.

Allbirds, which was founded in 2016 by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, is essential for balancing sustainability with innovation, as is clearly shown by the company’s footwear technology and its many green activities.

Know About Rothys

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

According to Rothys, the ultimate shoe must combine sustainability, quality, and timelessness. This footwear company, which is a leading proponent of the green-chic trend, has a simple, elegant design that has no negative environmental effects.

Stephen Hawthornthwaite is the creator of this San Francisco-based company, which was founded in 2015. Naturally, a number of sneakerheads have praised Rothys’ seamless style, as seen by its 371k Instagram followers. Additionally, the media routinely discusses them, including publications like NBC News and Bloomberg.

What Should You Pick?

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Product Offering

In order to prevent overproduction, eco-friendly businesses often place a high priority on having a small product inventory. That, however, does not imply a restricted range of choices. Whether it’s high-tops, lace-ups, or the traditional skater sneaker, a reputable brand will still provide a wide variety of shoe styles.

Rothys offers a variety of fashionable shoes for men, women, and children in addition to some bags and accessories. While avoiding the youth and bag categories, Allbirds does provide a larger range of clothing, including socks, masks, activewear, and other items.

target market

Do you like the hype beast skater look? You may also be a fan of the minimalism trend. Knowing your design preferences is vital when buying shoes. By doing this, you may avoid having a bad shopping experience.

If you’re buying for the whole family, Rothys features classic styles for adults, children, and babies. On the other hand, Allbirds is just for grownups who want to complete their full outfit.

Design Elements

The finest shoes have extras. We’re not talking lace and frills here. Instead, characteristics like as waterproof construction, orthopedic insoles, washable exteriors, and antibacterial textiles might assist to justify any expensive price.

Durability and Materials

So, you’ve discovered the ideal shoe. The question is, can it withstand repeated usage over time? Time will tell, but you can get a head start by looking at the materials used to make it.


Although some companies rely on exclusivity, it doesn’t seem good for the typical consumer. Companies should provide competitive pricing as well as a variety of options for buyers to access their designs.

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners vs Rothys The Lace Up Review

Be certain that the athletic look will always be popular. It’s time for you to join this enduring trend, so why not do it by choosing one of these two options? The Rothys and the Women’s Wool Runners by Allbirds An inviting start to the athleisure lifestyle is provided by the Lace Up Shoes.

Women’s Wool Runners from Allbirds:

  • Lace-up accent, seamless construction, and white outsole
  • made from environmentally sustainable and renewable merino wool.
  • Laundry-safe
  • designed to follow your foot motions and reduce odour
  • available in 12 different designs
  • sizes ranging from 5 to 11
  • Costs $98

The Lace-Up Shoes by Rothys

  • features lace-up front, contrasting stripes, and alternate textures on the sides.
  • made from plant-based materials and recycled plastic water bottles
  • Built with a moulded footbed and a cushioned ankle
  • washable in a machine
  • offered in five different patterns
  • Sizes 5 through 13 are available.
  • Costs $168

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Buy it On Allbirds

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Buy it On Rothy’s

Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners vs Rothys The RS01 Sneaker Review

Subtlety never gets old. When done well, it may make a look stand out. For instance, the RothysThe RS01 Sneaker and the Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners both exhibit the minimalistic fit ideal for casual days. It’s fair to suppose that they’ll remain in your closet indefinitely no matter which choice you choose. After all, minimalism is always in fashion.

Men’s Tree Runners by Allbirds:

  • Features a seamless pattern made of laces and a single colour.
  • shoes with a low profile
  • made from eucalyptus tree fibre and environmentally friendly merino wool.
  • washable in a machine
  • designed to fit your foot and reduce odour.
  • accessible in ten hues
  • sizes 8 through 14 are available

Costs $98

The RS01 sneaker from Rothys:

  • has lace-up accents, textured sides, and is available in a single solid colour.
  • Low-top footwear
  • made with leftover yarn, bio-based PU, and recycled plastic
  • washable in a machine
  • Ankle padding and a wedged moulded footbed
  • accessible in nine hues
  • sizes 7 through 16 are available
  • Costs $178

Allbirds vs Rothys Review


Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Buy it On Rothy’s

Allbirds vs Rothys: Quality

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

When it comes to sourcing materials, the majority of green-led firms become inventive in the name of sustainability. When shopping at Rothys and Allbirds, there is a considerable possibility that you may come across recycled knits or plant-based substitutes. Want to know more? We’ll briefly discuss a few standout materials that each company uses.

