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What is Shop Lc.

Shop LC, formerly known as Liquidation Channel and The Jewelry Channel, is an American cable television network based in Austin, Texas, which mainly specializes in selling jewelry. The network is a subsidiary of the Indian-based Vaibhav Global Limited.

Shop LcThe network’s reach is approximately 77 million households in the United States. The network sells inventory in a reverse auction format. It additionally airs late nights on the American Spanish-English network LATV through a time brokerage agreement, and, despite Shop LC being mainly a cable channel, it has 39 over-the-air affiliates in mid-to-major markets through digital subchannels. The channel primarily sells jewelry, beauty, fashion, home decor and lifestyle products.


  • None, and I’m being completely serious! I have never worked for a company that was this poorly managed/run.
  • While not as bad as working in a sweat shot for 16 hours a day with no lunch and a AK-47 pressed against the back of your head its only honestly one step above that.
  • There can be no pros to working here because the only things that are not horrible about working Liquidation Channel they provide only the barest of the minimum they need to by law, and even that is a rarity


  • The management is not only blatantly bias but abusive. I spent over a year and a half with that company and only had one supervisor who was an actual human being. The supervisors that followed were abusive, underhanded, lying, hypocritical vermin who rather than doing work spent their shift tormenting agents they didn’t like.
  • Liquidation Channel will do anything for money that includes lying to their customers, employees, anyone that feel like. While working there I witnessed managers and coworkers recite misleading or completely false information about the products that we sold. When I tried explain to my supervisor that information we were using was incorrect and spent my own personal time to prepare up to date and correct documentation so that no one else had to do it she simply dropped it on her desk (completely ignoring it) and told me to focus on taking calls (in essence telling me to continue telling lies for eight hours a day even thought I knew I was lying to people)
  • Liquidation Channel will turn a blind eye to unethical and even illegal activity if they can profit from it. When I worked in the Personal Shopper Department we had a gentleman who would write down customers credit card information and then proceed to order the most expensive items we had. Only after spending the customers money would this agent call them and tell them he just bought a several thousand dollar item without consulting them first .
  • Liquidation Channel values its employees less than dirt. For the last several months that I worked at Liquidation Channel we had a MOD (Manager on Duty) who would verbally and emotionally harass and abuse out departments agents. I personally witnessed him scream at agent while on the call floor in front of other agents while we had active calls. The callers even complained about the noise. He was reported to Human Resource perhaps a dozen times in less than a month and didn’t receive so much as a written warning, instead he increased the severity of his attacks and I had to make it my job to fight for our agents because Liquidation Channel would not protect its own employees against an abusive bigot.

Best Selling Product Of Shop Lc

TAMSY Neutral Leopard Empire Waist V-Neck Midi Dress – S


This fashionable and gorgeous midi dress is beautifully tailored by TAMSY. Made from high-quality fabric, this dress is perfect for enhancing your personality. It features a v neck and leopard pattern to make it appealing. Wear this beautiful dress solo when heading outdoor.

JOVIE Black Splatter Print Umbrella Dress – One Size Fits Most (48″L x 44″W)


Modern pattern and breathable fabric are the main highlights of this beautifully crafted umbrella dress from JOVIE. It is designed with skin-friendly material, and this dress would be your perfect choice either heading outdoor or attending a party. Style it with high heels and fashionable earrings to get a complete look.

Diamond Cocktail Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 1.00 ctw


The impeccable diamond ring will create an unforgettable impression on your onlookers. The cocktail piece emits an incomparable sheen with its intricate artwork. This charming ring is undoubtedly a fashion jackpot.

Sponge Coral Earrings in Sterling Silver


Take out five seconds from your busy life to witness the beauty of these phenomenal sponge coral earrings. Corals are formed in millions of years. But after formation, they become timeless beauty. Such timeless beauty is presented in its best layout.

  • Carved in stamped 925 sterling silver
  • Absolutely gorgeous genuine Coral set into silver crown
  • Top mounting of artistic silver scrolls and flat beads gives Balinese vibes
  • Red coral is an organic gem found under the deep-sea water
  • Handcrafted by Balinese silver artisans
  • Sponge coral reconnects with nature

HOMESMART Navy Blue Floral Print Pattern Flannel and Sherpa Comforter and Pillow Cover


Grab this fantastic combo of a warm comforter and matching pillow covers. It features a beautiful abstract pattern, and this combo perfectly matches the legacy with all-night comfort. It is ultra-soft, skin-friendly, and suitable to use for people of all age groups. Use it as an AC blanket or winter comforter at your convenience.

Peacock 3pc Wax Burner Gift Pack -Lavender


Catching the eye of everybody, this beautiful ceramic diffuser is a beautiful décor piece. The hollow carving design brings ingenious attraction to your indoor space and can play a very good decorative effect. With the simmering of essential oil, its pleasant aroma and flickering light help to relax well after all-day work.

OVICX Indoor Cycle – Black (43.58×22.52×44.72)


Bring this OVICX Indoor Cycle and bring smart fitness to your home! This Q200 Series bike is a beautiful combination of magnetic resistance with poly-v belt that delivers a smooth and quite workout. It comes with many customizable settings for you to be fit and fine as per your convenience. The adjustable seat and handlebar, LCD monitor and water bottle holder provide cyclists a comfortable riding training. Convert your home into your personal gym with this OVICX indoor cycling bike today!

CORAL OCEAN Coral Renewal Essence (30 ml)


Experience a refreshing makeover with glowing appeal with this coral renewal essence from Coral Ocean. Brilliantly crafted to help you improve dryness, astringing pores, moisturizing, and brightening complexion, this serum is perfect essence for achieving healthy and younger-looking skin. Furthermore, it helps in repairing, and improving skin elasticity for a flawless look.

Classic Blue Faux Velvet Briefcase Style 2-Tier Jewelry Box with Anti-Tarnish and Scratch Protection Interior (Approx 60 Rings, etc)


This briefcase style 2-tier jewelry box offers a more organized space to store many jewelry items. It features eight necklace hooks and a pouch pocket on the top lid. 9 ring slots to hold up to 54 rings and five bracelet sections give more space. The bottom tier has nine sections for watches, pendants, brooch, etc. The well-built jewelry box has a compact design, elegant appearance, and everyday practicality.

SANTA FE Style Kingman Turquoise Swirl Earrings in Sterling Silver 4.50 ctw


These elegantly crafted Santa Fe Style Kingman turquoise dangle swirl earrings will take you in style from morning to evening. Kingman turquoise is named for the city of Kingman, about 20 miles to the south of Mineral Park. It is best known for its gentle sky blue color. The presence of copper within the gem is what provides this delicate shade while presence of iron gives it darker or green-tinged hue. Frequently seen in the stone is a white matrix, lending the stone a sometimes-mottled appearance which may look like spider webs. Accented with turquoise, the pieces are set in sterling silver. Wear them to office or to the dance floor. You are bound to create waves.

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