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What’s more, admiring the perfect look should be as enjoyable as wearing it.Shopping at Maurices may be more than just a leisure activity; it can be a wonderful part of your day that you spend on yourself. It has a connection to mindfulness and is distinct from clothing. It is related to letting you know that this is your space. Our family is yours. In addition, no matter how crazy life gets, we still have you.

Because we believe that people should come first. By giving back and assisting the networks we love and live in.

Going from your former neighbourhood to ours…

Top Goals of Maurices

Although an amazing dress might make you happy, it should never go against your budget. Therefore, we design clothing that is on-trend but also functional: real versatile items in sizes 0 to 24 that can carry you from day to night, season to season, and that mix and match with what is already in your storage area.


Every time you come here, you are desired. When you shop with us, it’s like shopping with a special someone: you’ll receive real styling advice from real style experts and have a blast putting everything together.

Area local

The historic neighbourhood is not just our town but also your town. We place a lot of importance on serving others because it helps us connect with our communities and our loved ones, honour career women, and give back to the world.

How Does It Work?

We acknowledge our ruin. Every day after waking up, we get to go to the nicest workplace and store. It’s quite rare in retail to find a terrific place to live, amazing people to work with, and a great company with principles you can actually trust in. And shockingly more uncommon to discover in a $1 billion company. We still have those old neighbourhood values, and they are ingrained in our DNA.

We often claim that people come first, but we really embrace this. As a result, our career opportunities are linked to promoting and stimulating personal growth on a whole. This indicates that there is a focus on wealth in addition to the promotion of learning both hard and soft skills. Although it can seem illogical, it is true: a “superior you” denotes a “superior us.”

The greatest news, too?

We have partners that know how to enjoy themselves while operating successfully.

Today, we have 9,000+ employees and are a vibrant, engaged group of people that value a collaborative work environment and are committed to interacting with one another and our customers.

What distinguishes us from the competition? We excel due to the following factors:


  • First and foremost,
  • People should be sincere,
  • Curious, agile,
  • Diligent, and fun.

Brand Location

Our businesses are located in residential neighbourhoods throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, Duluth, Minnesota, is where our workplace roles are situated.

Settled in the crook of magnificent Lake Superior, Duluth is home to meticulous workmanship, a thriving café and music scene, and an incredible neighbourhood of people who care. It’s where we launched our very first shop, and it’s still where our central command is now. We make significant investments in the community that has supported us for so many years, helping it grow. Insightful viewpoints provided by the aeronautical lift just across the straight inspire us to be the best version of ourselves while keeping our roots in our old neighbourhood.

It’s essential to love your workplace and the manner of life that goes with it. We’re committed to creating an environment where you can grow while still feeling comfortable. Our benefits are thus focused on helping our partners’ overall welfare, education, motivation, and development so that they may lead fulfilling lives at both work and home.


    • The top adjective our partners use to describe Maurices is “care.”
    • We believe that thinking entails investing in the whole person and that a “better YOU” generates a “superior us.”
    • Our benefit packages vary according to hours, duration of administration, and region.

    When you stay with us, you and your family may benefit from the following, among others:

    • Clinical
    • Drug Store is covered under Health Benefits.
    • Dental
    • Vision

    Monetary advantages

    • Plans for motivation
    • 401(k) plans
    • Accounts for spending and saving (for medical care and subordinate consideration)

Protection Plan

  • AD&D and Life
  • Short-term and long-term disability due to essential illness
  • Additional Medical – Medical facility Defamation Insurance

Life Benefits

  • Legal Plan
  • Large-scale fraud Protection
  • Home/Auto Insurance
  • Animal Insurance
  • Online savings Mall
  • Program for Worker Assistance

How Does It Serve The Community?

We’re committed to playing a significant role in the 920+ networks we call home and are especially passionate about inspiring women and children to reach their best. Additionally, we must make sure that our partners feel supported in pursuing their hobbies via the networks they adore and live in.

As a company, we give back both financially and in-kind, such as by participating in an annual Grand Give when we collectively donate more than 600 hours on a single day throughout the local Duluth and other networks we serve, or by writing cheques to surrounding schools locally.

Rewards and Recognition

We are really happy with the outcomes of our top-level commitment evaluation, which are typically based on our partners’ duty to put their best self forward. We include both formal and informal initiatives to aid with that goal and some of the ways execution is valued and remembered. We have a dispersed recognition programme in addition to our annual motivating force awards, which often entail an active week in a gorgeous location. Our love of celebration and gratitude creates an environment where, when one person succeeds, the whole community succeeds.

Learning and Development

We invest a lot of resources in supporting our partners’ growth and advancement both practically and professionally because we value their skill and interest. We provide cutting-edge training in leadership, care, and general ability development via Maurices University.

Feel better. The advice from our CEO, David Kornberg, is to complete something constructive.

Founder and CEO.


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