In addition to merino wool, Allbirds also makes its shoes using castor bean oil, recycled plastic, super yarn, and Tencel, a material derived from trees. Due to the fact that all materials are renewable and have a little carbon imprint, everything is obtained ethically.

Allbirds vs Rothys: Price & Value

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Sustainability isn’t cheap, as you presumably already know if you’ve been an ethical consumer for a while. However, this does not imply that becoming green will cost you a lot of money. Can the same be true of Rothys and Allbirds? There is only one method to learn.

Allbirds will be discussed first. It seems that pricing on their website vary from $58 to $138 after little research. As we don’t consider their apparel or accessories, this solely applies to their shoes.

Allbirds vs Rothys: Customer Reviews

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

The major battle is about to begin. What do consumers think of these two shoe manufacturers? Thankfully, there’s no need to open a bunch of tabs on your browser just to compare brands. This comparison of Allbirds and Rothys will show how they compare in terms of user reviews and general comments.

On the website of Allbirds and in other sources:

  • 1,752 reviews for “The Women’s Wool Runners” have a rating of 4.9/5.
  • 2,237 reviews for The Men’s Tree Runners have a rating of 4.8/5.
  • 1,656 customers gave The Women’s Tree Breezers 4.8/5 ratings.
  • 107 reviews for Sitejabber, 3/5 ratings.
  • 873 reviews on Trustpilot, 4.6/5 ratings.

Common criticism

  • cozy and really fashionable
  • Shoes often run true to size.
  • In the washing machine, waiting
  • positive interactions with customers

On the website of Rothys and in other sources:

  • 1,345 people gave the Lace Up Shoes 4.3/5 stars.
  • 296 people have rated the RS01 sneaker 4.2/5 stars.
  • 127 reviews for The Square Mary-Jane have a rating of 4.9/5.
  • 89 reviews on Trustpilot, 1.9/5 ratings.
  • Better Business Bureau: 39 reviews with an average rating of 1.4/5

Common criticism

  • Additionally, it is trendy and comfortable to wear
  • Some shoes come in true sizes.
  • matched nicely with a variety of outfits
  • Without a doubt machine washable

Allbirds vs Rothys: Promotions & Offers

Allbirds vs Rothys Review

Looking for some discounts and bargains? Fortunately, Rothys offers a variety of alternatives for clients to save costs. On the other side, there aren’t any known deals or specials on the website of Allbirds. However, you may always subscribe to their email to get a heads-up on any upcoming benefits.

The offers we did discover for both companies are highlighted below in our Allbirds vs. Rothys comparison:


  • Customers may purchase gently worn footwear at reduced prices thanks to the brand’s ReRun initiative.


  • Customers who refer their friends and relatives to the company via its affiliate link will get $20.
  • gives 20% off to employees that are considered to be important

Allbirds vs Rothys: Shipping & Return Policy

Allbirds vs Rothys Review


  • If you spend $50 or more, delivery is free.
  • Cost of standard delivery is $5.
  • also offers other delivery choices including 2-Day and 1-Day
  • arrives in 5 to 7 business days.
  • does not provide shipping to other countries
  • provides a return window of 30 days and a pre-paid mailing label.
  • No obvious incidents of missed orders or delayed delivery


  • On all purchases, standard delivery is free.
  • offers more shipping choices, including Expedited and Rush
  • The transit time for shipments is 3 to 7 business days.
  • does not provide shipping to other countries
  • Contains a 30-day return period but does not include a pre-paid shipping label
  • a few instances of orders being delayed

With whom will you go shopping?

It all boils down to your budget and aesthetic choices, just like with other businesses. I believe it is reasonable to presume that Allbirds and Rothys have an appropriate degree of openness when it comes to sustainability.

It’s excellent that they both want to be carbon neutral since their materials and production processes are pretty comparable. But for those who want a fast summary of the main points, this Allbirds vs. Rothys comparison will come to a close with a quick side-by-side comparison.

The standard store for reasonably priced, environmentally friendly sneakers is Allbirds. Customers may choose from a large variety of classic designs that appeal to their athleisure demands, all of which are created with a hint of vintage streetwear.

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